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Hells Dimension

by Tom Curry

Professor Lambert deliberately ventures into a Vibrational Dimension to join his fiancée in its magnetic torture-fields.

We're Friends Now

by Henry Hasse

The little man stood in front of the monstrous machine as the synaptic drone heightened to a scream. No ... no, he whispered. Don't you understand....

Tournament Hold'em Hand By Hand

by Neil D. Myers

Dear Aspiring Poker Tournament Winner,

Do you regularly play in No-Limit Hold’em tournaments? Do you want to get to the final table more often? Then this book is for you!

$10,000 TV tournaments that last for...

The Hands of Aten

by HG Winter

Out of solid ice Craig hews three long-frozen Egyptians-and is at once caught up into amazing adventure

Be It Ever Thus

by Robert Moore Williams

Men have fought and died for life and liberty since the beginning of time, and they will continue the fight until time finally comes to an end. Here is a thoroughly readable story about just such a situation--a...

The Gate to Xoran

by Hal K Wells

He sat in a small half-darkened booth well over in the corner-the man with the strangely glowing blue-green eyes. The booth was one of a score that circled the walls of the "Maori Hut," a popular night club...

The Attack From Space

by Capt SP Meek

The exciting Sequel to Heaviside Layer, Jim Cartpenter was captured by Giant Beetles!

Vampires of the Desert

by A Hyatt Verrill

A simple paleontologist discovers a mysterious ancient creature that was sucking the blood from its victims.

The Lani People

by JF Bone

The Lani People were just another species of domestic animals who just happened to look human like, so they claimed... Dr. Kennon was not so sure.

Convoy to Atlantis

by William P McGivern

Beneath the waves of the Atlantic lay a great menace to America-hundreds of Nazi submarines based in an incredible undersea city!

The Revolt of the Machines

by Nat Schachner

Something in the many-faceted mind of the master machine spurs it to diabolical revolt against the authority of its human masters.

Noble Redman

by JF Bone

The barren plains of mars held a secret, a yellow metal waiting to be found.

The Issahar Artifacts

by JF Bone

Lincoln said it eons ago.... It took a speck of one-celled plant life on a world parsecs away to prove it for all the galaxy.

The Beetle Horde

by Victor Rousseau

Bullets, shrapnel, shell-nothing can stop the trillions of famished, man-sized beetles which, led by a madman, sweep down over the human race.

The Raja and the Tiger

by Clark Ashton Smith

Bently eagerly heads out on a tiger hunt, it seems like a grand lark, but is the tiger truly the most dangerous creature out there?

The Sea Terror

by Capt SP Meek

The mysterious loss of the Arethusa is investigated by Dr. Bird and Carnes.


by Basil Wells

An old man's memories may be filled with bitterness. But faithfully recorded, they may change the future of mankind.

Scalability Rules: 50 Principles for Scaling Web Sites

by Martin L. Abbott & Michael T. Fisher

50 Powerful, Easy-to-Use Rules for Supporting Hypergrowth in Any Environment


Scalability Rules is the easy-to-use scalability primer and reference for every architect, developer, web professional, and...

Using Facebook

by Kent Joshi & Patrice-Anne Rutledge

Get comfortable using Facebook to reconnect with old friends and loved ones, explore new interests, and express your views...instantly and safely! Don’t just read about it: see it, hear it, with step-by-step...

Blogger Bundle Volume I: Dear Author Selects Unusual Heroines

by Jo Leigh, Kathleen O'Reilly & Kay David

A mathematician. A firefighter. A lawyer. A former addict. Four of the most unusual heroines you'll ever meet find love in this bundle of books hand-picked by Jane of! Bundle includes: Arm Candy...