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Asian Expansions: The Historical Experiences of Polity Expansion in Asia

by Geoff Wade

Asia as we know it today is the product of a wide range of polity expansions over time. Recognising the territorial expansions of Asian polities large and small through the last several millennia helps rectify...

Understanding and Crafting the Mix: The Art of Recording

by William Moylan

Understanding and Crafting the Mix, 3rd edition provides the framework to identify, evaluate, and shape your recordings with clear and systematic methods. Featuring numerous exercises, this third edition allows...

Victims of Terrorism: A Comparative and Interdisciplinary Study

by Orla Lynch & Javier Argomaniz

This book examines the politicisation of victims of terrorism and the reality of the victimisation experience within the broader field of terrorism and the resulting conflict.

Victims of terrorism are a unique...

Health and Elite Sport: Is High Performance Sport a Healthy Pursuit?

by Joe Baker, Parissa Safai & Jessica Fraser-Thomas

Health and Elite Sport is the first book to critically examine the relationship between participation in high performance sport and health outcomes. Drawing on theory and empirical data from a wide range of...


by Paul Gibson

Team 17 is the U.S  Assassin Sniper Team, 16 USSR Sniper Teams before them have failed to assassinate Prz. Zoo Prude the team members are Lee Oswald and Paul Gibson, an 8 year old school boy he is to shoot...

Artie Armadillo and Friends: The Crossing

by Carolyn Holbrook

This is a children's life lesson story starring Artie Armadillo and his Woodland Friends dealing with obeying parents, being a follower of someone that gets you into trouble, destroying other people's property,...

Erotic Short Stories

by Cindy McIntyre

Adults Only 18+ This is Cindy's first attempt at writing a full book of short erotic stories. It contains 2 short stories and 2 novellas. Each one quite different from the others.

Practices, Prayer, Ritual, Liturgy, Sacraments and Theology in the Catholic Church: An Overview

by Marilynn Hughes

PRACTICES, PRAYER, RITUAL, LITURGY, SACRAMENTS AND THEOLOGY IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH: The Catholic and Christian Faith is so deep and rich that it's hard to wrap your mind around it. For those interested in getting...

Medieval Philosophy: A Practical Guide to William of Ockham

by M. James Ziccardi

This ebook is one in a series of reviews that has been extracted in its entirety from M. James Ziccardi's The Essence of Medieval Philosophy. It is intended to serve as a primer for students of medieval philosophy...

Blue Ribbon Recipes - The Ultimate Collection

by Adam Randle

Blue Ribbon Recipes is the very best of recipes from state fairs around the country. From cakes and cookies and breads to jell and main dishes, this one cookbook has it all and you can't go wrong with a recipe...

Diabetic Recipes - The Ultimate Cookbook

by Adam Randle

For someone who has diabetes, glucose management is the name of the game. If you have diabetes, you know that what you eat (specifically carbohydrates) has a direct impact on your blood sugar levels. It's important...

Great Sandwich Recipes

by Adam Randle

The Sandwich... it's a meal between two slices of bread. Sandwiches were said to be invented by the British aristocrats in the last century. Recently, with a renewed interest in healthy food, they are back in...

Toxic People: Decontaminate Difficult People at Work Without Using Weapons or Duct Tape

by Marsha Petrie Sue

Praise For Toxic People

"From corporate America to the smallest business owner, this book should be mandatory reading because it provides toxic relief that will put money in your pocket and calm in your personality....

Amish Recipes - The Ultimate Collection

by Adam Randle

Amish have a reputation for good food. Amish cooking has become ingrained into traditional American cooking. Chances are, growing up your grandmother or your mother prepared a dish or two that was based on a...

Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand

by William Arruda & Kirsten Dixson

Praise for Career Distinction

"Hands down, this book is the bible on branding for your career!"

-- Susan Britton Whitcomb, author of Job Search Magic

"As a professional resume writer and career coach, I have extolled...

Best Crockpot Recipes

by Adam Randle

This cookbook contains 200 time-saving recipes. You can prepare your favorite recipe in the morning, let it cook on low all day, and delight your family with the delicious smell of dinner right as they walk...

The Fattening of America: How the Economy Makes Us Fat, If It Matters, and What to Do about It

by Eric A. Finkelstein & Laurie Zuckerman

In The Fattening of America, renowned health economist Eric Finkelstein, along with business writer Laurie Zuckerman, reveal how the U.S. economy has become the driving force behind our expanding waistlines....

You Can Be Happy: 101 Ways to Smile

by Diane McGreal & Sandra Brown

Imagine you have been told that this is the last day of your life and you have twelve hours to live - are you really going to worry about that report you haven't finished for work, the negative comment you received...

AT 29: When Saturn Returns

by D. P. Macbeth

From New England to the frontier energy of 19th century Australia, a compelling story that immediately pulls you in and won't let you leave until its multiple storylines come together in the last chapters. AT...

Windows Home Server for Dummies

by Woody Leonhard

If you work in an office, you probably don’t lose much sleep worrying about whether your files are safe if your PC melts down. Company IT departments handle those things for business networks. But how about...