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The Lord of Lies: Strange Threads: Book 2

by Sam Bowring

The world is crumbling. Fissures crack the shaking ground, babes are born with twisted limbs and the taste of apples is just a memory. Rostigan and the Priestess Yalenna must face those Wardens who remain bent...

Ceremonies & Celebrations: Vows, Tributes and Readings

by Dally R Messenger

All of us have the right to choose and organise our own ceremonies according to our beliefs: this book tells us what we have to do and how to do it. Events covered within the book include: weddings (formal and...


by Larry Writer

Frank 'Bumper' Farrell was the roughest, toughest street cop and leader of a vice squad Australia has ever seen. Strong as a bull, with cauliflowered ears and fists like hams, Bumper's beat from 1938 to 1976...

Gallipoli: The Battlefield Guide

by Mat McLachlan

More than 30,000 Australians visit Gallipoli annually, and the numbers are increasing each year as the 2015 centenary of the landing draws closer. This practical guide book enables them to plan their trip, work...

How to Use eBay and PayPal

by Todd Alexander

Today, eBay is the biggest online retail shopping site packed with unbeatable bargains. Whether you use eBay every day or have never used it before, this easy-to-follow guide is updated to include the latest...

The New Me: Eat Smart. Move More. Think Thin.

by Adro Sarnelli & Donna Jones

At 9 Adro Sarnelli was 75 kg, struggling with schoolyard taunts, and getting angry with himself and the world. At 18 and almost 120 kg, he wasn't dealing with the real reasons for his escaling weight. At 26,...

The Changi Brownlow

by Roland Perry

After Singapore falls to the Japanese early in 1942, 70 000 prisoners including 15 000 Australians, are held as POWs at the notorious Changi prison, Singapore. To amuse themselves and fellow inmates, a group...

The Men Who Came Out of the Ground: A Gripping Account of Australia's First Commando Campaign

by Paul Cleary

This is the gripping story of a small force of Australian Special Forces commandos that launched relentless hit and run raids on far superior Japanese forces in East Timor for most of 1942. The men of the 2/2nd...

Marching with the Devil: Legends, Glory and Lies in the French Foreign Legion

by David Mason

David Mason graduated from the Australian National University with a law degree and an honours degree. Like those around him, he could easily have settled for a life of share portfolios, good suits, new cars...

Soul's Reckoning

by Sam Bowring

In this, the final volume of the Broken Well trilogy, an army of darkness marches on Kainordas, headed by the shadowmander, an unstoppable creature built from the souls of the dead. In Whisperwood a forgotten...

Property & Taxation: A Practical Guide to Saving Tax on Your Property Investments

by Jimmy B. , FCPA Prince

There are numerous tax rules and regulations associated with real estate that you need to comply with and, if you get it wrong, the Tax Office could impose stiff penalties. Fortunately, help is at hand.

In plain...

Australian Tragic: Gripping Tales From the Dark Side of Our History

by Jack Marx

Here are stories from Australia's dark heart: of catastrophe and misfortune, intrigue and passion, betrayal and tragedy. Some you may think you know, others, you have never heard of, but all the stories in AUSTRALIAN...

See Naples and Die

by Penelope Green

After three years living and working in Italy, Australian journalist Penelope Green needs a reason to stick around, either true love or gainful employment. When a job comes up in Naples, crime capital of Italy,...

Girl By Sea: Love, Life and Food on an Italian Island

by Penelope Green

From her rooftop terrace, Penelope Green looks out across the sparkling waters of the Bay of Naples, and down into a garden of lemon tress and magnolias. Has her Italian dream come true? Imagine catching a ferry...

Right & Wrong: How to Decide for Yourself

by Hugh Mackay

In modern Western societies we are presented with a huge array of choices and encouraged to believe that having the freedom to choose sets us on the path to happiness. Yet, as renowned social commentator Hugh...

Harry M Miller: Confessions of a Not-So-Secret Agent

by Harry M Miller & Peter Holder

As a young man, Harry M Miller set out to become one of the world?s youngest showbiz impresarios. He left NZ for Australia in the late sixties and set about making his mark. He went on to become one of the Australian...

The Tiger Man of Vietnam

by Frank Walker

As he flew over South East Asia towards Vietnam, Captain Barry Petersen struggled to keep an aura of calm. Inwardly he was incredibly excited. Aged 28, highly trained, with experience in anti-communist guerilla...

Prophecy's Ruin

by Sam Bowring

The first book in the Broken Well trilogy, PROPHECY'S RUIN introduces Sam Bowring, a fresh new voice in Australian fantasy. For a millennium the lands of Kainordas and Fenvarrow have been at war, ever since...

Gold Dust

by Kimberley Freeman

In Cold War Leningrad, Sofi and her cousins Natalya and Lena hope for a different life. Their dreams of the West, of fame and wealth and beautiful things, sustain them through poverty, long shivering winters,...


by Kimberley Freeman

Two Women... In a tiny German village, young Ellie nurtures glittering fantasies of the opera stage. Her ambition sets her on a path of deception, greed and regret. In London, teenage runaway Angie transforms...