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by Will B. High

There's more to marijuana than smoking it. And in this one-stop, one-stoke resource, you learn it all. With more than 800 entries covering everything from Afghan Kush to Zombieland, this awesome collection of...

The Everything LargePrint Word Search Book, Volume II

by Charles Timmerman

Love to search for words but hate the small type? This all-new volume of 150 puzzles is just for you! You'll help boost memory and problem-solving skills while having hours of fun! You'll find joy in puzzles...

Freak Nation

by Kate Stevens

Vegans. Skateboarders. Trekkies. The Cult of the Individual is alive and well and expressing itself all over America-and this book proves it. With this enlightening (and sometimes frightening) field guide, you'll...

FoodFest 365!

by Yvan Lemoine

"[Mr. Lemoine's] desserts . . . verge on spectacular."

--The New York Times

  • Whip up a quick dessert to celebrate Coconut Torte Day on March 13!
  • Stock up on vermouth to celebrate Dry Martini Day on June 19!
  • Up for...

Thomas and the Dragon Queen

by Shutta Crum & Lee Wildish

A kingdom is at war.

A princess has been kidnapped by a dragon queen.

A brave squire volunteers to set out on a quest to rescue her.

But there's just one small problem. He's Thomas, the shortest of all the squires....

The $7 a Meal Pressure Cooker Cookbook

by Susan Irby

Today's new pressure cookers are the modern cook's ultimate time-saver--and now you can slash cooking time 70 percent and cut costs at the same time! In this one-of-a-kind collection, you'll find hundreds of...

WTF? Women

by Gregory Bergman

Her bitchy friend tries to cockblock you.

During sex, your girlfriend calls out her ex's name.

Your wife went from having a hot ass to a fat ass.

. . . Women are difficult, WTF?

From hook-ups to break-ups, this...

The Big Black Book of Very Dirty Words

by Alexis Munier

Airplane Blonde. Intercorpse. Prostitot. Queef. Rainbow Kiss.

There's a big world of obscenity out there--and you'll explore every profane nook and cranny in this compilation. We're talking about more than 2,000...

The Resume and Cover Letter Phrase Book: What to Write to Get the Job That's Right

by Nancy Schuman & Burton Jay Nadler

Words matter when you're trying to get noticed, get the interview, and get the job. Staffing experts Schuman and Nadler know this. And from their experience and knowledge they show you which words and phrases...

Table of Contents

by Judy Gelman & Vicki Levy Krupp

Have you ever wished you could enjoy an Italian dinner with Frances Mayes? Or swap recipes with Jacquelyn Mitchard? It's all possible in Table of Contents, the unique cookbook that features recipes drawn from...

The Man Whisperer: A Gentle, Results-Oriented Approach to Communication

by Donna Sozio & Samantha Brett

Are you tired of nagging your guy to do stuff around the house?

Wish he'd pay more attention to you and your relationship?

Or maybe you'd like him to start acting his age . . .

For years, "Whisperers" have gotten...

The Penis Name Book: A Guide to Naming Man's Best Friend

by David Rosenthal & Saryn Chorney

Boy, oh, boy, naming a guy's manhood can be a difficult decision. Do you go respectable with Peter O'Toole? Or hip with the Big Lebowski? Or choose one with a little more flavor like Charlestown Chew? With so...

Penny Dreadful

by Laurel Snyder & Abigail Halpin

The perfect book for girls and boys who look to find adventure and magic in surprising places!

What if you were really bored with your life? What would you wish for?

Penelope Grey wishes for something—anything!—interesting...

Teenage as a Second Language: A Parent's Guide to Becoming Bilingual

by Barbara R Greenberg & Jennifer A. Powell-Lunder

You woke up one day and your cheerful, friendly kid had morphed into a sarcastic, sullen adolescent who can't-or won't-talk to you.

That's when you know it's time to learn to speak a second language-teen. Teenage...

Dr. Seth's Love Prescription: Overcome Relationship Repetition Syndrome and Find the Love You Deserve

by Dr. Seth Meyers

"Dr. Seth captures with candor and compassion of one of the most challenging barriers to creating healthy relationships [and] offers hands-on exercises designed to educate readers and set them free from relationship...

Toss, Keep, Sell!

by Leah Ingram

Looking for a way to make money and get your house in order? Toss, Keep, Sell! teaches you how to turn the junk you haven't used (or even seen!) in ages into cash-while organizing your home at the same time....

Planning Your Wedding Sucks: What to Do When Place Cards, Plus Ones, and Paying Two Grand for a Cake Make You Miserable

by Joanne Kimes

If your dreams of a fairytale wedding have been clouded by a crippling fear of the open bar bill and nightmares of your discounted DJ grinding on your "single and ready to mingle" grandmother, then Planning...

A Cup of Comfort for Couples

by Colleen Sell

Of course you remember how you met, your first kiss, and where you were the first time you exchanged those three little words that changed your life forever. But how often do you take the time to stop and appreciate...

La Bella Vita: Live and Love the Italian Way

by Aminda Leigh & Pietro Pesce

Carla Bruni. Giorgio Armani. Luciano Pavarotti.

Giada De Laurentiis. Sophia Loren. The Leonardos (Da Vinci e DiCaprio).

From fettucine to fashion and back again, nobody does La Bella Vita like the Italians. Whether...

The Giant $7 a Meal Cookbook

by Chef Susan Irby

In this supersized edition, you'll find more than 700 delicious, deceptively inexpensive recipes to help you spice up family dining at your house-and save money at the same time! From easy-to-prepare appetizers...