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The Theory and Practice of History

by Leopold vonRanke

This collection of the writings of Leopold von Ranke was first published in 1973 and remains the leading collection of Ranke's writings in the English language. Now updated with the needs of current students...

The Japanese Population Problem

by W R Crocker

This volume analyzes what the pressure of population growth in Japan in the early twentieth century consisted of and attempts to indicate what form it would take in the future. It examines not only the relationship...

The Politics of Space

by Eligar Sadeh

This title provides a concise guide to the way in which politics and space exploration interact.

Reading the Cantos (Routledge Revivals)

by Noel Stock

First published in 1967, this is a study which tackles the central problem of meaning, within Ezra Pound's The Cantos. It deals with the question of important critical issues, as well as of interpretation...

The Integration of European Financial Markets

by Noah Vardi

The last decade has seen the increasing integration of European financial markets due to a number of factors including the creation of a common regulatory framework, the liberalisation of international capital...

Media, Social Mobilisation and Mass Protests in Post-colonial Hong Kong

by Francis LF Lee & Joseph M Chan

This book discusses why the Hong Kong protest movement emerged at a specific time, how it developed from a single protest into a series collective actions, and how effective it has been in changing government...

The Textbook as Discourse

by Eugene F, Jr Provenzo

This book is about the social, political and cultural content of elementary and secondary textbooks in American education. It focuses on the nature of the discourses-the content and context-that represent what...

Sexuality Ed 2

by Joseph Bristow

In this illuminating study Joseph Bristow introduces readers to the fundamental critical debates surrounding theories of sexuality and desire. Fully updated for this second edition, the volume presents new and...

Work and Struggle

by Paul LeBlanc

Work and Struggle: Voices from U.S. Labor Radicalism focuses on the history of U.S. labor with an emphasis on radical currents, which have been essential elements in the working-class movement from the mid nineteenth...

Becoming a Teacher Researcher

by Christine C Pappas & Eli Raymond-Tucker

This practical, 'how-to' text, informed by current ideas on teacher research, outlines and illustrates strategies and experiences to foster literacy teachers' abilities to conduct action research in their classrooms...

An Intellectual History of Wartime Japan

by Shunsuke Tsurumi

When this book was published in Japanese in 1982 it was awarded the prestigious Jiro Osaragi Prize. It is an important contribution to the understanding of the mental and spiritual world of Japan just over two...

Debates in English Teaching

by Jon Davison & Caroline Daly

Debates in English Teaching encourages student and practising teachers to engage with and reflect on key topics, concepts and debates in subject teaching. It aims to enable teachers to reach their own informed...

Politics and the Media in Twenty-First Century Indonesia

by Krishna Sen & David Hill

This book examines the media in the post-authoritarian politics of twenty-first century Indonesia. It considers how the media is being transformed, its role in politics, and its potential impact in enabling...

The Psychology of Counter-Terrorism

by Andrew Silke

This edited book explores how psychology can be used to improve our understanding of terrorism and counterterrorism.

Domestic Violence Treatment for Abusive Women

by Ellen L Bowen

Recognizing that women can be as abusive in their intimate partnerships as men, this book provides the clinician with comprehensive information to understand the unique characteristics and treatment implications...

Global Ibsen

by Erika Fischer-Lichte & Barbara Gronau

This book analyses the different ways in which Ibsen's plays were and are performed in different cultures on five continents and examines the impact of such performances on the theatre, social life, and politics...

Language and Learning in the Digital Age

by James Paul Gee & Elisabeth Hayes

In the context of moral panics surrounding social media, the internet and video games and concerns over how digital media are affecting the young and their ability to learn and communicate effectively, leading...

House: The Wounded Healer on Television

by Luke J Hockley & Leslie Gardner

House, M.D. is a globally successful and long running medical drama. House: the Wounded Healer on Television employs a Jungian perspective to examine the internal psychological construction of the series and...

A Study of Shinto

by Genchi Katu

This volume investigates and present the salient features of Shinto through a long history of development from its remote past up to the present. It is a historical study of Shinto from a scientific point of...


by G C Allen

Written after the outbreak of war between Japan and China but putting aside British sentiments of suspicion, dislike and a sense of competition, G C Allen bases his observations of Japanese social, political...