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Larmenius Charter

by Knights Templar Vault

The Larmenius Charter or Carta Transmissionis ("Charter of Transmission") is a manuscript that supposedly demonstrates a connection between Freemasonry and the Knights Templar. Original Latin text with translation....

The Hunt for the Blue Claveroo

by Alister Wilson

The Hunt for the Blue Claveroo is an adventure written in rhyme. It tells the story of a band of adventurers who set off to hunt a strange beast - the Blue Claveroo - and what happens when they find it.

OA Framework Beginners Guide

by Sudhakar Mani & Aarthi Sudhakar

Kick start your OA Framework career with our easy to understand and implement beginners guide.Learn efficient techniques for extending oracle EBS with OA Framework.This book covers R12.1.1 and later versions...

Waves 3

by Mark Paige

Humorous romance about three Australian thiry-somethings

Migration of Souls

by John Kennedy

Set in the 1870s in the mining village of Skinningrove Cleveland England It follows the trials, tribulations of a young widowed man who like many others were forced to move from their roots through the industrial...

50 Gluten Free Vegan Recipes

by Marinus Hoogendoorn

I have made this book out of belief that cooking vegan meals at home is a challenge for many, cooking gluten free / vegan meals is even more challenging. I have designed a wide range of easy to make recipes...

Grandma's Country Recipes

by Pattie Hensley

Grandma's Country Recipes are all from the hills of Kentucky. The country recipes include cakes, gravy, candy, meat, vegetable, breafast, dinner, and so many more great and easy to make recipes that it will...

High Wire Act: Ted Rogers and the Empire that Debt Built

by Caroline Van Hasselt

There has possibly never been a more daring business figure in Canada’s history than Ted Rogers. Hailed by some as a visionary with an incomparable insight, and equally loathed by others as a ruthless opportunist,...

Northern Lights: An Anthology of Contemporary Christian Writing in Canada

by Byron Rempel-Burkholder & Dora Dueck

Canada is known for its wild and diverse physical geography. But do Canadians have a spiritual geography- an identity uniquely shaped by their land, their history, their people? This first-of-its-kind collection...

The Miracle of Health: Simple Solutions, Extraordinary Results

by Uche Odiatu & Kary Odiatu

"…The Miracle of Health is for everyone who wants to live better and longer."

Dr. John Ratey, MD, author of Spark, Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Everyone has heard the...

Money Magnet: How to Attract Investors to Your Business

by J. B. Loewen

The number-one issue for every entrepreneur is Money—getting money, raising money, convincing investors to give you money. Whether you are a start up, a small to mid-sized enterprise, or a $100-million company,...

Better Love Next Time: How the Relationship That Didn't Last Can Lead You to the One That Will

by J. M. Kearns

Better Love Next Time offers help in coping with the pain and heartache of a bad breakup, but more than that, it reveals how to overcome the lingering damage that a broken relationship can leave behind – how...

The Handbook for Working with Difficult Groups: How They Are Difficult, Why They Are Difficult and What You Can Do About It

by Sandy Schuman

Praise for The Handbook for Working with Difficult Groups

"Beginning with a conceptual framework useful to understand effective group functioning, The Handbook for Working with Difficult Groups continues with...

Health Promotion Programs: From Theory to Practice

by Carl I. Fertman & Diane D. Allensworth

Health Promotion Programs introduces the theory of health promotion and presents an overview of current best practices from a wide variety of settings that include schools, health care organizations, workplace,...

The Age of Heretics: A History of the Radical Thinkers Who Reinvented Corporate Management

by Art Kleiner, Warren Bennis & Steven Wheeler

In this second edition of his bestselling book, author Art Kleiner explores the nature of effective leadership in times of change and defines its importance to the corporation of the future. He describes a heretic...

Brave Battalion: The Remarkable Saga of the 16th Battalion (Canadian Scottish) in the First World War

by Mark Zuehlke

An Excerpt From Brave Battalion.

The company was completely bunched in front of the wire. Some men threw bombs toward the German trench while others tried to beat down the wooden stakes supporting the wire with...

Curling, Etcetera: A Whole Bunch of Stuff about the Roaring Game

by Bob Weeks

A lighthearted, fact-filled guide to the roaring game: curling

Immensely popular in Canada, curling has captured the hearts of millions of diehard enthusiasts around the world. Full of quirky characters, fascinating...

The Canadian Landlord's Guide: Expert Advice for the Profitable Real Estate Investor

by Douglas Gray & Peter Mitham

The ultimate resource for Canadian residential landlords.

Anyone can become a landlord, but not everyone will be a profitable landlord. Distilling over 35 years of his first-hand experience, Doug Gray, one of...

The Smart Canadian's Guide to Saving Money: Pat Foran is On Your Side, Helping You to Stop Wasting Money, Start Saving It, and Build Your Wealth

by John Wiley

Canada’s top consumer advocate returns with more financial advice.

Canadian consumers are focused on spending and managing what money they do have wisely, but have more questions than answers on most financial...

Patrick Roy: Winning, Nothing Else

by Michel Roy

The bestselling bio of Hall-of-Famer Patrick Roy-now in a highly anticipated English-language edition

Since it published in Canada in November 2007, Le Guerrier became an instant hit, quickly selling out its...