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The Sandfather

by Linda Newbery

Hal's life is in upheaval. Trouble at school; problems at home; a quarrel with friends. Then Hal is sent to his grandfather's seaside home. Soon, his anger is absorbed by the pull of the crashing waves, buffeted...

Bad Tuesdays 5: A Crystal Horseman: Bad Tuesdays: Book Five

by Benjamin J. Myers

Chess must decide who to trust as things begin to spiral out of control.

Box is now part of the Twisted Symmetry's Elite Cavalry. Has he forgotten where his loyalties lie? Is it too late? Or can he still help...

Blood Red, Snow White

by Marcus Sedgwick

Set at the time of the Russian Revolution, the end of a centuries old dynasty, the rise of the Bolsheviks sent shockwaves around the world. This is the story of one man who was there. It's real history - about...

The Bad Tuesdays: Strange Energy: Bad Tuesdays: Book Two

by Benjamin J. Myers

Time is running out.

Chess and her brothers, Box and Splinter, are caught in a bitter struggle between two ruthless organizations.

Now they face a terrifying choice - carry out a dangerous mission for the Committee,...

The Bad Tuesdays: Twisted Symmetry: Bad Tuesdays: Book One

by Benjamin J. Myers

Children everywhere are disappearing.

Orphan, Chess Tuesday, and her brothers, Box and Splinter, don't want to be next. But they are being tracked by two powerful enemy organizations, each intent on destroying...

Philippa Fisher And The Stone Fairy's Promise

by Liz Kessler

Philippa is looking forward to spending New Year in the village where her new friend Robyn lives. But her fairy godsister Daisy, assigned to a new job but disobeying orders as usual, turns up to warn her that...

The Book of Dead Days

by Marcus Sedgwick

The days between 27 December and New Year's Eve are dead days - days when spirits roam and magic shifts restlessly just beneath the surface of our everyday lives. There is a man, Valerian, whose time is running...

Village Matters

by Rebecca Shaw

The third Turnham Malpas novel from bestselling author Rebecca Shaw.

Times are changing in Turnham Malpas...

Brash Craddock Fitch up at the Big House seems determined to make his mark on the village - and the...

A Village Feud

by Rebecca Shaw

With the Rector Peter Harris and his family back from Africa, the villagers of Turnham Malpas heave huge sighs of relief - everything seems to be back to normal. But Peter has other ideas, and decides to return...

A Village Dilemna

by Rebecca Shaw

An unwelcome visitor arrives in Turnham Malpas. Why is Bryn Fields - who fled four years ago under the worst possible circumstances - back? And what are his plans for the village? For the rector and his wife,...

The New Rector

by Rebecca Shaw

The first Turnham Malpas novel from bestselling author Rebecca Shaw.

When Peter Harris arrives in Turnham Malpas as the new rector, he finds the village people welcoming but set in their ways. Yet despite his...

Village Secrets

by Rebecca Shaw

The village school is to get a new head, and the inhabitants of Turnham Malpas await her arrival with curiosity. At first sight, Kate Pascoe seems ideal. She's young, pretty and obviously loves her job. But...

An Act of Peace

by Ann Widdecombe

Enthralling post-war sequel to Ann Widdecombe's second novel, AN ACT OF TREACHERY

Klaus-Pierre is the love-child of a young Frenchwoman and a senior, married German officer. Klaus-Pierre never knew his father,...

Painted in Blood

by Pip Vaughan-Hughes

1242 AD and Europe is in flames once more. The King of France, Louis, has decided to stamp out the heretic faith of the Cathars once and for all. The trouble is that Petroc and his mentor, Captain de Montalhac...

The Complete Thrush Green Collection: 13 Great Novels

by Miss Read

Enchanting and affectionate stories of everyday country life in the idyllic Thrush Green. 'There is something profoundly consoling about a novel by Miss Read.' THE LADY Contains 13 great novels: THRUSH GREEN,...

Stepping Stones

by Maureen Lee

From 1930s Liverpool to London, then California and finally back to Liverpool, the powerful and compelling saga of one woman's turbulent life.

Kitty O'Brien's husband is a drunken thug, and in order to feed her...

The Erica James Collection: 5 Great Novels

by Erica James

Erica James's true to life novels are well observed, insightful and compulsive. We all have dreams but not all of us have the courage or opportunity to follow them... This book draws you into the lives of these...

The Girl From Barefoot House

by Maureen Lee

A powerful and compelling Liverpool saga of one woman's life from bestselling author Maureen Lee.

For Josie Flynn, the war was just the start of a journey that began in heartbreak when she was sent to live with...


by Jim Lusby

A brilliant break-through crime novel from one of the most respected names in the business...

SERIAL opens with a haunting first person narrative. A middle-aged male describes picking up a lone girl hitchhiker....

Making The Cut

by Jim Lusby

Exactly what was Billy Power machinist at the plastics factory, keeper of greyhounds and Jack the Lad about Waterford involved in? And why did he have to die? Unshaven, unorthodox and unpopular with his superiors,...