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Judas Flowering

by Jane Aiken Hodge

Set against the background of war-torn Savannah during the Revolution, this enchanting novel unfolds the sags of a family divided ? and a beautiful heroine, Mercy Phillips, caught desperately between the passions...

Wide is the Water

by Jane Aiken Hodge

At the height of the American War of Independence, Hart Purchis, captain of a privateer, marries the rebellious spy Mercy Phillips, rescuing her from the wrath of the British in Savannah. But it is not long...

The Sun Place

by Ray Connolly

Elixir. World's most luxurious fun spot. Island of coral sands, clear green seas, and wild abandon. Where love and play begin before the sun goes down. Where nights of revelry stretch into eternities of sensuous...


by Hartley Howard

Glenn Bowman, the toughest and most cynical private investigator in New York, lands himself up to the chin in trouble by witnessing the disposal of a gravely injured man. Bowman plays it straight, calls the...

It May Never Happen

by V.S. Pritchett

V.S. Pritchett's Englishness ? the dependable Englishness of shabby, bumptious businessmen, shy wives, puritanical suburbanites and vinegar-tongued grandmothers ? often came out in surprising ways. Though comfortably...

How to Make Love Six Nights A Week

by Graham Masterton

"She's always too tired??

"He's only interested in his career??

"She never tries to seduce me??

The truth is, in thousands of marriages and sexual relationships both partners feel they're not getting sex as often...

The Wrong Side of the Sky

by Gavin Lyall

Jack Clay, an ex-Royal Air Force pilot, makes a threadbare living flying charter cargos of dubious legitimacy around the Mediterranean. Time catching up with him, and financial stability nowhere to be seen,...

Shooting Script

by Gavin Lyall

'I don't know if you're working for Jiminez or not. But either way, the general made a mistake. You should've been in jail. Now you're loose, and that worries me. Because you're still a killer...'

Flying charter...


by Hammond Innes

HMS Medusa is an obsolete frigate with an ill-assorted crew and an insecure captain. Why has she been dispatched under secret orders to be a sitting duck in one of the most vital ports of the Mediterranean?


12 Big Lies and the Prairies of Heaven

by Tony Brauer

Brauer leaves no stone unturned, no metaphor untold, and no holds barred in this witty deconstruction of the modern economy. With up to the minute inserts and reflections, Twelve Big Lies and the Prairies of...

His Second War

by Alec Waugh

Alec Waugh, who served in the last war as a regular army officer, was recalled to his regiment in September 1939. After a few months of regimental duties he has filled a succession of Junior Staff appointment,...

The Bellamy Saga

by John Pearson

First published in 1976, this fictional biography is the intimate and detailed portrait of the celebrated Bellamy family of Upstairs, Downstairs.

No family in the past century - excepting perhaps the Forsytes...

Thirteen Such Years

by Alec Waugh

In the manner and method of Hot Countries and Most Women, in which personal narrative and opinion are woven together with fiction, Mr. Waugh travels through a period and brilliantly pictures the post-war times...

The Fire Fighter

by Francis Cottam

Autumn 1940. London is being firebombed, unable to strike back as the Luftwaffe drones overhead. Jack Finlay, a young man notorious for his ability to fight fires, is given the task of preventing five buildings...

Empire of the Sky

by Anthony Sampson

First published in 1984, explosively topical and penetrating in insight, this bestseller from the world's expert on international, high-flying big business is essential and fascinating reading for anyone who...

Death of Cecilia

by Hartley Howard

First published in 1952, Death of Cecilia begins with a telephone conversation, started with a conventional greeting, but to Glenn Bowman the voice seemed to carry a note of cold menace. It went on to warn him...

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

by Lettice Cooper

On the fifth of November every year, children all over England delightedly light bonfires, swish sparklers and gobble toffee apples in celebration of Bonfire Night, and the death of Guy Fawkes.

But what really...

Snow and Roses

by Lettice Cooper

Flora is a young Oxford lecturer, whose love affair with a married man has ended in tragedy. She faces a bleak, empty world. Following an ill-fated flight to a villa in Tuscany, and the collapse of her warm...

The Scholar Gypsy

by Anthony Sampson

As a child, Anthony Sampson was haunted by a family skeleton. He knew his grandfather John Sampson had been an authority on the gypsies. They had called him the Rai - the Master - and had flocked to his magnificent...

Efforts at Truth: An Autobiography

by Nicholas Mosley

As a novelist, biographer, editor, and screenwriter, Nicholas Mosley has always been concerned with the central paradox of writing: if by definition fiction is untrue, and biography never complete, is there...