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Distance and Spherical Surfaces

by jrgeometry

What is distance? What is a geodesic? What are functions on the surface of a sphere or globe? What is a geodesic midpoint? Do you need more insight on spherical triangles? This study guide can help answer these...

Understanding Anger Management

by William Krygar

Anger is an emotion experienced by kids and adults alike. When something or someone interferes with an individual in a negative manner, it can cause them to become angry. Anger is a normal response to such a...

Allergies You Should Know About

by Jason Jackson

It's estimated that 60 million Americans suffer from some type of allergy. That's 1 out of 4. It's the 5th highest chronic disease in America and the 3rd most common chronic disease in children. Many people...

Second Hand Hearts

by Elijah Walsh

This book is an observation of the characteristics of different relationships, people in those relationships, and the actions taken that lead people to have damaged hearts and how they can go about loving people...

Candy Crush Saga

by TNT Guides

This book will show you the ins and outs of how to master Candy Crush Saga! Learn all of the combos, tips, and tricks to play! * High quality pictures! * Straight to the point text without wasting time!


by jrgeometry

What is the center of a triangle? Do you need a straight forward method for finding the orthocenter of a triangle? Do you need to see how the Law of Sines is developed? Do you need to see how the geometric mean...

Understanding Trauma: A Psychoanalytical Approach

by Caroline Garland

Revised edition with additional chapter. This book, from the Tavistock Clinic Series, is about what follows the breakdown in functioning, either short or longer-term, provoked by a traumatic event. The authors...

Mama Baby's Marriage Broker

by Oshiomowe Momodu

This is a story that highlights the life of a marriage broker that ends in a murder mystery .

Traumerei Kinderszenen Beginner Piano Sheet Music

by Robert Schumann

From Robert Schumann's Kinderszenen, for Beginner Piano A SilverTonalities Arrangement! Easy Note Style Sheet Music Letter Names of Notes embedded in each Notehead!

Unconditional Love: A Love That Lasts

by Long Ho

Abundance comes from love. When we love our health, we take better care of our health. When we love our family, we spend time with them and see greatness in them. Unconditional Love has three stages. The first...

The Cerebral Palsy Cure: How to Treat and Recover from Cerebral Palsy and Muscle Spasm for Life

by Jessica Adams

In this book, The Cerebral Palsy Cure: How To Treat And Recover From Cerebral Palsy And Muscle Spasm For Life will give you the basic information that you need to know and the facts about cerebral palsy and...

The Prescription Pain Killer Treatment: How to Stop Taking Prescription Drugs and Recover from Drug Addiction

by Jessica Adams

This book has been inspired by those endless commercials about teens taking prescription drugs and overdosing on them. We wanted to bring awareness to the market that drug use, especially in teens is a serious...

Words of Wisdom: Richard Dawkins

by Students' Academy

Professor Clinton Richard Dawkins is a very well known English ethnologist, evolutionary biologist, and writer. He is the author of some of the widely read books on different subjects. His book 'The Selfish...

True Asian Ghost Stories

by Rahim Abdul

In True Asian Ghost Stories, Rahim Abdul explores the Asian folklore of ghosts, spirits and genies through a collection of tales of haunting, possession and black magic are handed down by word of mouth. These...

Gta V Secrets

by TNT Guides

This book will show you some awesome secrets to GTA V to make your game play experience even better! * 40+ of the best GTA V secrets! * Awesome secrets including shark attack, cheaper weapons, space car, and...

Loving Lily

by Suzanne Dillon

This is the story of a young woman living in the Midwest, attempting to have a peaceful, normal life just like anyone else. Coworkers and neighbors know very little about her, assuming her to be reclusive and...

The Hiv and Aids Cure: How to Stop and Avoid the Hiv Virus and How to Treat, Cure and Recover from Aids

by Jessica Adams

A Proven Step-By-Step Method To Preventing And Curing The HIV Virus Today only, get this Kindle book for just $ 2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. You're...

Therapy Beyond Modernity: Deconstructing and Transcending Profession-Centred Therapy

by Richard House

This radical and provocative book challenges the very foundations of therapy itself. In examining the hidden assumptions of therapy, the author poses the question 'Is therapy more concerned with preserving its...

How to Pay Back Your Student Loans Fast!

by Amelia Verte

Student loans are daunting. If you default on it, it can lead to bad credit scores that prevent you from doing many things in life like buying a car or a house on credit. It is best to pay back all of the student...

One Good Reason, Part I

by Jon Bradbury

Robin Parker is content keeping a low profile as an officer in the Air Force. She has only her work and her friends. Her love life takes a distant second place, thanks to Shawn, her unfaithful ex-boyfriend from...