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Sandwich Recipes - The Ultimate Collection

by Adam K Randle

Sandwiches are great for an easy-going, laid back meal. If you are tired of the same old peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, you will find this book is the perfect resources for you. Over 400 quick and easy...

Soup Recipes - The Ultimate Collection

by Adam Randle

As you enjoy a steaming bowl of homemade soup, you may not think about the benefits it brings to you. Soup has a universal appeal because of its convenience, low cost, and variety. Soup not only can prevent...

Design Informed: Driving Innovation with Evidence-Based Design

by Gordon H. Chong, Robert Brandt & W. Mike Martin

The Power of Evidence to Create Design Excellence

This practical, accessible book-for design professionals and students alike-is about design excellence and how to achieve it. The authors propose an evidence-based...

470 Crockpot Recipes - The Ultimate Collection

by Adam Randle

This is the ultimate collection of slow cooker/crock pot recipes. Whatever is your taste, chicken, beef, pork, chili, you are sure to find the one that you will love. Here are some sample recipes from this cookbook:...

Bread Recipes - The Ultimate Collection

by Adam Randle

Bread is most commonly made of water, flour, yeast, eggs, sugar, milk, nuts, salt and spices. Also, some baker's use fruit and vegetables to make bread. Bread is one of the oldest foods. If you are a bread lover,...

Salad Recipes - The Ultimate Collection

by Adam Randle

Eating a salad every day offers numerous health benefits. It is one of the simplest and healthiest food habits that anyone can commit to. Salads are easy to make and they bring us a few steps closer to our recommended...

Ruthless: How Enraged Investors Reclaimed Their Investments and Beat Wall Street

by Phil Trupp

Ruthless is a candid exploration of the criminal subculture of Wall Street, and one of the first books to speak for the victims of the financial meltdown. On February 14, 2008, author Phil Trupp received a call...

Essentials of Venture Capital

by Alexander Haislip

The first comprehensive guide for mastering venture capital

Essentials of Venture Capital is your guide to understanding how venture capital and technology finance works from the inside out. Author Alexander...

Financial Jiu-Jitsu: A Fighter's Guide to Conquering Your Finances

by Scott Ford

A unique approach to personal finance that tackles money like a jiu-jitsu fighter would tackle an opponent

In martial arts and personal finance, fundamentals are important. But while failing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu...

The Business Analyst / Project Manager: A New Partnership for Managing Complexity and Uncertainty

by Robert K. Wysocki

A breakthrough game plan illustrating the need for better collaboration between Project Managers and Business Analysts

In The Business Analyst/Project Manager, author Robert Wysocki draws on his forty-five years...

Empowering Green Initiatives with IT: A Strategy and Implementation Guide

by Carl H. Speshock

A straightforward guide to the role of IT departments and vendor's in assisting organizations in going green with the aid of IT-related resources and offerings.

This book provides organizations with strategy,...

It's Okay to Manage Your Boss: The Step-by-Step Program for Making the Best of Your Most Important Relationship at Work

by Bruce Tulgan

Get what you need from your boss

In this follow-up to the bestselling It's Okay to Be the Boss, Bruce Tulgan argues that as managers demand more and more from their employees, they are also providing them with...

Eportfolios for Lifelong Learning and Assessment

by Darren Cambridge

This book clearly articulates the foundations of an educational vision that is distinctively supported by eportfolio use, drawing on work in philosophy, sociology, higher and adult education, and elearning research....

The Gartley Trading Method: New Techniques To Profit from the Markets Most Powerful Formation

by Ross Beck & Larry Pesavento

A detailed look at the technical pattern simply referred to today as the Gartley Pattern

Gartley patterns are based on the work of H.M. Gartley, a prominent technical analyst best known for a particular retracement...

Practicing Greatness: 7 Disciplines of Extraordinary Spiritual Leaders

by Reggie McNeal & Ken Blanchard

Based on his extensive experience as coach and mentor to many thousands of Christian leaders across a broad spectrum of ministry settings, Reggie McNeal helps spiritual leaders understand that they will self-select...

Simulating Distributional Impacts of Macro-dynamics: Theory and Practical Applications

by Sergio Olivieri & Sergiy Radyakin

Simulating Distributional Impacts of Macro-dynamics: Theory and Practical Applications is a comprehensive guide for analyzing and understanding the effects of macroeconomic shocks on income and consumption distribution,...

Private Participation in the Indian Power Sector: Lessons from Two Decades of Experience

by Mohua Mukherjee

The state of the Indian power sector today is an acknowledged constraint to the country's growth aspirations. This book examines the home-grown Indian experience with private sector participation in power, identifies...

The Power of Public Investment Management: Transforming Resources Into Assets for Growth

by Anand Rajaram & Kai Kaiser

Public resources - if invested well in public infrastructure and services - can catalyze private and community efforts and unleash an inclusive growth and development process. But public investment attracts...

Governance of Indian State Power Utilities: An Ongoing Journey

by Sheoli Pargal & Kristy Mayer

This World Bank review, Governance of Indian State Power Utilities: An Ongoing Journey, is a first attempt to systematically examine the quality of corporate and regulatory governance in the Indian power sector....

Health Financing in the Republic of Gabon

by Karima Saleh & Bernard Couttolenc F.

Gabon is an upper middle income country, with reasonable spending on health, however, its health outcomes resemble that of a country that is low / low-middle income. Where has Gabon gone wrong, and what are...