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Minecraft Tips and Tricks: Top 53 Minecraft Secret Game Tips and Tricks

by Joseph Joyner

Minecraft, while originally and most popular for PC, now has moved onto all the high-end modern age platforms. A highly addictive game, it was originally created by Markus "Notch" Persson, but later control...

Data Architecture: From Zen to Reality

by Charles Tupper

Data is an expensive and expansive asset. Information capture has forced storage capacity from megabytes to terabytes, exabytes and, pretty soon, zetabytes of data. So the need for accessible storage space for...

Mastering Influence: Learn the Power of Mind Control and Hypnotic Language Patterns (Basic to Advanced Conversational Hypnosis)

by Noah-Jay Michael

Would you like to learn how to increase the impact of your conversation? Would you like to stop hearing people tell you no and start hearing them tell you yes? Stop wishing for it and make it happen, thanks...

Tsunamis: Detection, Monitoring, and Early-Warning Technologies

by Antony Dr. Joseph

The devastating impacts of tsunamis have received increased focus since the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004, the most destructive tsunami in over 400 years of recorded history. The tsunamis that occurred as a result...

Mastering Conversational Hypnosis: Learn the Principles of Hypnotic Language Patterns

by Noah-Jay Michael

Conversational hypnosis is used by a variety of people to improve their communication skills so when they are communicating, they can clearly get their point across. More importantly, you can use conversational...

I Am a Cosmic Woman! - The Women of Bellatrix, Taxos, Pentax & More!

by The Abbotts

Have you ever wondered if you have had a former life on another planet? A life where women are more powerful and adventurous than on Earth at this time. Those of you who have read The Abbotts book 'Who Are You?...

Forgiveness - How to Forgive and Be Forgiven!

by The Abbotts

Do you feel that you deserve forgiveness from someone in your life or that you would like to forgive someone who has hurt you in the past? Would you like to break the karmic bonds forever and start afresh? Then...

Heart of Stone

by Mataya Mahe

Heart of Stone is the first literary work in the Heart Series by Mataya Mahe'. It is an erotic tale of everyday people and the trials and tribulations experienced for the sake of love and relationships. Follow...

The Analects of Elder Brother Yeap: Sutras in Modern Speak for the Mentally Ill

by C. K. Yap

In 64 concise conversations, formulated as memorable and thought-provoking gems or sutras, personality conflicts, dilemmas, lustful desires, conundrums, revelations, hope and overwhelming regret, tell the story...

Pleiadian Ways - Starseed Relationships!

by The Abbotts

This amazing new book explores how the Starseeds (Generations, X, Y and Z) handle everyday relationships with family members, friends, work-mates, bosses, authorities and lovers! Following the success of their...

The Death of an Undertaker

by T. M. Colicino

"...there is no sadness born like that from the death of a pious undertaker. Grateful was Mrs. Miller that the curse did not take her, but the late Smith who was murdered will always be missed."

Understanding Christianity - What It Means to Become a Christian

by Brent Devenney

eBOOK: Many people, even those who might call themselves "Christian," do not really understand Christianity. "Understanding Christianity" gives a clear and simple explanation of what is a Christian!

Oh My Darling Clementine for Eb Instrument and Guitar, Pure Sheet Music duet by Lars Christian Lundholm

by Lars Christian Lundholm

This traditional folk song with English words by either Percy Montrose or Barker Bradford is set to the Spanish folk song Romance del Conde Olinos o Nino. It was made popular by Mexican miners during the Gold...

GPU Computing Gems Emerald Edition

by Wen-Mei W. Hwu

"...the perfect companion to Programming Massively Parallel Processors by Hwu & Kirk." -Nicolas Pinto, Research Scientist at Harvard & MIT, NVIDIA Fellow 2009-2010

Graphics processing units (GPUs) can do much...

The Crusades

by Cristina Archer

Who committed the real crime and deserves to be punished? The twins, Mani and Sunna, only want to live a quiet life on Earth away from their brethren gods. They hide in plain sight among the humans, risking...

Past Life Lovers - Have You Met Before?

by The Abbotts

Are you one of the many people who instinctively feel that they have known their romantic partners somewhere, sometime long ago? Well, The Abbotts, paranormal specialists and past lives hypnotherapists, say...

India - Land of Light!

by The Abbotts

Everyone knows that India is a mysterious land of spiritual knowledge and psychic phenomena. Many of our current New Age practices originated in this intriguing sub-continent. The Abbotts put forward the original...

The Latte of Sheena Jane

by T. M. Colicino

Mario, a disgruntled Corporate Coffee drone, meets a fan of his work and a friend for his art.

The Recidivist

by Cristina Archer

A species saved but at what cost? Child of the light, Gabriel, can no longer bear the annihilation - Gabriel's tears of despair increase as the Gods' thirst for human blood escalates. He begins a grief-filled...

Psychic Defence - How to Defeat Negativity!

by The Abbotts

How do you stop a psychic attack or end a curse? This amazing new book from the paranormal experts, The Abbotts will answer all those questions you have ever had about ghosts, curses, astral attack, vampires,...