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by Graham Masterton

First published in 1991, this is the story of New York City. Friday night. Untouched by anything visible, Mrs Greenberg's furniture starts to slide across the room - and however hard she tries, she can't move...

Rebel Heiress

by Jane Aiken Hodge

But Henrietta was no one's enemy. She came to London from Boston in search of her father-- a father thought lost to her until she discovered her aunt's treachery.

Now armed with her mother's marriage papers,...

In the Sewers of Lvov

by Robert Marshall

It was the last refuge of the desperate Jews-the warren of sewers underneath their city. Above, the Nazis implemented the destruction of their friends and relatives in a final Aktion against the ghetto in the...

Gone Shopping

by Lorraine Gamman

Shirley Pitts, the eldest of six children was born upside down on 24 november 1934. Her "career" began by thieving bread off doorsteps and coal from coalcarts. Her father's bungled attempts at blackmarketering...


by Patrick Tilley

What would you do if, through an unexpected twist of fate and time, you came face to face with Jesus of Nazareth? In the flesh. A living, breathing, three-dimensional figure with a disconcertingly casual manner....

Strangers in Company

by Jane Aiken Hodge

Marian is in her mid-thirties, and trying to get over the shock of her eighteen-year-old twins leaving her to live with their father in the USA. As a distraction she takes a job looking after a younger woman,...

A Death in Two Parts

by Jane Aiken Hodge

First published in 2000, this is a tale of Mrs. Feathers, who, taking a liking to her granddaughter, Patience, changes her will, leaving her fortune to the girl. Then Mrs. Feathers is found poisoned, and it...

Frequent Hearses

by Edmund Crispin

Stars, Starlets, Floozies and factotums to the film world – Gervase Fen suspects them all...

The young actress, Gloria Scott, drowns after throwing herself off Waterloo Bridge. The news sends shock-waves...

Beware of the Trains

by Edmund Crispin

How acute are your powers of perception? Do they begin to match those of Gervase Fen, Oxford don and sleuth supreme?

First published in 1953, these sixteen short stories are classic examples of Fen's crime-solving...

Lorca - a Dream of Life

by Leslie Stainton

With a rare blend of grace, warmth, and scholarship, Leslie Stainton raises the stakes of our appreciation for the greatest of Spain's modern poets, Federico Garca Lorca. Drawing on fourteen years of research;...

Coin Collecting for Dummies

by Neil S. Berman & Ron Guth

Can’t make heads or tails out of coin collecting? You need Coin Collecting For Dummies, 2nd Edition, the treasure trove on information on numismatics. This hands-on guide escorts you through the world’s...

The Impregnable Women

by Eric Linklater

The Next Great War begins, and soon all Europe is involved. The war lasts a year - and then the women, robbed of husbands and sweethearts and sons, grow doubtful of the benefits of military policy, and begin...

The Freedom of the Cage

by David Lytton

A small-town shopkeeper in the Orange Free State points a revolver at the South African Prime Minister. He is detained and questioned, but his eccentric explanations fail to provide the police with the neat...

The Outcasts

by Edith Sitwell

First published in London in 1962, this collection of Sitwell's later poetry contains "several pieces which show that the lyrical impulse of her early days was still alive to make new discoveries of great freshness...

The Soft Detective

by H. R. F. Keating

It's not often a Nobel Prize winner gets murdered... on your patch... very likely by a member of your own family.

DCI Phil Benholme has the reputation for being a little soft because he tries to see both sides...

The House of Getty

by Russell Miller

The tormented saga of the Getty family reads like the script for Dynasty, interweaving boardroom battles, sex, money, drugs, power, crime, tragedy, and family intrigue.

At the center stands the figure of John...

An Italian Visit

by C. Day Lewis

In this work, first published in 1953, C. Day Lewis, former Professor of Poetry at Oxford, chooses a form that enables his various gifts to be displayed to advantage and to sustain rapt interest in a poem longer...

The Gentle Barbarian

by V.S. Pritchett

'A gentle giant', as the Goncourts called him, Turgenev emerged from the barbarous yet doting rules of a terrible mother, whose cruelties to her serfs are at the heart of his hatred of serfdom. He was saturated...

The Lorimer Line

by Anne Melville

Volume One of the dramatic saga of the Lorimer Family

The Lorimers are one of the richest and most powerful Bristol families...

When Margaret Lorimer, daughter of the autocratic chairman of Lorimer's Bank, asks...

A Period of Adjustment

by Dirk Bogarde

Following on from his previous novel, Jericho, and re-evoking the manifold themes and compelling rural French atmosphere of its predecessor, A Period of Adjustment tells the story of James Caldicott. His ruined...