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The Player's Club: Finn

by Cathy Yardley

The Pledge: Diana Song, steely legal counsel and all-around fixer for Macalister Enterprises.

The Goal: Same as always: do her job.

The Conditions: Complete the Player's Club initiation challenges…then shut it...

Blame It on the Bachelor

by Karen Kendall

Being led astray never felt better

Banker Kylie Kent is looking for a hookup. Granted, a rehearsal dinner isn't the best place to find a little man-action…until she spots Devon McKee. Devon is all temptation,...

Take It Down

by Kira Sinclair

Fulfill all your cravings at our intimate adults-only resort on a secluded Caribbean island. It's lush, decadent and filled with treasures from around the world…some of which may be stolen.

Artist Elle Monroe...

Have Me

by Jo Leigh

Trading Card: Jake Donnelly

Occupation: Really, really sexy cop

Marry, Date or One-Night Stand: One night…and totally worth it!

His secret passion: For him to know, and you to find out

Warning: Zero commitment....

Once a Hero...

by Jillian Burns

Once a hero…always a hero

Subject: Captain Luke Andrews, M.D.

Current Status: On stress leave in beautiful Hawaii

Mission: Rest and recovery

Obstacle: There's no rest from the wicked chemistry he's found with...

The Player's Club: Lincoln

by Cathy Yardley

The Pledge: Juliana Mayfield, cash-strapped celebutante.

The Goal: A juicy reality show about joining the notorious Player's Club.

The Conditions: Complete three crazy initiation challenges…and seal the production...

Sex, Lies and Valentines

by Tawny Weber

Con artist Gabriel Black just got busted. By a babe. Drool-worthy (and clearly sneaky) FBI agent Danita Cruz is forcing Gabriel to choose between hard time and scamming his own family for an undercover sting....

Choose Me

by Jo Leigh

Trading Card: Charlie Winslow

Nickname: "King of Manhattan"

Occupation: Celebrity Blogger

Marry/Date/One-night stand: One night…but it'll be fabulous!

Secret passion: Shh! He's old-fashioned.

Warning: Complete...

The Keeper

by Rhonda Nelson


Ranger Security Case File #1877

Name: Jackson Oak Martin, a man as strong and steady as his name implies.

Case: Tracking down a Butter Bandit

Agent note: This case is gonna sizzle…

On the surface,...

Once Upon a Valentine: All Tangled Up\Sleeping with a Beauty\Catch Me

by Stephanie Bond, Leslie Kelly & Michelle Rowen

She had long, gorgeous hair

Summer Tomlinson always had a thing for Andrew Macmillan. Now that they're business partners—as well as bed partners!—Summer wonders if letting her hair down will catch him for good…....