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Beyond the Veil of Tears

by Rita Bradshaw

An only child, fifteen-year-old Angeline Stewart is heartbroken when her beloved parents are killed in a coaching accident and she is given into the care of her uncle.

Naive and innocent, Angeline is easy prey...

Christmas Gifts at the Beach Cafe

by Lucy Diamond

With her Cornish Beach Café closed for the winter, Evie Flynn should be looking forward to lazy days and a happy Christmas, with nothing more pressing to think about than when to have her next mince pie.


A Mersey Mile

by Ruth Hamilton

Scotland Road would never be the same . . .

In 1955 the residents of Scotland Road fear for their futures when government plans threaten to demolish their street and tear apart their community. Polly's Parlour...

Junglezen Sheru

by Samarpan

When the forest loses its royal family, the inhabitants elect Kapi, a monkey, as their leader. Sheru, the orphaned lion cub, is adopted by Muktak, the elephant, who

The Last Foundling

by Tom H. Mackenzie & Tom Mackenzie

When she fell pregnant in London in 1938, Jean knew that she couldn't keep her baby. The unmarried daughter of an elder in the Church of Scotland, she would shame her family if she returned to the north in such...

Banquet for the Damned

by Adam Nevill

Few believed Professor Coldwell could commune with spirits. But in Scotland's oldest university town something has passed from darkness into light. Now, the young are being haunted by night terrors and those...

The Killing 3

by David Hewson

Detective Inspector for homicide, Sarah Lund, is contacted by old flame Mathias Borch from National Intelligence. Borch fears that what first appeared to be a random killing at the docks is the beginning of...

The Treasure of Kafur

by Aroon Raman

Hindustan, 1580 AD. The Mughal Emperor Akbar is at the height of his power, seemingly invincible. But twenty years of war have earned him many enemies, and rebellion is brewing, led by Asaf Baig, the tyrannical...

Dancing in the Moonlight

by Rita Bradshaw

She made a promise that would never be broken. . .

The Imperial War Museum Book of the Western Front

by Malcolm Brown

The First World War was won and lost on the Western Front. It was in France and Belgium that the horrific nature of trench warfare scarred not only the landscape and those who fought there, but also the imagination...

A Liverpool Song

by Ruth Hamilton

Letting go of the past to grasp the future . . .

Andrew Sanderson, brilliant surgeon and renowned musician, is still grieving the death of his beloved wife Mary when his younger daughter turns up on the doorstep...


by Jessie Keane


Ruthless is the fifth book in the compelling Annie Carter series by hit crime writer Jessie Keane.

Annie Carter should have demanded...

Going to Extremes

by Nick Middleton

In Going to Extremes writer, presenter and Oxford geography don Nick Middleton visits the world's hottest, coldest, wettest and driest inhabited places. He visits Oymyakon in Siberia, where the average winter...


by Bruce Forsyth

Bruce Forsyth is known across four generations as the 'face' of family entertainment classics such as The Generation Game, Play Your Cards Right and The Price is Right. His is an amazing story that spans more...

I Kissed A Frog

by Rupa Gulab

Girls arent really made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Well, perhaps some girls are, but those are certainly not the girls youll meet in I Kissed a Frog a collection of wacky short stories, tongue-in-cheek...

Swimming Against the Stream

by Tim Waterstone

Waterstone's was DTI awarded as one of the three most financially successful business start-ups of the 1980s and, culturally, may be considered to have changed the complexion and scale of bookselling in the...

Daydream Believer

by Hugh Massingberd

'Enchanting ...while writing a series of richly comic recollections which had me laughing out loud every few pages, he has also written a book with much more underlying seriousness and much more to say about...

Playing the Game

by Robert Baden-Powell & Mario Sica

Drawing on Baden-Powell's extensive archive, Playing the Game is a rich and evocative selection of his writings, on peace - a major theme throughout his career and the theme of the 2007 centenary celebrations,...

I Saw You

by Julie Parsons

For ten years, newly retired Policeman Michael McLoughlin has been haunted by the case of a young woman brutally murdered and the affection he felt for the victim’s mother, Margaret. A favor for a friend leads...

Brief Lives

by W. F. Deedes

‘Concise, wise and compassionate’ Jason Cowley, New Statesman

In this eclectic selection of biographical sketches Bill Deedes remembers some of the key figures of the twentieth century. Political heavyweights...