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The Trophy Wife

by Sandra Steffen

"Lady, when the clock strikes midnight, you're history! " To settle an old score, dark and brooding Tripp Calhoun needed a wife for the night. Amber Colton could light up a room in five seconds, and even though...

A Triple Threat to Bachelorhood

by Marie Ferrarella


And to Melinda Morrow's triplets, he was a wonderful pal. But to Melinda herself, well that was a different story! Sure, deputy sheriff Carl Cutler's calm strength made her...

Travis Comes Home

by Patricia Thayer

JOSIE'S LITTLE SECRET? When Travis Randell first spied the raven-haired pregnant beauty on his family's land, he was hell-bent on having her arrested for trespassing! Seeking refuge at the Circle B Ranch after...

The Toddler's Tale

by Rebecca Winters

It took a baby to bring them together… Max Jamison had been a good cop, and now he was a good P.I. Still, it shook him to be faced with what seemed to be a replay of his past—a baby depending on him for...

To Wed a Sheik

by Teresa Southwick


Too late! Once Kamal Hassan drew her into his arms for a breathless kiss, Ali Matlock was already halfway to losing her heart. Though the sensual sheik...

To Love & Protect Her

by Margaret Watson


Secret Agent Griff Fortune faced his greatest challenge when charged with the task of protecting Willa Simms. Her life was in his hands and to make certain she stayed alive, Griff moved her to a remote...

To Kiss a Sheik

by Teresa Southwick

Desperate for a job, American beauty Crystal Rawlins would have done anything to become nanny to Sheik Fariq Hassan's children. And telling a little white lie about her looks to secure a dream job in an exotic...

To Catch a Sheik

by Teresa Southwick

To Catch a Sheik by Teresa Southwick released on Jun 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.

Their Little Cowgirl

by Myrna Mackenzie

Dearest Godmother,

You said all I must do to regain my youth is play matchmaker for twenty-one couples. Well, it's harder than you made it sound! Luckily, I've only got six more to go.

Take my latest attempt:...

That Touch of Pink

by Teresa Southwick

Now Playing: A tale of a woman in need of a man--but only for the weekend....

Starring as Single Mom: Abby Walsh--She'd bid on an ex-army ranger with "survival" skills at the charity auction to help her daughter...

Texas...Now and Forever

by Merline Lovelace

Though Luke was temporarily blinded, his senses were on high alert when Haley Mercado confessed to having their child-a baby girl who'd been kidnapped by the infamous Texas Mafia.

Trained in covert tactics,...

A Taste of Paradise

by Patricia Thayer

On Today's Menu THE LAWMAN SPECIAL Mouthwateringly handsome Nate Hunter was every woman's dream dish. Unfortunately, he refused to be distracted from his mission to buy back his family's ranch. That is until...

Taking On Twins

by Carolyn Zane

"Passion blinded me once, but not again!"When the Colton investigation led to Keyhole, Wyoming, Annie Summers realized the safe life she'd built had just been blown apart by the reappearance of one man--Wyatt...

Taken By Storm

by Kathie DeNosky, Kristi Gold & Laura Wright

Storms and passion. Unpredictable…and dangerous

WHIRLWIND by Kathie DeNosky

Josh Garrett refuses to let storm chaser Kacie Davidson track a tornado across his Texas ranch alone. He's going with her. Now Kacie...

Sweet Child of Mine

by Jean Brashear

While seeing his town through a life-threatening crisis, Prosperino mayor Michael Longstreet faced his own crisis—his powerful family was demanding that he produce a bride! Only Suzanne Jorgenson was desperate...

Stroke of Fortune

by Christine Rimmer

Eligible bachelor Flynt Carson struck a hole-in-one when his Sunday golf ritual at the Lone Star Country Club unveiled an abandoned baby girl. Although temporary fatherhood for Flynt Carson dredged up painful...

Stand-In Bride

by Barbara Boswell

They called him America's most eligible bachelor, but highpowered executive Michael Fortune didn't want a wife. So he offered his faithful secretary, Julia Chandler, a surprising proposition: become his pretend...

Something's Gotta Give

by Teresa Southwick

The whole thing was rigged! What else would you expect from lawyers and a judge with family connections? Former detective Sam Owen Brimstone was not looking for work, but now he was stuck with it and had to...

Society Bride

by Elizabeth Bevarly

Debutante Renee Riley's getaway weekend at the Final Destination Ranch had brought the dutiful virgin up close and personal with the man of her dreams—six-feet-plus of pure, unbridled sex appeal. But Garrett...

Sky Full of Promise

by Teresa Southwick

The handsome stranger called himself a doctor, but he was talking crazy! Wealthy Texas surgeon Dominic Rodriguez had stormed into Sky Colton's small-town jewelry shop demanding she pose as his bride-to-be while...