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Art of Deception

by Nora Roberts

Adam Haines was an artist visiting the Fairchild mansion to do some undercover digging, and that was a problem for a man who preferred to be straightforward. An even bigger problem was Kirby Fairchild, daughter...

Behind the Red Doors: Heaven Scent\Diamond Mine\Sheer Delights

by Vicki Lewis Thompson Thompson, Stephanie Bond & Leslie Kelly

Door #1— Vicki Lewis Thompson

Jamie Ruskin never considered using her knowledge of aromatherapy to help her attract men— until now. This Valentine’ s Day, she’ s going to get the guy she’ s lusted after...

The Wedding Lullaby

by Melissa McClone

From the Wedding March…

Innocent socialite Laurel Worthington had only met handsome tycoon Brett Matthews once before—at their wedding! Then, a wager had meant a one-night marriage. Swept away by the romantic...

Married To The Boss

by Lori Foster

R. J. Maitland, President of Maitland Maternity, was forced to do some major damage control. The media circus surrounding allegations that he had fathered an abandoned child had left his reputation in tatters...

Fugitive Fianc¿e

by Kristin Gabriel

Rancher Garrett Lord was at a turning point in his life. He needed to know why his natural mother had abandoned him and his siblings all those years ago. So when he discovered Mimi Cassville hiding out in his...

Guarding Camille

by Judy Christenberry

Jake Maitland, FBI agent and black sheep of the Maitland clan, had finally come home. And he had a whole lot of trouble on his tail....

Camille Eckart was Jake's latest assignment. He'd been chosen as her protector,...

Dad At Last

by Marie Ferrarella

Connor O'Hara had a family now. At least, he had a son. And a mother. And a whole mess of relatives he hadn't even known were his close kin.

And then there was Lacy. Sweet Lacy Clark. Who'd suffered so much for...

Prescription: Baby

by Jule McBride

Ford Carrington had everything—a sterling reputation as Maitland's finest pediatric surgeon, beautiful women on his arm and enormous wealth. He didn't realize he wanted anything more, until he discovered he...

Patton's Daughters

by Janice Kay Johnson

The father they feared and hated is dead. Yet Elk Springs, Oregon, remains a town with secrets...

Patton's Daughter: Renee

Renee Patton is a cop determined to see justice done. But the discovery of a human skull...


by Marion Lennox

For Michael Lord, head of security at Maitland Maternity, the arrival of the package from his long-lost mother recalled his abandonment as a baby—so he wasn't about to desert his secretary, Jenny Morrow. Seven...

Just For Christmas

by Stella Bagwell

Hope Logan wanted only two things for Christmas—her husband, Drake, and the child he refused to give her. Drake had made it plain he had no desire to be a father...and it seemed his desire for Hope had disappeared...

Her Best Friend's Baby

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Mary Jane Potter owed her best friend for practically raising her, so having a child for Arielle didn't seem like such a sacrifice—until Arielle's husband arrived with news that would change their lives forever.......

Dad By Choice

by Marie Ferrarella

Dr. Abby Maitland was used to existing in a goldfish bowl, but life at her family's renowned maternity clinic had never been tinged by scandal...till now!

Kyle McDermott knew that raising his sister would be...

Cassidy's Kids

by Tara Taylor Quinn

Ellie Maitland was goal-oriented. She operated on five-year plans. Finishing her master's degree by night, serving as chief administrator at her family's renowned clinic by day, she was out to prove herself,...

The Calamity Janes

by Sherryl Woods


What would Emma Rogers have done without her oldest friends, the Calamity Janes?

As teenagers in Winding River,Wyoming, they'd supported her ambitious dreams. A decade later, when Emma went home,...

Confessions of a Party Crasher

by Holly Jacobs

Sneaking in is the easy part. But living it down is tough…

One corporate pink slip and Morgan Miller is back in Pittsburgh bunking with her mother. But when Morgan agrees to attend a posh wedding reception for...


by Jean Brashear


Twenty years ago, Lucas Walker was seventeen, in love with Tansy Gerard—and framed for the murder of Tansy’ s twin brother. Lucas’ s part-Cherokee heritage, “ bad seed” reputation...

Future Widows' Club

by Rhonda Nelson

Welcome to the Future Widows’ Club—a secret society of women who’ ve been treated like trash by their no-good husbands and prefer waiting for widowhood over divorce. But sometimes waiting can be murder…....

When Darkness Falls

by Susan Krinard, Tanith Lee & Evelyn Vaughn

Kiss of the Wolf by Susan Krinard

Surgeon Dana Saint-Cyr trusted her instincts, even when they urged her toward an irresistible Louisiana man with a wicked reputation. But would she discredit the whispers of...

Night Moves

by Nora Roberts

Available digitally for the first time

Was she foolish or wise to follow her instincts?

The house had stood vacant for ten years, but Maggie Fitzgerald knew she could call it home. An award-winning songwriter,...