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Managing CO2 Emissions in the Chemical Industry

by Hans-Joachim Leimküuuml;hler

This unrivaled reference and handbook on this hot topic covers the technical and administrative aspects of CO2 emissions, with special reference to the chemical and petrochemical industry. It also discusses...

Hydrogel Micro and Nanoparticles

by L. Andrew Lyon & Michael Joseph Serpe

The book provides experienced as well as young researchers with a topical view of the vibrant field of soft nanotechnology. In addition to

elucidating the underlying concepts and principles that drive continued...

Surfaces and Interfaces of Electronic Materials

by Leonard J. J. Brillson

An advanced level textbook covering geometric, chemical, and electronic structure of electronic materials, and their applications to devices based on semiconductor surfaces, metal-semiconductor interfaces, and...

Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries: Materials, Technology, and New Applications

by Kazunori Ozawa

Starting out with an introduction to the fundamentals of lithium ion batteries, this book begins by describing in detail the new materials for all four major uses as cathodes, anodes, separators, and electrolytes....

Beyond Oil and Gas: The Methanol Economy

by George A. A. Olah, Alain Goeppert & G. K. Surya K. Surya Prakash

The world is currently consuming about 85 million barrels of oil a day, and about two-thirds as much natural gas equivalent, both derived from non-renewable natural sources. In the foreseeable future, our energy...

Atom Chips

by Jakob Reichel & Vladan Vuletic

This stimulating discussion of a rapidly developing field is divided into two parts. The first features tutorials in textbook style providing self-contained introductions to the various areas relevant to atom...

Metal-Organic Frameworks: Applications from Catalysis to Gas Storage

by David Farrusseng

An international and interdisciplinary team of leading experts from both academia and industry report on the wide range of hot applications for MOFs, discussing both the advantages and limits of the material....

Principles and Applications of Lithium Secondary Batteries

by Jung-Ki Park

Lithium secondary batteries have been key to mobile electronics since 1990. Large-format batteries typically for electric vehicles and energy

storage systems are attracting much attention due to current energy...

Complex-Shaped Metal Nanoparticles: Bottom-Up Syntheses and Applications

by Tapan K. K. Sau & Andrey L. L. Rogach

The past few years have witnessed the development of non-spherical metal nanoparticles with complex morphologies, which offer tremendous potential in materials science, chemistry, physics and medicine.


Innovative Catalysis in Organic Synthesis: Oxidation, Hydrogenation, and C-X Bond Forming Reactions

by Pher G. G. Andersson

C-H, C-O, C-C, and C-Heteroatom bond forming processes by using metal-ligand approaches for the synthesis of organic compounds of

biological, pharmacological and organic nanotechnological utility are the key...

Privileged Chiral Ligands and Catalysts

by Qi-Lin Zhou

Catalytic asymmetric synthesis has been one of the most active research areas in chemistry (Nobel Prize in 2001). The development of efficient chiral catalysts plays a crucial role in asymmetric catalysis. Although...

Chemistry and Analysis of Radionuclides: Laboratory Techniques and Methodology

by Jukka Lehto & Xiaolin Hou

Written by chemists for chemists, this is a comprehensive guide to the important radionuclides as well as techniques for their separation and analysis. It introduces readers to the important laboratory techniques...

Fachenglisch für Laborberufe

by Steven L. Hanft

Mit fortschreitender Globalisierung von Waren und Dienstleistungen hält an immer mehr Arbeitsplätzen in Chemie-, Pharma- und Biotech-Branche die englische Sprache Einzug. In der Schule hat man zwar gelernt,...

Anomalous Effects in Simple Metals

by Albert Overhauser & Gene Dresselhaus

Using potassium as an example, this work presents a unique approach to the anomalous effects in metals, resulting in knowledge that can be applied to similar materials.

Most theoretical predictions on the electric,...

Computational Methods in Catalysis and Materials Science: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers

by Rutger A. van Santen & Philippe Sautet

This practical guide describes the basic computational methodologies for catalysis and materials science at an introductory level, presenting the methods with relevant applications, such as spectroscopic properties,...

Perovskites and Related Mixed Oxides: Concepts and Applications

by Pascal Granger, Vasile I. Parvulescu & Serge Kaliaguine

This comprehensive handbook and ready reference details all the main achievements in the field of perovskite-based and related mixed-oxide materials. The authors discuss, in an unbiased manner, the potentials...

Cleavage of Carbon-Carbon Single Bonds by Transition Metals

by Masahiro Murakami & Naoto Chatani

Edited by leading experts and pioneers in the field, this is the first up-to-date book on this hot topic.

The authors provide synthetic chemists with different methods to activate carbon-carbon sigma bonds in...

Corrosion Resistance of Steels, Nickel Alloys, and Zinc in Aqueous Media: Waste Water, Seawater, Drinking Water, High-Purity Water

by Michael Schütze, Marcel Roche & Roman Bender

This handbook is derived from the online reference "Corrosion Handbook", bringing together the relevant information about corrosion protection and prevention for steels, one of the most widely used materials....

Polycyclic Arenes and Heteroarenes: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications

by Qian Miao

The first book of its kind to focus on the chemistry of this promising class of molecules.

Edited by an innovator in the field, who has gathered an international team of well-established experts, this is a comprehensive...

Superconductivity: An Introduction

by Reinhold Kleiner, W. Buckel & Rudolf Huebener

The third edition of this proven text has been developed further in both scope and scale to reflect the potential for superconductivity in power engineering to increase efficiency in electricity transmission...