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Power of Your Words, The: How God Can Bless Your Life Through the Words You Speak

by Robert Morris & Jack Hayford

Words carry enormous power to heal or wound, to encourage or dishearten, to speak truth or deceive. Learn to use your words to their greatest potential, including how to connect more meaningfully, undo the damage...

His Saving Grace

by Lyn Cote

All Jack Lassater could count on were the computer systems he designed and his assistant, Gracie Petrov. But his right-hand woman had been keeping a secret: She’ d loved him silently for years.

A sense of duty...

Dreams and Visions: Understanding Your Dreams and How God Can Use Them To Speak To You Today

by Jane Hamon

As the Holy Spirit is poured out on the church today, we can anticipate prophetic dreams and visions. With illustrative stories from Scripture and her own life, Hamon presents this no-nonsense guide to the meaning,...

Future War of the Church, The: How We Can Defeat Lawlessness and Bring God's Order to Earth

by Chuck D. Pierce & Rebecca Wagner Sytsema

Prophetic words early in the millennium are updated in historical context of what has come to pass. The Lord is still calling His people to advance God's kingdom, using worship, prayer, and spiritual warfare...

The Beginner's Guide to Intercessory Prayer

by Dutch Sheets

Discover the 13 "P's" of intercession and make intercessory prayer a part of your life by learning to pray effectively, by learning to pray alone and in groups, and by persisting in prayer.

The Beginner's Guide to Fasting

by Elmer L. Towns

Elmer Towns lays out an overview of fasting from the Old and New Testaments as he answers questions about fasting related to physical health, social interaction, and spiritual warfare.

Overwhelmed by God and Not Your Troubles

by Steve Mays & Josh McDowell

With gentleness and infectious joy, Steve Mays guides readers to shift their perspective away from the very real troubles they face and fill their gaze with the overwhelming presence of a loving Lord.

God's Timing for Your Life

by Dutch Sheets

A clear study of God's appointed times and seasons, examining Scripture to show how kairos (strategic) times and chronos (general) times are different phases of the same process, used by God to deepen our understanding...

Just Us: Finding Intimacy With God and With Each Other

by David Stoop & Jan Stoop

In just a few minutes each day, couples focus on God's view of marriage, how God blesses marriage, how to grow in love and intimacy, faithfulness, improving communication, resolving conflicts, the roles of husband...

You Are a Prize to be Won: Don't Settle for Less Than God's Best

by Wendy Griffith

In her warm, storytelling style, a CBN news anchor shares the heartbreaking experiences that have helped her define real love. You will learn--as she did--to guard your heart, avoid counterfeits, and enjoy being...

True Devotion

by Marta Perry

What kind of man turned away a pregnant woman? Susannah Laine could tell that Nathan Sloane had demons to wrestle with, but so did she. She'd come to Lakemont to find out what her late husband had been doing...

Freedom of the Will

by Jonathan Edwards

What does it really mean to be possessed of free will? Why is this issue one of the most prominent points of divergence between the various Christian sects and traditions? In Freedom of the Will, leading thinker...

Measure of a Woman, The: What Really Makes A Woman Beautiful

by Gene A. Getz & Elaine A Getz

Women are measured by many standards, but only one matters--God's standard. This freeing book allows women to understand and embrace the life-changing transformation that can happen when they truly live in accordance...

The Measure of a Man

by Gene A. Getz & John Maxwell

Newly revised and updated for a new generation of men, this classic shows men how to live according to God's direction--faithfully, lovingly, and spiritually--offering twenty biblical guidelines, with life applications...

Why Believe the Bible?

by John MacArthur

With so many competing truth claims out there, esteemed Bible teacher John MacArthur asks--and definitively answers--the question Why believe the Bible?

9 to 5 Window, The: How Faith Can Transform the Workplace

by Os Hillman

Discover the incredible changes that can take place when we go from a view of work as a means of paying the bills to a means of freeing people from bondage and giving those around us (and ourselves) purpose...

Faith and the Modern Family: How to Raise a Healthy Family in a "Modern Family" World

by Craig Jutila

Craig Jutila helps today's parents create balance and togetherness within their busy households, providing practical steps for setting a healthy life pace for the modern family.

The Covenant Marriage

by Focus on the Family

Discover how marriage mirrors God's commitment to His people, and how to model your marriage after the ultimate example of a covenant relationship. Part of Focus on the Family's top-selling The Family Project...

Deep Trouble: A Kim Claypoole Mystery

by Jean Erhardt

The Fourth of July isn't going at all as Kim Claypoole expected. It starts with a bang, including a run-in with a dead body, and ends with her juvenile delinquent nephew, Little Bucky, disappearing from her...

Faulkner and Mystery

by Annette Trefzer & Ann J. Abadie

Faulkner and Mystery presents a wide spectrum of compelling arguments about the role and function of mystery in William Faulkner's fiction. Twelve new essays approach the question of what can be known and what...