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L'Enfant à la bouche de silence

by Annick Loupias & Patrick Bizier

Kristopher meets a funny character who claims he's Santa Claus. Even though he's unsure, will Kristopher be able to trust him and enjoy Christmas?

Une Souris verte et autres délires

by Martin Poulin & Patrick Bizier

The Eiffel Tower has vanished, and Lord Butterscotch, a very special secret agent, sets out to find it.

Thomas Passe-Mondes, Tome 4

by Tomy Pageau & Guillaumme Maccabée

A boy finds his family's gone all weird when his dad decides to lose weight and his little brother begins enjoying the vegetables his mom cooks.

Miss Catastrophe

by Claire St-Onge & Julie Bruneau

Yan and Fanny live in the little town of Shush!, a very secret place. So secret that nobody knows it exists, apart from its inhabitants, of course! Yan and Fanny are looking for Anatolius, the ghost referee...

Marco says No!

by Stéphanie Bourassa & Denis Banville

Marco the little alien says no to whatever you suggest. What will make him less of a grouch?

Les Trois rives du fleuve

by Andrée Thibeault & Eddy Tardif

Bea is a lamb who hates her curly hair. But thanks to her friend Penny, she learns to accept the way she looks.

Thomas Passe-Mondes, Tome 5

by Tomy Pageau & Émilie Goulet

A young boy watches Jo, a child with an intellectual handicap, and realizes he has outstanding qualities.

Cleo's Five Silly Things

by Claire St-Onge & Julie Bruneau

Five-year-old Cleo did 5 silly things today. What did she do to say sorry?

My name is Editio

by Paul-Émile Gagnon & Pierre Berthiaume

Editio comes from a tiny planet called Uto. He's able to travel through screens, and understands all languages. A trip to planet Earth will make him very happy.

Grand-Mère Tout Doucement

by Diane Pageau & Jean-Luc Trudel

The nicest Christmas memories are of the family: big brothers and sisters coming home, the smells of pies, fritters and turkey, decorating the tree, piano music and Mom's shining eyes.

Les Enfants de Titaniah

by Andrée Thibeault & Pierre Berthiaume

Romeo's a frightened little dog who loves his mistress more than anyone. When she's not around, that's when the trouble starts. How can Romeo get over his fears?

A Sad Wolf

by Marika Fontaine & Denis Banville

It's not easy being a wolf in Fairytale Land. Everyone's afraid of him.

Le Jour où j'ai rencontré un ange

by Annick Loupias & François Thisdale

John is taken by his father to be raised by Count Fébus to learn to become a good page and a loyal squire.

Thomas Passe-Mondes, Tomes 1 et 2 : Edition spéciale

by Martin Poulin & Patrick Bizier

Lord Butterscotch, secret agent, has a mission: to arrest Ralph the radish before he turns the river Thames into vegetable soup.

Oufti et le roi Houtsiplou

by Claire St-Onge & Pierre Berthiaume

Matthew is 7, and now 7 friends each give him a nice birthday present.

La Loi des pyramides

by Paul-Émile Gagnon & Pierre Berthiaume

Editio succeeds in motivating Santa's elves by telling wonderful stories and reviving the magic of Christmas.

Mémoires d'un ours en peluche

by Claire St-Onge & Pierre Berthiaume

Matthew is 7, and has had 7 nightmares this week. He wants to tell you them.

Theo Has a Heavy Heart

by Stéphanie Bourassa & Maxim Cyr

Theo feels sad and lonely since his little sister Yvonne was born. But Mom and Dad have the situation under control and soon he's smiling again.

Cleo's Five Booboos

by Claire St-Onge & Julie Bruneau

Five-year-old Cleo has 5 booboos.

Thomas Passe-Mondes, Tome 6

by Tomy Pageau & Frédérick Bizier

A bratty princess gets a very strange birthday cake.