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Single with Children

by Arlene James

Every time Adam Fortune gazed at his children, he knew they desperately needed motherly love. So he hired pretty Laura Beaumont as their live-in nanny and thought his prayers were answered. But Adam soon sensed...

Shotgun Vows

by Teresa Southwick


She'd never been desirable, but Matilda Fortune's secret longing for brilliant businessman Dawson Prescott was about to change all that. Her transformation from mousy wallflower to tempting beauty left...

The Sheik and I

by Linda Winstead Jones

He's a sexy sheik willing to risk his own life by visiting Silverton and negotiating peace with our country... though some suspect he had a hand in the prince's murder. She's a beautiful diplomatic aide unwilling...

She's Having My Baby!

by Raye Morgan

It's true—I'm pregnant! I've kept it quiet because I wasn't sure how you'd react to my visiting a sperm bank. You know all the gossip about our boss Kane's behavior the past few months? Well, it turns out...

Secret Ingredient: Love

by Teresa Southwick


1 Alex Marchetti--die-hard bachelor

1 Fran Carlino--marriage-shy beauty

1 simmering attraction

2 matchmaking families


1 secret ingredient: love

Combine passionate, hotheaded chef Fran...

Secret Admirer

by Ann Major, Christine Rimmer & Karen Rose Smith


While Red Rock, Texas—beloved hometown of the celebrated Fortune family—prepares for its annual Spring Fling dance, three compelling couples discover the joy and passion of...

Searching for Her Prince

by Karen Rose Smith

Sent to America in search of multimillionaire Marcus Cordello, possible heir to the throne of Penwyck, Lady Amira Sierra Corbin found herself entranced by dashing Brent Carpenter. But unbeknownst to her, Brent...

Rules of Engagement

by Carla Cassidy

FROM THE DESK OF EMILY WINTERSBachelor #5: Nate Leeman Title: Senior VP of Technology This month's scheme: Hire his old flame—the only woman who can drive this exec crazy. Lone wolf Nate Leeman must have...

Royal Betrayal

by Nina Bruhns

She was the king's private physician. Until the explosion tore through the royal palace, leaving Zara Smith with disturbing visions and no memory. A risky place to be in a sovereignty rife with intrigue and...

Rough Around the Edges

by Marie Ferrarella

Stranded and about to go into labor, Kitt Dawson had to depend on her wits--and Shawn O'Rourke. The gorgeous man delivered her baby with the same gentleness he bestowed on gun-shy Kitt. Then he popped the question!...

Rich Man, Poor Bride

by Linda Goodnight

Dearest Godmother,

I've almost perfected playing matchmaker, but for my next headstrong couple I need your advice!

A rich, sexy Latino doctor sounds like every woman's dream, right? Well, not for the Jane-of-all-trades...

Rescue at Cradle Lake

by Marion Lennox

Top surgeon Fergus Reynard abandoned city life in Sydney for a GP's life at Cradle Lake, hoping to soothe his broken heart. And indeed it is soothed—by the laughter, dedication and caring nature of local emergency...

The Rebel's Return

by Beverly Barton

Bride of the Outback

Rough, handsome cattle-station owner Steve Kinane needs a temporary housekeeper-and Chattie Winslow is perfect for the job.

Chattie and Steve try hard to resist the intense sexual chemistry...

The Rebel King

by Kathleen Creighton

Paris is the perfect haven for a runaway prince. Until a black-garbed figure trailing a tantalizing perfume steals into Nikolas Donovan's hotel room. And something about his sensual assailant is hauntingly familiar…....

The Raven's Assignment

by Kasey Michaels

Special Agent Jesse Colton had a strong instinct to say no to sweet, vulnerable Samantha Cosgrove. Not because he doubted her shocking claim—that her boss was sharing government secrets—but because the innocently...

Raffling Ryan

by Kasey Michaels


I, the undersigned, agree that Ryan Chandler is to be mine for only one (1) day. According to auction rules, Ryan can expect to:

1. Provide tall handyman services.

2. Become...

The Quiet Seduction

by Dixie Browning

To Ellen Wagner, Spence Harrison was a hero. He'd rescued her son from a tornado--and lost his own memory in the process. He could not remember who he was or how he got to the beautiful widow's ranch. But amnesia...

Protecting Peggy

by Maggie Price

When FBI special agent Rory Sinclair saw the woman who ran the guest house where he was staying, she wasn't the apron-clad lady with graying hair tucked in a prim bun he'd envisioned. Not even close. Peggy Honeywell...

Promoted--To Wife!

by Raye Morgan

Promoted--To Wife! by Raye Morgan released on Sep 28, 2010 is available now for purchase.

Promised to a Sheik

by Carla Cassidy

LSCC Member: Powerful, suave Sheik Omar Al Abdar

SOCIAL STATUS: Has his eye on a particular woman on this side of the Atlantic

METHOD OF SEDUCTION: Sheik Omar has any number of women at his disposal...ones who'd...