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Creature of the Unknown

by John Michael Patrick

Synopsis: In the summer of 1973, a small town in Northern California experiences horrific and unimaginable killings. Who or what is the cause of the crime spree? ---- Chief Joe Brooks, police chief of the town...


by Anita E. Viljoen

Sir Robert McKay's coven of vampires is known in British Columbia as benevolent and placid. Instead of hunting humans for blood, like many other vampires, they believe in having humans voluntarily donate their...


by Kevin Hiner

Eclipse is a beautiful young woman living in an old world. Her father is the protector of the land, keeping the people safe from Mandarin and Likman, the creatures who today are called vampires and werewolves....


by Ac Martinez-Fortun

In the fall of 1968, a man and a boy each take a separate flight to Madrid, Spain. The boy is an exile from Cuba; the man is a wealthy uncle from Newark sent to meet and care for the boy. A few days later, the...

The Ups and Downs in Life

by Anna Roberts

Just like a roller coaster, life has many ups and downs. The Ups and Downs in Life shows that as we travel through the journey of life reaching for our tomorrows, we must realize that life is short. Whether...

The Two Martini Diet

by Jerry Sorlucco

Following arthroscopic surgery on his right knee, Jerry Sorlucco faced a choice: Lose weight, or face artificial knee replacements. His surgeon laid it on the line; to avoid the knife he would have to lose a...

Stone's Throw

by Faith Rehyer Jackson

Abigail Sloane is a well-known designer who is catapulted into an ugly divorce when her troubled daughter, Liddy, reveals her father's infatuation for a younger copycat of Abby. Short of any original talent,...

Marine Ices

by Tony Garnett

Synopsis: The year is 1984 and eighteen year old Havana leaves the sunny beaches of California to fly alone to a cold and depressed London. She was born there but knows no one.----- Her mission is to discover...

The Rainbow Reader Vol. 1 (Aa-Mm): A Research Based Intervention Program

by Diane-Elizabeth Napier Ed. S.

Synopsis: The Rainbow Readers are a series of research-based books presented in chapter form to help children learn to read. It is endorsed by teachers of students in general education and also teachers of students...

The Reality Of Being : Understanding The Spiritual Universe

by Michael Sidney Welch

Synopsis: This philosophical work presents a unified theory of creation and evolution, comparing the creation accounts of the Bible with the determinations of modern physical theory. Pinpointing the negative...

The Case of The Missing Notebook : Featuring The Crew

by Shirley A. Vine

Synopsis: The worst thing in the world has happened to ten-year-old Rachel-her diary has gone missing! Who could have taken it and why? She must find it before her innermost feelings are revealed to the world,...


by Christine Ezekie-White

Synopsis: I THINK SO is a revolutionary self-help book which takes positive thinking into a new dimension. This book explains what the universal laws of positive thinking are, what they mean, and then teaches...

Lizard Tales: Lizzie Walks On the Wild Side

by Rosemary Smith

Synopsis: It's springtime in Louisiana and all the lizards are coming out to play! Sunshine and fun is what Lizzie Lizard wants and she is determined to find it no matter how far she has to go. ---- Little Lizzie...

Break Through and Break Free!: How to Use Bible Meditation to Turn Head Knowledge into Revelation Knowledge and Receive What You Believe For

by Vicki Heymann

Synopsis: Jesus died on the cross of Calvary to give us the ability to overcome adversity and be victorious in every circumstance that life throws at us. Many Christians have no idea how to apply the Bible to...

The Adventures of Ryan and His Magic Carrot

by Ted Peachey

Synopsis: Ryan and Frank are two rambunctious, fun-loving eight-year-old boys. The two love to go on adventures and are forever making up stories where they are whisked off to faraway places. If they're not...

Full Circle Six Book: Book one of the Lost Dimension Chronicle

by Edward T Anthony

Synopsis: Meet Drake Judge, the famous space racer, captain of the number thirteen racecraft.---- Determined to win the deadly Full Circle Six race, Drake and his team embark on a journey with potentially wide-reaching...

Reservations for One in Hell

by Diane Hunt Stockmar

Synopsis: Set in both Vail, Colorado, and Beverly Hills, California, Reservations for One in Hell details a climactic high school reunion for the class of 1965.---- In the novel, author Beau Donahue sweeps two...

Rebekka's Children

by Frank H. Marsh

Synopsis: Brothers Esau and Jacob witness their mother perish, Esau in horror, Jacob with joy. After following their separate paths of destiny, they meet again by chance thirty-five years later. ---- The attack...

Georgia Is On My Mind

by Gary Lunsford

Synopsis: When the Leeds brothers began experiencing mysterious occurrences as children, they had no idea that this was the beginning of a lifetime of strange happenings. Georgia, the boys' grandmother, passed...

The Adventures of Meek and the Island of Jewel

by Anthony R. Pitko & Eric Denmark

Synopsis: Meek is a colorful bird with a jeweled beak, bright feathers, and dreams of places and adventures that lie beyond his island. He keeps trying to fly off, but is never strong enough. When a storm's...