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Judges and Generals in Pakistan Volume III

by Inam Sehri

This book is the third volume of 'Judges & Generals in Pakistan' by Inam R Sehri which mainly covers period from 2008-10 of contemporary history of that country. The book is a record of critical evaluation on...

Not Flag or Fail

by D.E. Kirk

Belgium May 1940. German forces invade the Low Countries; untried units of the British Expeditionary Force are poised to repel the German advance. Bombardier Alan Hibbert and his gun crew see action for the...

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

by Frank Rafters

“Standing on the Shoulders of Giants” is the first book from Frank Rafters. In it, the author chooses his greatest ever Celtic team (1888-1960) and, in doing so, tells of some of the greatest figures in the...

How to Give the Ultimate Sales Presentation - The Essential Guide to Selling Your Products, Services and Skills

by Peter Kleyn & Josette Lesser

Discover the most effective way of giving a professional presentation and making a sale at the same time. Aimed at anyone selling products, services or skills, this book provides invaluable tips and techniques...

The Beast of Bracksley Woods

by Doreen Hayward

Recently widowed and still trying to get over her loss she goes to live in the country to try and build a new life for herself.  She would really like to start her own business but finding herself short of...

Last Train to Gloryhole

by Keith Price

Everyone had heard of Carla Steel, the local born singer-songwriter who had achieved world-wide acclaim, but I had no idea that it was her aged father, called Tom, who had moved back to live in my home town...

Fifty Shades of Black 'n' Blue - Further revelations of an ingrained Police culture of cover-ups and dishonesty

by Stephen Hayes

A sensational second book in The Biggest Gang trilogy from detective turned author Stephen Hayes. Fifty Shades Of Black 'N' Blue will not disappoint - the beatings go on, the culture of police corruption is...

Guinea A Minute

by Godfrey Bloom

Supposedly controversial politician Godfrey Bloom has created an autobiography in a whimsical style with some homespun and sometimes trenchant views. It will come as no surprise that it is not politically correct....

One Hundred and Fifty Shards of Light

by Michael Levitton

This book of articles written for a Parish Magazine does many things. It makes you think about the Christian faith. It shows you characters from the Bible in a new way. It brings the Bible to life. It introduces...

Australia Bound

by John Risto

Australia Bound is set in the picturesque city of Perth in Western Australia, and follows the experiences of a group of British migrants in their quest to build new lives for themselves and their families Down...

At the Drop of a Hat

by Susan Lacey

Susan Lacey, A Chilterns Poet, debuts in this, her first ever book featuring a wide selection of her poetry used when performing, as well as a more varied selection from her repertoire. Susan has become synonymous...

The Godson's Legacy

by Paul Gait

Andy Spider continues to be the glue that cements the three Godsons together as they all expectantly await the release of their legacy from Geoffery Foster’s will. But surely even this pillar of society will...

My God Is Amazing

by Doreen Davidson

“My God is Amazing” is the true story of a woman who searched for God and at the age of 39 found Him. When she heard how He gave His Son Jesus, to die on a cross for her she was so touched that she gave her...

The Little Blue Gnome

by Kevin Perkins

This fictional story opens on the High Seas in the Far East and Kit and his little sister Imojen are subjugated to a violent storm with their Mum and Dad, deliberately sent by the Devil to drown the family but...

Judges and Generals in Pakistan Volume II

by Inam Sehri

Judges & Generals In Pakistan: Vol-II by Inam R Sehri is another book comprising of his articles [in continuity with Vol-I]; mostly covering the historical scenarios of Gen Musharraf’s military regime from...

A Divided Life

by Mohammed Khan

This account of my autobiography and cultural memoirs with history/is utterly unique. It progresses through my early life. Narrative includes many irresistible and glistening stories to arouse one’s feeling....

Selection of Poems - Christian and Non-Christian

by Elaine Day

A selection of Elaine Day’s general poems over the years. This is a wide selection of poems that have been collected and placed into a single book. About the Author Elaine Day was born in North London. Her...

Cowbells Down the Zambezi

by David Lemon

Mistaken for Jesus, shunned as a Satanist, identified as the spirit of a long dead explorer and repeatedly asked to run for the presidency of Zambia, David Lemon walked eighteen hundred kilometres along the...

Evacuee Lottery

by Kathy McKay

This story is about children in a world war who are sent away from homes likely to be in danger areas. Probably the first time they had been away from parents, and life that they knew. Exciting, frightening,...

Billy Nomates - Or What He Really Said

by Godfrey Bloom

Mr Bloom has had a long and varied career encompassing Financial Services, the Army and Politics. He is one of the few members of the European Parliament anyone has ever heard of, with his speeches receiving...