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Thank You

by Liggy Webb

Would you like to be happier, healthier, more positive and motivated in life? Research has indicated that people who practise gratitude on a daily basis are capable of being 25% happier. From the author of The...

The John Reddisson Saga - My Later Years

by Freddy Johnson

Following on from ‘My Early Life’, we observe John Reddisson from thirty-five to eighty (1968-2013). Initially, he spends three memorable years as the British Liaison Officer to a Soviet Military Mission...

Higher Fees

by Brian Alford

Higher Fees is the second collection of humorous tales from Barndem Golf Club. Henry, Vic, Bob and Bill are still getting into trouble despite their best efforts and the club continues its perennial battle to...

Of Winter's Cost

by Geoff Akers

Sam wants to follow the path ordained by his father and his fellow Jewish settlers living on the dangerous West Bank, but is haunted by his grandfather’s tales from the Holocaust and disturbed by the vicious...

Maria's Code

by Cynthia Engelmann

An unpublished manuscript about a secret prison camp called Poggenberg took the author to Poland. Was it fact or fiction? Norman Davies suggested that the Zachodni Institute in Poznan might know. Maria Weychan...

Zero - Eddie Zero's Debut Novel

by Francis Young

Eddie Zero is not your usual hero. He is a successful professional drummer from the 90's whose four interests in life are blondes, mozart, marijuana and cricket. This, his first novel, takes us from Barbados...

The Devil Came To Abbeville

by Marian Phair

Stabbed, and covered in blood, a young woman dies in the arms of Father O'Connor. Then, Sally Ferguson and her playmate, Liam Findley, go missing. When Liam's body is discovered on farmland, the police go looking...

If You See A Rainbow - Miracles, Signs, Science and Nature

by W. Graham Monteith

This book is the last of three on the miracles of Jesus and concentrates on the nature miracles. It’s purpose is to place them in the context of our demand for signs and our scepticism about science and our...

The Giant, the Antman and The Mermaid

by Joe Thomson-Swift

Read how a magician becomes a giant to help a tiny antman hiding in a matchbox. Learn how he casts a magic spell upon himself to grow tall but then forgets to read the second verse to return to his normal size...

From Flying Carpets to Flying Saucers

by Margaret Granger

‘As if by magic'; a term used when we do not understand things, science is now explaining these ‘mysteries’. Frankincense given to the biblical baby Jesus, more precious than gold at that time, was called...

Return Journey

by David Brown

A middle-aged couple fantasise about walking the length of Britain upon retirement, safe enough as retirement is a quarter of a century away. Then illness strikes, early retirement, a promise to be fulfilled....

Guinea A Minute

by Godfrey Bloom

Supposedly controversial politician Godfrey Bloom has created an autobiography in a whimsical style with some homespun and sometimes trenchant views. It will come as no surprise that it is not politically correct....


by Kenneth McKenney

Driven ashore by hunger, a female giant squid brings terror to a remote Scottish fishing village. Back in the sea she meets Jamie, a young diver enthralled by the water, who sparks a primal reaction. But does...

The Tuxador

by Kevin John Perkins

The sequel is here showing relationships under stress and pressure, friendship tested to the limit, magic, murder and intrigue, romance and love, and courage starring the Special Companions. The Sorcerer is...

Not Flag or Fail

by D.E. Kirk

Belgium May 1940. German forces invade the Low Countries; untried units of the British Expeditionary Force are poised to repel the German advance. Bombardier Alan Hibbert and his gun crew see action for the...

A Special Duty

by Jennifer Elkin

This is the true story of a young RAF pilot, his crew, a Halifax bomber and their attempts to carry agents and supplies, from bases in Libya and Italy, deep into Europe, the Balkans and Poland during the Second...


by John Cole

This little book describes the lives of three twentieth century women, a first generation immigrant thrust into the disruption of World War, a product of the ‘swinging sixties’, and a modern girl born and...

Angel on my Shoulder

by Carl Leckey

Book Two of The Angel Trilogy.

The armistice is successful. Adam takes his first leave since joining up. Whilst wandering around the docks he spots his old comrade Sandy being shipped home with other wounded...

One Hundred and Fifty Shards of Light

by Michael Levitton

This book of articles written for a Parish Magazine does many things. It makes you think about the Christian faith. It shows you characters from the Bible in a new way. It brings the Bible to life. It introduces...

Toby Tallis and the Castle of Many Lands

by John Burnell

As far as 12-year-old Toby Tallis is concerned, spells, magic and witches are definitely, definitely not his thing. So when his autistic sister, Shaz, persuades him to help investigate an ‘enchanted’ castle...