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Simple Southend Sonnets And Some

by Joanie West

Simple Southend Sonnets And Some is a back seat view of life put to rhyme in an off the wall way. Or if one is "€œposh"€ anthology of modern observations,simply life.Lighthearted, Humorous,Ironic. And Dark.(some...

Statins Toxic Side Effects: Evidence from 500 scientific papers

by David Evans

This book uses evidence from 500 scientific papers that show, incontrovertibly, that statins not only do not improve health but cause actual harm and should be avoided. "€¢ The disturbing effects of statins...

Some Very Short Stories

by Kurt Stern

It is the author"€™s intention to keep these "€œVery Short Stories"€ as brief as possible so as not to bore the reader, rewarding him with a surprise and a twist in each one. All the events described...

Razor Smile - Comic Verse and Humerus Prose

by Alan Joynson

Razor Smile - A light hearted collection of poems, prose, jokes, song parodies and risqué comedy intended to cater for all ages in large, easy to read, print. Learn how the Hippo is a pretty bird and the fate...

Fourth Wall Syndrome

by Martin Gunn

Renowned psychoanalyst Doctor Barnabus Middlebrook has called a high powered clandestine meeting to discuss a patient of St. Claire's psychiatric hospital. The person in question is Alice Denham, a young woman...

Unexploded Love

by Paul Gait

A love triangle is already an explosive situation without the added complication of an unexploded bomb. But the Luftwaffe's 1944 legacy of a large bomb exposes a burgeoning romance and throws together the three...

Infinite Awakening - A Miraculous Journey for the Advanced Soul

by Jason Chan & Jane Rogers

Infinite Awakening explores how modern spiritual seekers can follow a genuine awakening spiritual path, whilst at the same time fulfilling their most treasured worldly dreams. This book demonstrates just how...

Prophetic Bible Study - Volume 3

by Andrew Ladipo

Prophetic Bible Study (Volume 3) is a devotional guide for a weekly Bible Study for a church, an individual or a group of Christians for one year. This Book can also be used as a daily devotion within the week...

Release of the Captured River

by Keith Price

Josh had no idea that his famous uncle Danny had suddenly returned home from California. How could he? He was teaching at a private school in England, having got as far away as possible from the scene of his...

History, Politics and Dreams

by Yannis Andricopoulos

This is a personal journey through history and politics on the back of the narrator"€™s own experiences in the two countries he has come to love most: Greece and England. The impact of momentous events over...

Sliding Down the Razor Blade of Life: The Autobiography of Geoff Daniels

by Geoffrey Daniels

Geoff Daniels, writes of the details of his many and varied times whilst teaching for over 30 years.Also of Hhs travels abroad as far as Alaska, and of his two wayward marriages. He ran a theatre school for...

Route 66 Cycle Challenge, Kevee's Story

by Kevin Lynch

Kevin Lynch or Kevee as he is affectionately known was part of the "€œRoute 66 Cycle Challenge"€ team that attempted to ride the mother road in seven days. It's a heart wrenching tale of eight riders and...

The Gaffer

by Navdeep Rehill

Navdeep Rehill felt it was about time that football managers were given the credit they deserve. The Gaffer looks at how Sir Alf Ramsey tactically outwitted opposing managers in the 1966 World Cup, how Sir Alex...

Book of Cringe - A Collection of Reasonably Clean but Silly Schoolboy Jokes

by Julian Walker

Around 2,000 jokes, puns and poems of cringe-worthy silliness “ and one piece of advice: ¢ If at first you don™t succeed forget skydiving. Dad jokes at their very worst - dive in, cringe and, above all, be...

Judges & Generals in Pakistan Volume IV

by Inam Sehri

Judges & Generals in Pakistan Vol - IV' by Inam R Sehri is another collection of essays and articles, mostly published on internet media, which reflects the political, judicial, and militarily strategic scenarios...

Between Two Mirrors

by Michael J. Cole

We accompany Joel on his brave and harrowing journey of self-discovery. We follow him as he faces his demons and sits between two mirrors creating both another world and another dimension to his psyche where...

In the Company of Jackdaws

by Tony Jackson

The second book to feature DS Bene Douglas of the Levensbridge Police Force. In 1944 an astonishing secret is discovered by German soldiers in Northern France. The secret is never revealed and goes with them...

Iniquitous Lives

by Richard Gardner

Sequel to 'Righteous Release', 'Iniquitous Lives' picks up on the life of David Chambers eight years on. He is now a history teacher in a secondary school, but still haunted by his strict religious upbringing....

Joshy Finds His Voice - A Story About Speech and Silence

by Cynthia Pelman

Joshy starts school at age four, unable to express his thoughts or feelings, or even to understand what his teacher is saying. He has Specific Language Impairment. He sounds more like a two-year-old than a four-year-old....

Honour of the Line

by Brian Darley

Bob and I met up and walked with trepidation to the pub. Bob had his spirit level over his shoulder. I had nothing on my shoulders, except the weight of the world. This is a story of an abandoned child's infant...