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Totem Animals: A Lecture -Why Native Americans Believe Animals Have the Medicine Powers They Do

by Dennis Vieira

Why is there a belief in Native American, Animal Medicine Power? The answer is both simple and complex, and this book attempts to answer and examine this question. 23 pages, 4 chapters, 33 wildlife photos, and...

Out on the Streets - Edition #5

by Peter Oreckinto, J.R. Smalling & Rick Munroe

In this Edition Moose talks about his chores while gearing up to hit the road in New York City, 1973. J.R. Discusses the KREW's responsibilities and gives a blow-by-blow description of a typical day on the road....

Dreaming in Darkness

by Rachyl DeWitt

Dreaming In Darkness is a collection of darker and lighter poetic works during the times of Depression and Transgender feelings.

Promises of Pineford

by Britt LeBoeuf

When you have found the love of your life, you believe that you will always be happy and that they will always be there for you. For Hadley Meade, she thought she had found such love in her childhood sweetheart...

Between Here and April

by Deborah Kogan

When a deep-rooted memory suddenly surfaces, Elizabeth Burns becomes obsessed with the long-ago disappearance of her childhood friend April Cassidy. Driven to investigate, Elizabeth discovers a thirty-five-year-old...

An Inspirational Prayer

by Yolandie Mostert

An inspiration prayer to praise GOD, a prayer that acknowledge GOD to be the almighty and creating all the beauty

Island Secrets

by NM Rheneas & TB Van North

KC Shaw leaves her life in New York City to start over on the beautiful Vacation island of Nantucket. Ever the recluse, she mostly keeps to herself while out and about and tries to work on her next book in the...

Signs & Wonders

by Joe Spikes

When a small group of teenagers set out on a mission trip to deliver water to a hurricane shelter, they soon realize that what God calls you to do, He equips you to do. They will discover that miracles still...

A Fresh Start: Book 6

by Rollie Lawson

The third segment of the Carl Buckman saga - Carl has survived his previous challenges. Now he has moved to a different, alien, environment and old enemies join with new ones to bring him down. Can he overcome...

A Fresh Start: Books 4-5

by Rollie Lawson

The next chapter in the Carl Buckman saga - Carl has managed to obtain the one thing he desired above all else, but has made commitments and enemies along the way. Now those commitments and enemies will put...

The New Picasso: The Complete Book and Lyrics of the Broadway Concept Musical (a Romantic Musical Thriller)

by Jonathan David Sloate

The New Picasso (imagine Great Expectations & Titanic meet Moulin Rouge! & The Great Gatsby) and The Tower of Babel from award-winning writer Jonathan David Sloate, composer for the Mortal Kombat franchise,...

A Fresh Start: Books 1-3

by Rollie Lawson

Carl Buckman is at the end of a boring life, unhappily contemplating what had been and what might have been. Suddenly, Aladdin's Lamp transports him back to 1968, to the teenager he had been then. How will he...

How to Have a Lasting Friendship

by Yolandie Mostert

How to have a lasting friendship. Good advice on what to do to have a lasting friendship

Heart in the Right Place

by Carolyn Jourdan

Carolyn Jourdan, an attorney on Capitol Hill, thought she had it made. But when her mother has a heart attack, she returns home—to the Tennessee mountains, where her father is a country doctor and her mother...

Storm Is an Action Verb

by E.A. Kelly

A fool knows the price of everything and the value of nothing is the theme between Waverly Abbott and Storm Lancaster. The intelligent high school expellees serendipitously meet at a garage sale when Storm's...


by Alise Linder

A collection of futuristic science fiction stories set around the spectrum of human choices. Live or die. Run or fight. Sacrifice yourself or someone else. What would you choose? Would you clone yourself to...

Nietzsche's Bitch

by Michael J Halloran

Out of the depths of their own traumatic experience, two nasty and contemptuous men find redemption through each other. Nietzsche's Bitch is a contemporary and profound story about the downfall of Sam and Moses...

Other, Please Specify: Notes from an Off-White American

by Paul Hawkins

With tact, enthusiasm and humor, Paul Hawkins invites you into his intimate revolution-a romance, an unexpected pregnancy, the beginning of a family-a multiracial family. We follow the storyteller's easy tone...


by MIRACLE Peter Harris

This book gives hope to couples who are in a difficult relationship and need strength and guidance. When a religious man learns that his wife had an affair, he becomes convinced by strange occurrences that the...

Quick Guide: Everyday Use

by College Guide World

The story is set in the late 1960s. It was the time of great change, particularly for the Black America. They were entering in a new era for themselves through the Civil Rights Movement. The old life of slavery...