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Couch Tales: Short Stories

by Roger Kennedy

A psychoanalyst sits in his consulting room waiting for the next patient. Thoughts, feelings and anxieties about his own current life begin to assault him. Partly as a way of dealing with the crisis in his own...

Melanie Klein and Beyond: A Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources

by Harry Karnac

'Did Melanie Klein ever think that 50 years after her death her ideas would be spreading world-wide in such a fruitful and productive way? In one sense she would be surprised, but in another, I think she might...

Live a Little!

by Susan M. Md Love, Alice D., Ph.D. Domar & Leigh Ann Hirschman

Later to bed, munching some fries, makes a girl pretty healthy and wise. . . .

Yes, it’s true—more or less. Why? Women do need to eat healthier, exercise, get adequate sleep, and take preventive health care...

Childhood, Well-Being and a Therapeutic Ethos

by Richard House & Del Loewenthal

A key theme of this book is that we urgently need a therapeutic ethos in order to bring both educational and therapeutic sensibilities to bear on the issue of children's wellbeing, if truly effective and appropriate...

Supervisor Training: Issues and Approaches: Guide to Supervision

by Penny Henderson

Considering how much experience there now is in providing supervisor training in the UK, relatively little has been written about it. This book aims to create a lively and readable resource that will be informative...

Lost in the Tallgrass

by Clyde Witt

"Rusty decided to leave after supper, under the cover of darkness when cool evening air would make travel less of a hardship and more of an adventure ..." So begins fourteen-year-old Russell Starke's tale of...

A Matter of Life and Death: Understanding True and False Conversion

by Kent A Philpott & Katie LC Philpott

Kent Philpott writes about the difference between true and false conversion. Originally published by Evangelical Press, UK, in 1998, this third edition has been updated to answer questions and challenges from...

Flights of Imagination: Aviation, Landscape, Design

by Sonja Dümpelmann

In much the same way that views of the earth from the Apollo missions in the late 1960s and early 1970s led indirectly to the inauguration of Earth Day and the modern environmental movement, the dawn of aviation...

California Bar Review Outlines Book 1

by Celebration Bar Review LLC

2015 edition. Substantive outlines for preparation for the California Bar Exam. Subjects covered include: FEDERAL JURISDICTION & CIVIL PROCEDURE CALIFORNIA CIVIL PROCEDURE COMMUNITY PROPERTY BUSINESS ASSOCIATIONS...

Florida Bar Review Multiple Choice Questions Book

by Celebration Bar Review LLC

Over 300 Multiple Choice Questions and Answer explanations for the Multiple Choice Question Subjects tested on the Florida Bar Exam. Includes Simulated Exam and Answer Explanations. 2015 Edition

Florida Bar Review Essay Questions Book

by Celebration Bar Review LLC

2015 Edition. Hundreds of Classic and Current Essay Questions and Sample Answers for essay subjects tested on the Florida Bar Exam. Contains essays and answers for all testable subjects plus 3 full practice...

Florida Bar Review Subject Outlines Book 2

by Celebration Bar Review LLC

2015 Edition. Comprehensive Subject Outlines for the Florida Bar Exam. Topics include: Florida Domestic Relations, Florida Business Entities (Partnerships, Corporations, LLCs), UCC Article 3 (Negotiable Instruments),...

A Different Wisdom: Reflections on Supervision Practice: Guide to Supervision

by Penny Henderson

Britain has a fine tradition of writing about supervision practice. This book connects to this by organising reflection around the practice taken from the author's sixteen years experience as a practitioner....

Florida Bar Review Subject Outlines Book 1

by Celebration Bar Review LLC

Comprehensive Subject outlines for the Florida Bar Exam. Topics include: Florida Civil Procedure, Florida Criminal Procedure, Differences between Florida and Multistate in Criminal Law. 2015 Edition

California Bar Review Outlines Book 2

by Celebration Bar Review LLC

Substantive outlines for preparation of the California Bar Exam. Outlines for the following subjects are included: PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY REMEDIES TRUSTS WILLS CALIFORNIA EVIDENCE. 2015 Edition.

Life and Art: The Creative Synthesis in Literature

by James Hamilton

In this volume an inquiry into the nature of the creative process is attempted by paying close attention to the lives of various artists, poets, novelists and playwrights, and selected works of each in order...

Theory and Practice in Child Psychoanalysis: An Introduction to the Work of Francoise Dolto

by Guy Hall, Francoise Hivernel & Sian Morgan

During her lifetime Francoise Dolto revolutionized the psychoanalytic understanding of childhood. As an early pioneer, she emphasized that the child is to be recognized from birth as a person. As a gifted and...

But at the Same Time and on Another Level: Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique in the Kleinian/Bionian Mode

by James Grotstein

'This work is organized as a primer and handbook, a "beginning", to elucidate general principles on how the psychoanalyst or psychoanalytically informed psychotherapist may optimally provide and maintain the...

Intimate Warfare: Regarding the Fragility of Family Relations

by Martine Groen & Van Justine

The community in which children are nursed; the family, should by all means be a safe haven. However, it is not. People in family relations are more likely to be threatened, hit, kicked, raped or beaten up....

Resonance of Suffering: Countertransference in Non-Neurotic Structures

by Andre Green

Some sixty years after the "Controversial Discussions" in the early 40s, this passionate book resurrects their spirit on a global scale. Under Andre Green's generous, tactful yet strong leadership, a small discussion...