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Virgin's Proposition

by Anne McAllister

Anny Chamion isn't used to acting out of the ordinary--not when her regal position dictates that she behave sensibly and with decorum. But a chance encounter with the infamous Demetrios Savas has this princess...

Comprehensive Guide to Home Remodeling Business

by Jack Moore

This ebook will guide you through the processes and let you find out better about the steps to follow. Other than these the book also has comprehensive list of the following •Home remodeling check list, keep...

Rough and Tumble

by Crystal Green

On the dusty outskirts of Vegas, there's a down and dirty saloon where all sorts of lethally charming-and genuinely dangerous-men carouse to seduce the women who happen to venture inside on their way to and...

Get Paid to Take Digital Photos

by Jack Moore

Learn how you can make money while happily taking digital photos. Not many people know that you can make a good living just by selling photos over the Internet. But once you become aware of just how many photos...

Shattering the Ley

by Joshua Palmatier

Erenthrall-sprawling city of light and magic, whose streets are packed with traders from a dozen lands and whose buildings and towers are grown and shaped in the space of a day.

At the heart of the city is the...

Naughty Bits Part IV: The Highest Bid

by Joey W. Hill

To understand her customers' desires at her lingerie store, Naughty Bits, Madison must explore her own deep yearnings

with the help of neighboring store owner-and oh-so-sexy Dominant-Logan. After overcoming...

Standup Comedy - How to Becoming a Successful Comedian!

by Jack Moore

Making people laugh is not always easy... In this ebook, you will discover: • Why you need to know why style of comedy will fit you • Why you should go and see other comedians perform • Why you should...

Financial Sense for Wealth Building - Easy Way to Take Control of Your Finances

by Jack Moore

This ebook is about to enhance your financial intelligence: •Foundation In Financial IQ •Ways To Achieve Wealth •The Most Important Rule In Investing •How To Get Out Of A Financial Mess And More...

Winterizing Your Home - Simple Steps to Money Saving Ideas!

by Deedee Moore

This ebook will show you how you can stay warm and save money at the same time! No more frustration over costly heating bills as you and your family try to stay warm during the winter season. There are plenty...

NLP - How to Use Hypnosis for Self Improvement

by Deedee Moore

This ebook is about discovering how individuals create their experiences inside their mind and how can they exactly go after developing new learning and behaviors that can be very necessary to enhance their...

Joy Potential: Where You'd Least Expect It

by R. P. Sharpe

In a state of chaos, anything is possible. We have an opportunity to shake up our lives and create more happiness. Our time here is limited. Where do you put your attention? Do you create and experience - fear...

3 Steps to Newbie Success - The Simple 3-Steps System to Succeeding Online

by Jack Moore

In This New Guide You'll Learn... 1. The tools you MUST HAVE to succeed in Internet Marketing...And where to get them cheap. 2. The CRITICALLY important step that most Internet Marketers neglect to include in...

Paid to Shop - The Secrets of Mystery Shopping Exposed

by Deedee Moore

Mystery shopping is one of the hottest and most appealing money making opportunities around. It is sweeping the nation, and is considered by many the ultimate way to make money. It's profitable, mystery shoppers...

Insider Guide to Out Sourcing Your Link Building

by Jack Moore

Save valuable time and money when outsourcing your link building strategies. This ebook will show you some proven stuff... Apply it to your business... and profit.

Really Easy Garden Guide - Great Results With Less Effort!

by Max Gossage

Have you ever picked a fresh, red, ripe strawberry warmed by the sun and popped it into your mouth and felt the sweet juice trickle down your throat? Or listened to the snap of a fresh pea released from the...

The Secret to Understanding Men: The Secrets Men Won't Tell You and the Hidden Truth on How You Can Capture and Keep Your Alpha Male

by Thomas DiPaolo

This book will share the secrets that men would never discuss and would always deny but are very real and is intended to change the way men are viewed by the opposite sex. Understanding the way men really think...

Great Spiritual Works

by Gene Gerson

For the first time, four of Jean Gerson's treatises regarding the deeper aspects of "spiritual life" have been painstakingly translated and progressively placed in tandem of each other. a) "De Probatione Spirituum"...

Church History Vol. II

by Philp Schaff

Philip Schaff's History of the Christian Church excels at providing an impressive and instructive historical treatment of the Christian church. This is Volume Two covering from 100 A.D. to 350 A.D. This volumous...

Greek Thinkers Vol. 1

by Theodor GOMPERZ

The sheer design and intention of the work has been to compose a comprehensive work, which should serve as a comprehensive mural of knowledge regarding the ancient world and their tendencies. This work addresses...

Church History Vol. I

by Philip Schaff

Philip Schaff's History of the Christian Church excels at providing an impressive and instructive historical treatment of the Christian church. This is Volume One covering from 01 A.D. to 100 A.D. This volumous...