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Indian Home Rule

by Mahatma Gandhi

Activist Mahatma Gandhi is best remembered as the freedom fighter who brought the concepts of passive resistance and civil disobedience to the world's attention in his quest for Indian independence from British...

Stoneheart: A Romance

by Gustave Aimard

Like many of Gustave Aimard's classic action-adventure novels, Stoneheart traces long-simmering conflicts between two groups of people: the indigenous tribes that occupied the land for thousands of years, and...


by Frances Hodgson Burnett

"Seth" is a deeply moving short story by Frances Hodgson Burnett, the author of many beloved childhood classics, including Little Lord Fauntleroy, The Secret Garden and A Little Princess. A young Englishman...

Four Meetings

by Henry James

Sometimes, it's not the lingering relationships that stick in our memories, but rather the brief, fleeting encounters. In the brilliant short story "Four Meetings," literary master Henry James explores an intense...

The Song of Sixpence Picture Book - Containing Sing a Song of Sixpence, Princess Belle Etoile, an Alphabet of Old Friends

by Walter Crane

Walter Crane (1845-1915) was one of the earliest contributors to children's literature and one of the most influential illustrators in the development of children's colour picture books. Crane began working...

The Technique of Fiction Writing

by Robert Saunders Dowst

Whether you're a new writer struggling to find your way into the story you want to tell or an experienced scribe looking to shake things up with a few novel tips and techniques, Robert Saunders Dowst's The Technique...

An Englishman Looks at the World

by H. G. Wells

Today, the name H. G. Wells is synonymous with the genre of science fiction, and Wells is best remembered as the creator of masterpieces such as The War of the Worlds, The Time Machine, and The Island of Doctor...

The Discovery of the Future: A Discourse Delivered at the Royal Institution

by H. G. Wells

Though best remembered as an important early figure in the development of the genre of science fiction, H. G. Wells was a intellectually voracious thinker and writer who used his novels and short stories as...

The Soul of a Bishop

by H. G. Wells

Science fiction master H. G. Wells was never one to shy away from complex or controversial topics, and in this classic novel, he takes on Christianity. Though The Soul of a Bishop takes place on Earth and is...

Mankind in the Making

by H. G. Wells

One of the primary motivations behind H. G. Wells most popular science fiction works was his exploration of the factors that could help or harm society. As a result, many of his novels and short stories explored...

Monetary Policy Coordination and the Role of Central Banks

by Rakesh Mohan & Muneesh Kapur

The unconventional monetary policies (UMPs) pursued by the advanced economies (AEs) have posed macroeconomic challenges for the emerging market economies (EMEs) through volatile capital flows and exchange rates....

The Broken Road

by A. E. W. Mason

This tale set in colonial India underscores the pervasive sense of dislocation that imperialism often leaves in its wake. A well-born young man from India travels to England for schooling. When he returns, he...

Florence Nightingale: The Angel of the Crimea, a Story for Young People

by Laura E. Richards

Florence Nightingale is best remembered as a "ministering angel" who selflessly served wounded soldiers during the Crimean War, but her lasting achievements extend far past her service on the battlefield. Though...

A Journey in Southeastern Mexico

by Henry Howard Harper

In this detailed travelogue, author Henry Howard Harper recounts his extended tour through the Mexican regions of Campeche, Tabasco, and Yucatan, conveying a vivid sense of the country's rugged landscape, vibrant...

The Jewel Merchants: A Comedy in One Act

by James Branch Cabell

Set in early sixteenth-century Tuscany, this short comedic romp from author James Branch Cabell explores the moral lassitude and selective ethics of a coterie of businessmen. It's a thoroughly entertaining look...

More English Fairy Tales Illustrated by John D. Batten

by Joseph Jacobs

In compiling the present collection I have drawn on the store of 140 tales with which I originally started ; some of the best of these I reserved for this when making up the former one. That had necessarily...

What Is Coming?: A Forecast of Things After the War

by H. G. Wells

World War I forever altered the course of human history, and thinkers and activists around the globe were galvanized by the goal of developing ideas and means by which to avoid future conflicts. In What Is Coming?...

The Research Magnificent

by H. G. Wells

William Porphyry Benham, the protagonist of H. G. Wells' thought-provoking allegory The Research Magnificent, has dedicated his entire life to one sole purpose: embodying the life of an aristocrat. For him,...

Confessions of a Thug

by Philip Meadows Taylor

The Thuggees were a roving tribe of assassins and criminals who terrorized India for centuries. This fictionalized autobiography of a member of the Thuggees was a runaway bestseller in nineteenth-century England....

A Stable for Nightmares: Weird Tales

by Sheridan Le Fanu & Sir Charles L. Young

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu was one of the foremost writers of ghost stories in the Victorian era, penning such renowned works as Uncle Silas and In a Glass Darkly. This collection of spine-tingling short stories...