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Full Circle Adoption: The True Story of a Mothers Trials, Tragedies and Miracles Regarding Adoption

by Yvette Hale

Yvette Hale experienced firsthand the struggles of building a family from scratch over and over. Through childbirth and adoption, Yvette struggles with divorce, remarriage, child-rearing, and even a surgery...

Emma's Best Friend

by Alicia Goolsby

Emma is like many young six-year-old girls. She loves to play with dolls, make new friends, spend time with her family, and go on new adventures. Emma's favorite time of the day is bedtime. This is when her...

Before Cain Strikes

by Joshua Corin

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. The only problem is, in this online classroom the students are would-be serial killers eager to learn the tricks of the trade from a master, the enigmatic Cain42....

The Hidden Culture Rebellion in Black and White Colleges

by William Lide

Based on actual experiences, in this book Dr. Lide sees it as a journey explaining why youth, especially black youth, are rebelling. He points out that the winds of change are gripping society and that the people...

The Shadow Dogs

by Peggy McLain

From across the ocean, to the Carolina Mountains, comes a boy and his faithful yellow dog. An unassuming hero, orphaned at the age of twelve, John is caught up in a web of lies and deceit. In the Shadow Dogs,...

The Power of Goal Setting: If You Believe, You Can Achieve

by Donna McGoff

Most behavior is goal directed. The process of how to reach goals is a skill that children can use throughout their lives. This book evolved out of my persistence in finding a way for helping children help themselves....

God's Voice: Choices That Led My Journey

by Wanda Robinson Lee Ph.D.

God speaks to each of us in different ways. Dr. Wanda Robinson Lee sets out to share the various times He has spoken to her and explores the challenges choices and consequences that have influenced the paths...

Beyond the Shadow: A Journey of a Young Boy to Find Life Meaning Through His Own Sufferings

by Sam, Lien Le

Born in 1946 in Son-Tay, North Vietnam, "Sam" Lien Le fled to South Vietnam in the late summer of 1954 with his parents after the defeat at the Dien Bien Phu battle. Growing up in South Vietnam, he went to school...

A Web of Lies: The Deception of Online Dating

by Montise Malone

Have you ever been deceived by love to the point it shook you to the very core of your being? Love so blind that the very person you became was not the person you were? Your life engulfed in a life that was...

The Hand of Refuge

by Anthony Carter

God does not always do the expected. In fact, it is usually quite the opposite. When newspaper editor Cassandra "Cass" O'Neal gets the opportunity to write her first article, she is over-the-moon excited. For...

Secret Places

by Starla Meister

Kylie and Jeff never dreamed that their spring break would be so life-changing. Not only did they find themselves thinking their parents could be dead, but now questions were looming of whether or not they even...

From Suffering to Redemption: A Personal Story of Healing

by Bob Wisdom

From Suffering to Redemption is the true story of a seemingly hopeless young man who turns his life around and becomes self-sufficient and reliable through persistent hard work. Mr. Wisdom draws a thread between...

Shirley's Surprise Bus Ride

by Bevey P. Calahan

Shirley is an obedient seven-year old girl who listens to her parents' instructions regarding meeting strangers. She travels along one Saturday afternoon and meets a woman on the bus who offers to be her friend....

Shakespeare and the God Virus: The Nearest Thing in Incarnation to the Eye of God.

by Dr. Erik Eriksson

When a famous Shakespearean actor starts to misspeak in Hamlet, Sir Edward knows his career could be in jeopardy, but never wonders if destiny might be knocking. Not too far away, Cambridge scholar Dame Elizabeth...

Success, Happiness & Manifesto of "Happism"

by Dr. M. M. Moharir

In this thought-provoking book, Success, Happiness & Manifesto of "HAPPISM," author Dr. M. M. Moharir has created a practical guide for those who care for personal success and happiness in life. It also postulates...

A Legitimate Journey: Navigating Grief and Trials in the Light

by Kathleen D. Hamilton

Is life unfair? It may seem so. One day everything is fine, we sail along happy and content and then out of nowhere, we are thrown into a tragedy, a broken relationship, or a life event that knocks the wind...

Fifteen Red Roses: The Challenge of Public School Integration in Rural Georgia

by Ann W. Yearwood

In the fall of 1962, Eve Windham begins her high school teaching career with enthusiasm: 'I'll be the best teacher they ever had!' By the spring of 1969, the power of the Civil Rights Movement reaches Janus...

Timetrap: Some Things Are Better Left Alone: Second Edition

by Dennis Stafford

There's not much mankind can't accomplish given the proper motivation and enough time but even so some things are better left alone. Some things lie in the hands of God and rightfully so. This lesson was becoming...

The Conspirators

by E.B. Henning

Everything looks different with a blindfold on. Everything changes for Jack Westfield the day he becomes a captive. Jack quickly finds himself roped into a conflict between two secret societies with an enigmatic...

Confronting Sexual Nihilism: Traditional Sexual Morality as an Antidote to Nihilism

by Charles F. Kiel Kopf

Back in the fifties a young soldier was coming of age in the Clarksville, TN, Honky Tonks surrounding Fr. Campbell, KY. "Sarge, how come you're out looking from women? I thought you were married?" "Hey, my wife's...