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Atom Boy

by Ray Cummings

Retired and rusticating Pete McLean, former policeman, sees something new in crime-fighting in a rural setting! Note: short story

The Red Hawk

Moon #3

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

In the 25th century, as Julian XX, the fierce Red Hawk, he will lead humanity's final battle against the alien invaders. A majestic adventure with political overtones & great science fiction. Book 3: The American...

The Moon Maid

Moon #1

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

The first manned spaceship to reach the moon discovered a world hidden from human eyes - a world of flying women, of conical cities, and of semi-human monsters who fought for power across these eerie Lunar plains....

The Chessmen of Mars

Barsoom #5

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Held captive by grotesque bodiless heads, Princess Tara of Helium was rescued by a warrior who dared not reveal his name. But escape led the daughter of the Warlord of Mars into even more loathesome peril --...

The Lonely Ones

by Edward Ludwig

The line between noble dreams and madness is thin, and loneliness can push men past it

Under Artic Ice

by HG Winter

Ken Torrance races Poleward to the aid of the submarine Peary, trapped in an icy limbo of avenging sealmen. Excerpt Deadline Passed for Missing Submarine Point Barrow, Aug. 17 (AP): Planes sent out to search...

Seed of the Artic Ice

by HG Winter

Killer whales and seal-creatures tangle Ken Torrance in an amazing adventure under the ice-roofed arctic sea. Excerpt Sleepily the lookout stared at the scope-screen before him, wishing for something that would...

The Forerunners

by Norman Arkawy

The telepaths were a danger and a threat - to a world grown monstrous. But the human mind can unlock a multitude of doors.

When the Sleepers Woke

by Arthur Leo Zagat

Only two small groups of people--enemies--survive the vast desolation of the Final War.

We're Civilized

by Mark Clifton

Naturally, the superior race should win ... but superior by which standards ... and whose?

To Choke An Ocean

by JF Bone

Gourmets all agree that nothing can beat oysters on the half-shell--not even the armed might of the Terran Confederation!

Dream Town

by Henry Slesar

The woman in the doorway looked so harmless. Who was to tell she had some rather startling interests?

A Matter of Magnitude

by Al Sevcik

When you're commanding a spaceship over a mile long, and armed to the teeth, you don't exactly expect to be told to get the hell out ...

Martian FVW

by GL Vandenburg

There's nothing like a parade, I always say. Of course, I'm a Martian.


by GL Vandenburg

Before there was "What Happens in Vegas", there was "What Happens in Jubilation"

The Observers

by GL Vandenburg

You can't be too suspicious when security is at stake. When everybody who is after a key military job wears a toupee, it is obviously a bald case of espionage.

The Demon of the Flower

by Clark Ashton Smith

The Demon Flower of Lophai demanded sacrifices, for it was not a peaceful and passive flower such as those found on earth.

Monsters of the Ray

by A Hyatt Verrill

What seemed like a simple experiment to figure out how the ancient stones were cut released an ancient horror.

Into the Green Prism

by A Hyatt Verrill

A simple stone excavated from a ruin turned out to be so much more!

I, John Cotter

by Millen Cooke & John de Courcy

The world of the small had been a boyhood fascination. Now, as a man, he went into that weird world... There in the darkness a tiny flame danced for a moment . . . so much affectionate concern.