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Energy from the Desert: Feasability of Very Large Scale Power Generation (VLS-PV)

by Kosuke Kurokawa

The world's deserts are sufficiently large that, in theory, covering a fraction of their landmass with PV systems could generate many times the current primary global energy supply.

This Energy from the Desert...

Geographical Studies and Japan

by John Sargent & Richard Wiltshire

Describes the trends, diversity and differences in Japanese and British geographical studies.

Linguistics and Semiotics in Music

by Raymond Monelle

First Published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

World in Transition 3: Towards Sustainable Energy Systems

by German Advisory Council On Globa (Wbgu)

'The publication of World in Transition: Towards Sustainable Energy Systems is timely indeed. The World Summit on Sustainable Development gave great prominence to this challenge, but failed to agree on a quantitative,...

Global Citizen Action

by Michael Edwards & John Gaventa

Civil society, or citizen's groups, have taken centre stage in international policy debates and global problem solving. They hold out the promise of a global community and global governance. This volume, by...

Vital Signs 2001-2002: The Trends That Are Shaping Our Future

by Worldwatch Institute

This annual volume from the Worldwatch Institute gives prominence to key trends that too often escape the attention of the news media, world leaders and economic experts. By distilling 45 vital signs of our...

Plant Invaders: The Threat to Natural Ecosystems

by Quentin C.B. Cronk & Janice L. Fuller

A practical guide to the protection and management of ecosystems against invasions by non-indigenous plant species. The authors seek to offer an accessible account of the subject and how to protect natural habitats....

Towards Financial Self-reliance: A Handbook of Approaches to Resource Mobilization for Citizens' Organizations

by Richard Holloway

'Provides an excellent conceptual framework for the various approaches to resource mobilization.' Paiboon Wattanasiritham, Director General, Chief Executive Officer, Government Savings Bank, Thailand A clear...

Vital Signs 2000-2001: The Environmental Trends That Are Shaping Our Future

by Lester R. Brown, Michael Renner & Brian Halweil

This ninth annual edition of Vital Signs takes the world's pulse by compiling a wide-ranging collection of trends that identify both problems and progress in the quest for a sustainable society. It highlights...

The Radiation Legacy of the Soviet Nuclear Complex: An Analytical Overview

by Nikolai N. Egorov, Vladimir M. Novikov & Frank L. Parker

A study of the legacy of nuclear contamination in the Soviet Union. It gives the location and characteristics of the accumulated radioactive material and wastes by each sector, from ore and mining to use and...

Beyond Malthus: The Nineteen Dimensions of the Population Challenge

by Lester R. Brown, Gary Gardner & Brian Halweil

On the bicentennial of Malthus' legendary essay on the tendency of population to grow more rapidly than the food supply, this book examines the impacts of population growth on 19 global resources and services,...

Cool Companies: How the Best Businesses Boost Profits and Productivity by Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emmissions

by Joseph J. Romm

'Cool Companies' turns on its head the idea that measures to avert global warming and climate change will pile massive costs on to the industrial sector. It shows how the smartest companies have been able to...

Vital Signs 1999-2000: The Environmental Trends That Are Shaping Our Future

by Lester R. Brown & Michael Renner

This annual volume shows key trends that should be integrated into the planning of our global future. It enables readers to track key indicators that show social, economic and environmental progress, or the...

International Investment and Climate Change: Energy Technologies for Developing Countries

by Timothy Forsyth

This study, based on fieldwork and case studies of southeast Asian countries shows how privatization, investment and new energy technologies can be integrated to combat climate change and provide the maximum...

Taking Responsibility: Personal Liability Under Environmental Law

by Stephen Tromans & Gillian Irvine

A report written by two environmental lawyers which explains the responsibilities of company directors under UK and European environmental law, and their potential personal liabilities. It sets out what steps...

The Green Web: A Union for World Conservation

by Martin Holdgate

This text is a history of the world's oldest global conservation body - the World Conservation Union, established in 1948 as a forum for governments, non-governmental organizations and individual conservationists....

The Natural Wealth of Nations: Harnessing the Market and the Environment

by David Roodman

Every year, the world's governments spend over US $700 billion subsidizing activities that harm the environment. The Natural Wealth of Nations shows how cutting these wasteful subsidies can actually boost the...

Which World: Global Destinies, Regional Choices - Scenarios for the 21st Century

by Allen Hammond

?Today, humanity faces a fundamentally different challenge ? that of managing a planet and a global human civilization in ways that will sustain both indefinitely. What makes this task less than easy are the...

Vital Signs 1998-1999: The Environmental Trends That Are Shaping Our Future

by Lester R. Brown

First Published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Health and Climate Change: Modelling the impacts of global warming and ozone depletion

by Pim Martens

'Understanding how complex ecological and climatic change can influence human health is the new challenge before us. The book confronts these multidimensional risk assessments head-on and will catalyse the important...