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by Ivana Edwards

Prague has been described as a museum in which people live and work, for nowhere are things ancient and beautiful as concentrated as they are in Prague. A book for impassioned lovers of history and romance,...

The Porno Girl

by Merin Wexler

Brazen and sharp-witted, Merin Wexler’s linked stories bind mothers, daughters, and wives wrestling with a fear of intimacy in sexual and family relationships.

These are women and teenagers caught in the pivotal...

The Pilgrims

Pendulum #1

by Will Elliott

Eric Albright is a twenty-six-year-old journalist living in London. That is to say he would be a journalist if he got off his backside. But this luckless slacker isn’t all bad—he has a soft spot for his...


by Alice Thompson

Set in the early nineteenth century, Pharos is a dazzling ghost story from an award-winning author.

A young woman is washed up on the shores of Jacob's Rock, a remote lighthouse island off the coast of Scotland....

Foxhunting: How to Watch and Listen

by MFH, Hugh J. Robards, Christine M. Cancelli & Norman Fine

Internationally renowned Master and huntsman Hugh J. Robards, MFH engagingly informs foxhunters, new or experienced, how to more fully absorb the drama of the hunt. It may be a revelation to some, especially...

My Anecdotal Life

by Carl Reiner

More than once, Carl Reiner has had friends say, “Hey, Reiner, you ought to write those things down.” And at eighty, he finally has.

In this funny and engaging memoir, one of the best raconteurs on the planet...


by Henry Disney

"Henry Disney's is, to borrow a phrase, a beautiful mind, and also a tough mind." So wrote Kitty Ferguson in her review of his sixth collection. This seventh collection of poems reinforces this perception. His...

Strike for America: Chicago Teachers Against Austerity

by Micah Uetricht

The Chicago Teachers Union strike was the most important domestic labor struggle so far this century—and perhaps for the last forty years—and the strongest challenge to the conservative agenda for restructuring...

Playing the Whore: The Work of Sex Work

by Melissa Gira Grant

Recent years have seen a panic over “online red-light districts,” which supposedly seduce vulnerable young women into a life of degradation, and New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof’s live tweeting...

Blooms: A Magnolia Creek Novel

by Terri Depue

One courageous step. Sometimes that's all it takes to change your life. At least that's how it was for Annie Reed. Taking a leap of faith, Annie leaves behind family and friends in Seattle to move to Magnolia...

Poetry of Life: God Wrote Upon My Heart

by Etta Viola Smith-Tally

In 1979, during the great Charismatic movement, I recommitted my life to the Lord. It was a tremendous spiritual time for me and my focus changed drastically. My first directive from the Lord was to "read the...

Dusty and Friends: Book 1

by Nancy Pitchford-Zhe

Dusty was a very special horse that inspired, and was the founding horse of, Heads Up Therapy On horseback for special needs children. Author Nancy Pitchord-Zhe is the founder of Heads Up Therapy On Horseback....

The Bobo's: The Trip to the Zoo - A Book on Bully Intervention

by Mongo Allen

What happens when a 12 year old girl named Yasa doesn't want to go to school because she is being bullied? Her friends BeKee and the Bobo's jump into action to get her help from the smartest person they know...

Dance of the Dragonfly

by Donna Torres

Gracefully dancing across the pond, moving high into the beyond, together they rise up in the air without a care... as they dance the dance of the dragonfly... Suitable for all ages, Donna invites you to come...

The Wishing Flower

by Jackie Martinson

Children see the world and all the wonders around them with different eyes. Have you ever wondered why that is? In this book you see things through the eyes of a little girl named Myah. She saw a wishing flower...

The Adventures of Ricky Raccoon: Volume One

by G. Brian Weeks

Ricky started down the path, and then all of a sudden, he fell five feet down into a pit filled with snakes. Ricky screamed as the snakes started to circle him. The walls of the pit were too high for Ricky to...

Strange Leadership: 40 Ways to Lead an Innovative Organization

by Greg Atkinson

Are you a leader in a Christian organization? Is your church, ministry, or business lacking innovation? Perhaps you're experienced in trying new things and moving in new ways, but you haven't ever tried anything...

The Artt of Early Learning Series: Welcome Smart Artt

by D.A. Batrowny

Meet Smart Artt. He is loved by all! Since the moment Smart Artt was born, he's always doing something that makes him even smarter. Unfortunately, his ideas often cause a bit of mischief! He will make you smile....


by Catherine Weyerhaeuser Morley

James, a giraffe, lives with his quiet, loving family on the African plain. He is bored and wants some foolish fun in his life. He leaves his family and spends a day chilling with crocodiles, splashing with...

Sparkie's Great Adventures: The Great Space Adventure

by Levi Smith

Oh no, what kind of danger has Sparkie gotten her friends into? Will they be able to make it back home safely? Join Sparkie and her friends on a great adventure into space! Be by their side as they face off...