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Stop Effing Yourself: A Survivor's Guide to Life's Biggest Screw-ups

by Dr. Kenniff

From Problems to Prosperity. . .Yes, Change Is Possible

To *Eff is human. In fact, we all get in our own way from time to time. But for many people, these perpetual acts of self-sabotage prevent them from living...

Say Yes to Your Spirit: A Personal Journey for Developing Spirituality, Recovery, and Healing

by Leo Booth

Every day we are recovering from something, from the ordinary stressors of daily life to the most challenging obstacles that come with depression, compulsive thinking, loss, or addiction. Concerned that so many...

Healing Trauma Through Self-Parenting

by Ph.D., Patricia D. O'Gorman & Philip Diaz

Self-healing through self-parenting, a concept introduced a generation ago, has helped thousands of adult children of alcoholics who are codependent and have conflicts in their primary relationships. Now Patricia...

The Power and Grace Between Nasty or Nice: Replacing Entitlement, Narcissism, and Incivility with  Knowledge, Caring, and Genuine Self-Esteem

by Ph.D., John D. Friel & M.A., Linda A. Friel

Whether interacting in politics or on playgrounds, in corporate America to classrooms, we as a nation are are failing in the interpersonal relationship department. And it's no wonder. From political correctness...

Meet to Marry: A Dating Revolution for the Marriage-Minded

by Bari Lyman

Are you fed up with the dating scene? Tired of going on yet another second date? Do you keep attracting the wrong ones?  Then it's time to Be the One to find The One.

If you truly want to find your ideal spouse...

The Dead Celebrity Cookbook: A Resurrection of Recipes from More Than 145 Stars of Stage and Screen

by Frank DeCaro

If you've ever fantasized about feasting on Frank Sinatra's Barbecued Lamb, lunching on Lucille Ball's "Chinese-y Thing," diving ever-so-neatly into Joan Crawford's Poached Salmon, or wrapping your lips around...

Ron Kardashian's 30-Second Solution: Transform Your Body, Business, Relationships, and Life in Just Seconds at a Time

by Ron Kardashian & M.D., Daniel Amen

"Ron Kardashian's 30-Second Solution introduces readers to new breakthrough information for transforming old patterns into dramatic turnarounds for those who want to derive purpose and more satisfaction from...

Dying to Do Letterman: Turning Someday Into Today

by Steve Mazan

Someday I'll open my own business. Someday I'll write my screenplay. Someday I'll travel the world. What if someday never comes?Steve Mazan's someday was to perform on The Late Show with David Letterman. From...

Love Addict: Sex, Romance, and Other Dangerous Drugs

by Ethlie Ann Vare

Giddy euphoria, an elevated heart rate, clammy hands, increased blood pressure, facial flushing, dilated pupils . . . these are the physical effects of 'falling in love' or being sexually aroused. These tell-tale...

As Far as the Heart Can See

by Mark Nepo

Stories carry the seeds of our humanness. They help us, teach us, heal us, and connect us to what matters. As Far As the Heart Can See is an invitation to be in relationship with deep and life-giving material....

The Light Bringer

by Chris DiGiuseppi & Mike Force

When Police Sergeant Alan Crane is on duty, who he "Protects and Serves" reaches far beyond the world of the living . . .

Sixteen people will die on Police Officer Alan Crane's watch. But while tragic and untimely...

Live Like a Fruit Fly

by Gabe Berman


Fruit flies are born, begin attending to their fruit-fly agendas almost immediately, then succumb to old age before witnessing a single change of season. Likewise,...

Home Is Where the Wine Is: Making the Most of What You've Got One Stitch (and Cocktail!) at a Time

by Laurie Perry

The first horseman of the apocalypse is undoubtedly the Internet personal ad. I am not sure why every single one of them is some variation of:

Balding, Paunchy, Twice-Divorced, Unemployed Male Seeks Independently...

A Dignified Life: The Best Friends Approach to Alzheimer's Care, A Guide for Family Caregivers

by Virginia Bell

Four million Americans currently suffer from Alzheimer's disease and experts estimate that 22 million people around the world will be so afflicted by 2025. Far too many families are struggling with the emotionally...

Own Your Health : Pain: Back Pain, Arthritis, Migraines, and More

by Adam Perlman

The best of alternative and conventional medicine in an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand, low-priced format.

You don't have to be at the mercy of your discomfort. You don't have to try to work the system or worry...

Own Your Health: Healthy to 100: Aging with Vigor and Grace

by Alexa Fleckenstein

You Can Be Healthy and Strong to 100!

Each day more and more seniors are busting the myth that it's all downhill after sixty; in fact, these people are proving that you can be vitally healthy and mentally sharp...

Beating Ana: How to Outsmart Your Eating Disorder and Take Your Life Back

by Shannon Cutts

Imagine a World in which it is easy to find someone to turn to who understands your struggles, identifies with your wounds, and knows how lonely and scary it feels to live inside your skin.

In this fantastic...

From Hormone Hell to Hormone Well: Straight Talk Women (and Men) Need to Know to Save Their Sanity, Health, and-Quite Possibly-Their Lives

by Jr., M.D., C.W. Randolph

For the past several decades, the traditional medical community has by and large  ignored, misdiagnosed, and mistreated millions of women and men suffering from symptoms of hormone imbalance such as weight...

The Betrayal Bond: Breaking Free of Exploitive Relationships

by Ph.D., Patrick Carnes

Exploitive relationships can create trauma bonds--chains that link a victim to someone who is dangerous to them. Divorce, employee relations, litigation of any type, incest and child abuse, family and marital...

Can I Get a Do Over?: Unforgettable Stories of Second Chances and Life Makeovers

by Rick Domeier

Navigating career changes, switching industries, ending relationships,

revisiting a way of life-these are some of the life-altering 'do overs'

we face, whether by choice or by circumstance. In these uncertain