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Harper Connelly Mysteries Quartet

by Charlaine Harris

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.

Saved By His Grace

by Denise E. Waters

Saved By His Grace is a gripping story of several lives intertwined. The plot thickens as you turn the pages to reveal more about each character. Witness how each of their lives is affected by choices they have...

Living Green

by Tom Morris

With all the information out there most people are at least aware of pollution problems. The concern is that with more people on Earth now and more pollution we are harming our environment. Since we breath the...

Home Business Start Up

by Mark Russo

How to start a home business. Enjoy the freedom of being able to work whenever you want to or wherever you want to. However, it is not easy to get there because many of them are stuck in a rut! They feel that...

Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy

by Yogi Ramacharaka

This series of lessons will be as seed planted in fertile soil, which will in due time put forth sprouts which will force their way gradually into the sunlight of consciousness, where they will put forth leaves,...

Navigating Corporate Life

by Stanley Tyo

Being the boss is tough work. Whether you oversee a small company or a large, publicly-held corporation, you have to learn quickly how to master a wide range of skills, from strategic thinking to communication...


by Anne Osterlund

Crown princess Aurelia is a survivor. She survived attempted assassination. She survived the king's rejection. She survived her mother's abandonment. And now, in exile, she must survive her kingdom-from hostile...

Life and After

by Annie Besant

What is life, and what is death? We shall not really perish when the body falls away; but what is there on the other side of death? When the body is struck away by death's hands, what conditions shall we pass...

Place of Women In Japan

by College Guide World

In Japan, women are a dominant force to reckon with. They are involved in almost every field. Before the Second World War the condition of women in Japan was not as good as it is today. After the Second World...

Sugared Three: The Collected Poems

by Elias Sassoon

A poetry collection about juvenile diabetes? Yes. It is about a family of sufferers, a mom, dad, and son dealing with the onslaught of a disease that takes no prisoners. It is an honest look at diabetes taken...

The Star Chamber

by David Carlisle

The Star Chamber was an English court of law that sat at the royal Palace of Westminster from the late 15th century until 1641. It was made up of Privy Councillors, as well as common-law judges and supplemented...

Anne of the Island

by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Anne leaves Green Gables and her work as a teacher in Avonlea to pursue her original dream (which she gave up in Anne of Green Gables) of taking further education at Redmond College in Nova Scotia. Gilbert Blythe...

The New Republic of Texas

by Ted Gresham

Hank Pennington was happy being a rancher, watching over a few thousand acres of prime Central Texas land. He did his bit for God and country, paid his taxes, and left Texas politics well enough alone. But one...

Castle Vane

by David Carlisle

MAJOR JOHN HILARY VANE, of Her Majesty's One Hundred and Forty-sixth Regiment of Foot, strode angrily up George Street. If a man ever wore that expression of feature which is known as "a black look," it was...

Sassoon's Work Burn: The Collected Poems

by Elias Sassoon

Everybody does it; everybody has to do it; everybody has to live through it. Whether you're born of wealth or into poverty, you cannot avoid it! Work, as in going to work, that's it. Work, it's the crux of the...

The Screaming Season

Possessions #3

by Nancy Holder

The gutsy heroine of Possessions and The Evil Within returns for another year of boarding school at the haunted Marlwood Academy. Lindsay wakes to find herself strapped down in the infirmary. She had a breakdown...

Sweeney Todd - Demon Barber of Fleet Street

by David Carlisle

Todd is a barber who dispatches his victims by pulling a lever as they sit in his barber chair. His victims fall backward down a revolving trapdoor into the basement of his shop, generally causing them to break...

Isis Unveiled

by H.P. Blavatsky

Isis Unveiled is a book of esoteric philosophy and Helena Petrovna Blavatsky's first major work and a key text in her Theosophical movement. Volume I, Science, discusses Occult science and the hidden and unknown...

Lazy Daisy

by Anita Lostetter

A lazy little girl who is used to her mother doing all the work around the house.

Drag Strip Obsession

by M.S. Dressler

Mature Themes 18+ Jordyn is a young fearless woman who's always gotten down and dirty with the boys. When she begins illegal street racing, she's finally able to break out of her shell and her controlling family....