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The Watermen: Selections from Chesapeake

by James A. Michener, John Moll & Steve Berry

Showcasing the evocative artwork created by John Moll for this special edition, James A. Michener’s The Watermen is a unique tribute to the adventurous seafarers of the Chesapeake Bay. Excerpted from the Pulitzer...

Legacy: A Novel

by James A. Michener & Steve Berry

In this sweeping novel inspired by the Iran-Contra affair, master storyteller James A. Michener conjures the triumphs and tragedies of one family and their dynamic role in the history of the United States and...

The World Is My Home: A Memoir

by James A. Michener & Steve Berry

Literary legend James A. Michener was “a Renaissance man, adventurous, inquisitive, unpretentious and unassuming, with an encyclopedic mind and a generous heart” (The New York Times Book Review). In this...

Rascals in Paradise: Turbulent Adventures and Bold Courage on the South Seas

by A. Grove Day, James A. Michener & Steve Berry

In a thrilling collection of nonfiction adventure stories, James A. Michener returns to the most dazzling place on Earth: the islands that inspired Tales of the South Pacific. Co-written with A. Grove Day, Rascals...

The Fires of Spring: A Novel

by James A. Michener

An intimate early novel from James A. Michener, now remembered as the beloved master of the historical epic, The Fires of Spring unfolds with the bittersweet drama of a boy’s perilous journey into manhood....

Sports in America

by James A. Michener

Originally published in 1976, James A. Michener’s explosive, spectacular Sports in America is a prescient examination of the crisis in American sports that is still unfolding to this day. Pro basketball players...

The Divorce Papers: A Novel

by Susan Rieger

Sparkling and sophisticated, this sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking debut novel tells the story of a very messy, very high-profile divorce and the endearingly cynical young lawyer dragooned into handling...

Creatures of the Kingdom: Stories of Animals and Nature

by James A. Michener

In sixteen wonderful stories, Pulitzer Prize–winning author James A. Michener burrows deep into the secret lives of animals and the hidden world of nature. Here he sheds light on nature’s most awesome and...

Man from Half Moon Bay: A Loveswept Classic Romance

by Iris Johansen

#1 New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen delivers the unforgettable story of a man who refuses to give up on the woman he loves.


Reporter Sara O’Rourke never shies away from a tough story. With...


by John Ruskin


As a memoir elevated to the level of fine art, John Ruskin’s Praeterita stands alongside The Education of Henry Adams and the confessions of Augustine, Rousseau, and Tolstoy. A luminous account of his childhood...

Banjo Man: A Loveswept Classic Romance

by Sally Goldenbaum & Adrienne Staff

Adrienne Staff and Sally Goldenbaum pluck the heartstrings in this tender story of a young nun learning how to be a woman in love.

After a childhood under her father’s strict rules, followed by five years as...

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea


Karen Leabo spins a sexy, thrilling story of an FBI agent playing a dangerous game—and falling head over heels in love with his beautiful target.


Special agent Clint Nichols has had suspected gangster Jimmy...

Shotgun Groom: A Loveswept Classic Romance

by Sandra Chastain

In Sandra Chastain’s deliciously spirited western romance, a headstrong Tennessee belle has her sights aimed at capturing the heart of a rugged Texas rancher.

Lily Towns is determined to marry Matt Logan, even...

Me and Mrs. Jones: A Loveswept Classic Romance

by Linda Cajio

In Linda Cajio’s wonderful tale of passion reignited, a pair of ex-lovers make a running start toward overcoming the barriers that have long divided them.


Kate Perry’s well-ordered world goes topsy-turvy...

The Outlaw Bride: A Loveswept Classic Romance

by Sandra Chastain

Some marriages are made in heaven. But as Sandra Chastain proves in this stirring, sensual novel, others are made on the run.

As a young orphan, Josie Miller was rescued from a life on the streets and given a...

Choices: Two Stories of Old Atlanta

by George Pettett

Atlanta, Early 1900s: An era when Southern parents cling to a custom of making decisions for their young upon reaching the age of 21 and often beyond. Two young women become friends across their sewing machines...

Happily Retired: What Works ... What Doesn't

by Julie Chahal & Linda Lucas

What will you do with the rest of your life Working life can feel like running a marathon. Retirement feels like running over the edge of a cliff. First comes a feeling of release . . . flying . . . then just...

Tales of Xyphoid Volume 2 eBook

by John Morgan Curtis

Tales of Xyphoid is an illustrated anthology written and drawn by John Morgan Curtis. These tales include the hilarious adventures of Commander Tongue and best friend Vaj, the heroic Hotar the one armed wonder,...

Blood, Sweat & Payback

by Wahida Clark

From New York Times bestselling author Wahida Clark, comes the highly anticipated next installment in the Queen’s Payback series. Fans will rush to this latest installment while new fans will be eager to discover...

Like a Yeti Catching Marmots: A Little Treasury of Tibetan Proverbs

by Pema Tsewang & Josh Bartok

The Yeti, or Dremo in Tibetan, is a dim-witted mythical beast said to feed only on marmots. It sees a marmot, grabs the hapless creature, and then sits on it - saving the delicious morsel for later. And then...