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Mechanics and Chemistry of Solid Propellants: Proceedings of the Fourth Symposium on Naval Structural Mechanics, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana

Ion Implantation and Beam Processing

by J. S. Williams & J. M. Poate

Ion Implantation and Beam Processing


by Robert Ader


Pheromone Biochemistry

Alcoholic Korsakoff's Syndrome: An Information-Processing Approach to Amnesia

Urodynamics: Hydrodynamics of the Ureter and Renal Pelvis

Multiple Equilibria in Proteins

Molecular Mechanisms of Immunological Self-Recognition

by Frederick Alt & Henry J. Vogel

Molecular Mechanisms of Immunological Self-Recognition

Semi-Active Suspension Control Design for Vehicles

by Sergio M. Savaresi, Charles Poussot-Vassal & Cristiano Spelta

Design greener, safer, and more cost-efficient vehicles using semi-active suspension systems

Semi-active suspension systems promise weight efficiencies, cost savings, and higher safety and comfort compared to...

Surgical Endocrinology

by John Lynn & Stephen R Bloom

Surgical Endocrinology

Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics for Engineers

by V. S. Pugachev

Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics for Engineers

Photochemistry: An Introduction

Handbook of Energy Data and Calculations: Including Directory of Products and Services

Oxygen Transport in Red Blood Cells: Proceedings of the 12th Aharon Katzir Katchalsky Conference, Tours, France, 4-7 April 1984

Advances in Dopamine Research: Proceeding of a Satellite Symposium to the 8th International Congress of Pharmacology, Okayama, Japan, July 1981

Molybdenum and Molybdenum-Containing Enzymes

by Michael P. Coughlan

Molybdenum and Molybdenum-Containing Enzymes

1991 International Conference on Coal Science Proceedings: Proceedings of the International Conference on Coal Science, 16-20 September 1991, Universi

Division of Labor in Cells

by Geoffrey H. Bourne

Division of Labor in Cells

The Court of a Thousand Suns (Sten #3)

by Allan Cole & Chris Bunch

Set three thousand years in the future, the eight Sten novels tell the tale of a tough, street-wise orphan who escapes his fate as factory planet "delinq" to become the strong right-hand of the most powerful...

Loss and Hope: Global, Interreligious and Interdisciplinary Perspectives

by Peter Admirand

What are the spiritual consequences of abuse and trauma? Where is God? How and why does such senseless suffering occur? What is the relationship between loss and hope? What are the benefits of examining loss...