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Gym-Free Journal: Bodyweight Workouts for Getting Ripped

by Brett Stewart


Clear, concise and convenient, The Gym-Free Journal is the most sure-fire way to achieve your fitness goals. By logging your daily exercise and nutrition in this helpful handbook, you’re sure to...

If You Could See Me Now

by Michael Mewshaw

When Michael Mewshaw receives a call from a stranger who says she has reason to believe he is her biological father, Mewshaw realizes he has been half dreading, half hoping for this to happen for over thirty...

The Traitor's Wife: A Novel

by Allison Pataki

A riveting historical novel about Peggy Shippen Arnold, the cunning wife of Benedict Arnold and mastermind behind America’s most infamous act of treason...

A riveting historical novel about Peggy Shippen Arnold,...

Hormones and the Fetus: Volume 1: Production, Concentration and Metabolism During Pregnancy

by F. A. Kincl & J. R. Pasqualini

Written by the world's two leading researchers in steroid biochemistry this volume describes the ways in which hormonal concentration is regulated during pregnancy. It is a comprehensive account of how biosynthesis,...

Advances in Radiation Biology: Volume 6

by John T. Lett & Howard Adler

Advances in Radiation Biology, Volume 6, provides an overview of the state of knowledge in the field of radiation biology. The book contains eight chapters and opens with a study on the nature of radiation effects...

The Comparative Structure and Function of Muscle

by Henry Huddart & G. A. Kerkut

The Comparative Structure and Function of Muscle is based upon a series of lectures given at the University of Lancaster over the last seven years, and it follows a natural division into structure, electrophysiology...

Placenta: A Neglected Experimental Animal

by Peter Beaconsfield & Claude Villee

Placenta: A Neglected Experimental Animal covers the proceedings of the 1978 round table discussion on placenta held at Bedford College, University of London, under the auspices of the Special Commission on...

Cytokine-Induced Pathology: Inflammatory Cytokines, Receptors, and Diseases

by G. W. Richter & Kim Solez

International Review of Experimental Pathology, Volume 34: Cytokine-Induced Pathology Part B: Inflammatory Cytokines, Receptors, and Disease presents experimental findings obtained from the most recently studied...

Quantitative and Qualitative Microscopy

by P. Michael Conn

Methods in Neurosciences, Volume 3: Quantitative and Qualitative Microscopy is a collection of papers that deals with microscopic techniques in statistical measures. This volume describes microscopy using sophisticated...

Advances in Cellular Neurobiology: Volume 5

by Sergey Fedoroff

Advances in Cellular Neurobiology, Volume 5 focuses on cellular neurobiology, drawing on some aspects of biochemistry, endocrinology, embryology, morphology, genetics, pharmacology, pathology, and physiology....

Receptors: Model Systems and Specific Receptors

by P. Michael Conn

Methods in Neurosciences, Volume 11: Receptors: Model Systems and Specific Receptors is a compilation of papers that describes techniques and information that are important to the neurosciences. This volume...

Solar Versus Nuclear: Choosing Energy Futures

by Mans Lönnroth, Thomas B. Johansson & Peter Steen

Solar Versus Nuclear: Choosing Energy Futures study is an eight-chapter text that studies the long-term

implications of Sweden's decisions to explore nuclear energy and other alternative development options....

Photoreceptor Cells: Methods in Neurosciences, Vol. 15

by Paul A. Hargrave

Photoreceptor Cells, Volume 15 covers the advances in the study of photoreceptor cells. The book discusses biochemical, cell and structural biological, and molecular biological techniques needed for the study...

Current Topics in Experimental Endocrinology: Volume 3

by L Martini & V. H. T. James

Current Topics in Experimental Endocrinology, Volume 3 covers the relationship between the endocrine system and some types of tumors. The book discusses the perspectives, pitfalls, and potentials of tissue culture...

The Ride of Your Life

by P.J. Night

Gabby gets her fair share of frights at a country carnival in this spooky Creepover tale.

Adventurous Gabby Carter is excited to visit her best friend Sydney in Sydney’s new town in Iowa. Gabby is wondering...

Current Topics in Experimental Endocrinology: Volume 2

by V. H. T. James & L Martini

Current Topics in Experimental Endocrinology, Volume 2 covers major developments in the ever-expanding field of endocrinology. The book discusses the progress in cyclic nucleotide research; the hypothalamic...

Neurobiology of Cytokines: Methods in Neurosciences, Vol. 16

by Errol B. De Souza

Neurobiology of Cytokines, Part A provides an overview of the effects of cytokines in the brain and in the endocrine system. The book discusses the general aspects of cytokines, including the endogenous agonists...

Advances in Metabolic Disorders: Volume 6

by Rachmiel Levine & Rolf Luft

Advances in Metabolic Disorders, Volume 6 covers the developments in the study of metabolic disorders. The book discusses the role of the skin in carbohydrate metabolism; the transmission of Alloxan diabetes...

Contributions to Sensory Physiology: Volume 7

by William D. Neff

Contributions to Sensory Physiology, Volume 7, was published with two principal objectives in mind: (1) to bring together reports of current research on all of the sensory systems; and (2) to provide an opportunity...

Coal Science: Volume 2

by Martin L. Gorbaty, John W. Larsen & Irving Wender

Coal Science, Volume 2 presents and evaluates the fundamental scientific areas involved with the structure, reactivity, and utilization of coal. This book reviews the coal's inorganic structure and reactivity...