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Hart Strings

by Julie Hart

Being married is one thing, but being married to Bret “Hitman” Hart—former five-time World Wrestling Entertainment Champion—is another. In her vibrant and honest memoir, Hart’s ex-wife and the mother...

Mama Leone

by Miljenko Jergovic & David Williams

Written in the shadow of the Yugoslav wars, yet never eclipsed by them, Mama Leone is a delightful cycle of interconnected stories by one of Central Europe’s most dazzling contemporary storytellers. Miljenko...

Twiggy: The High-Stakes Life of Andrew Forrest

by Andrew Burrell

"Not just a terrific read, but an important life to have on the national record." - George Negus

Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest is the public face of Australia's once-in-a-lifetime mining boom. A swashbuckling entrepreneur...

Is It Just Me?: Confessions of an Over-Sharer

by Chrissie Swan

You know what I want?

I want to be able to have fun wherever I am.

I want to laugh. All. The. Time.

I want to have one holiday every year with my family where we have no plans and nowhere else to be.

I want...

Venus in Furs

by Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch

Dreams of speaking to Venus about love while she wears furs lead our narrator to a manuscript, Memoirs of a Suprasensual Man. This manuscript tells of a man, Severin, who is so infatuated with a woman, Wanda,...

Thirty Nine New Articles: An Anglican Landscape of Faith

by Martyn Percy

Thirty Nine New Articles offers a vision of a fresh, generous, contemporary Anglican faith and life. Inspired by the original Thirty Nine Articles of Religion, the Church of England's historic statement of belief,...

Moment of Christ: Prayer as the Way to God's Fullness

by John Main

Turns to the source and focus of all the author's inspirational teaching about prayer - the presence of Christ. He describes this prayer as the stream of love that flows constantly between Jesus and his Father....

Ordained Women Deacons: Of the Church's First Millennium

by John Wijngaards

A new, enlarged edition of the groundbreaking 'No Women in Holy Orders?', gathering historical evidence to show that women were ordained as deacons in the first ten centuries of the Church, and identifiying...

Heart of Creation: Meditation - A Way of Setting God Free in the World

by John Main

A teaching on contemplative prayer from one of the most influential spiritual writers of the 20th century.

Healing with Past Life Therapy: Transformational Journeys Through Time and Space

by Lorraine Flaherty

Providing evidence to the validity of past lives, this self-help guide delves deeply into past life regression and offers a thorough understanding of each step of the process. Through detailed transcripts of...

Film, Nihilism and the Restoration of Belief

by Darren Ambrose

This book explores the possibility that cinema can challenge our contemporary nihilism and restore belief in new transformative possibilities for life.

Dance of Stones: A Shamanic Road Trip

by Kenn Day

A unique perspective from a full-time shaman, actively practicing in a professional setting for over 25 years.

The Shaman Within: Reclaiming Our Rites of Passage

by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

Explaining how our ancient wisdoms can now be employed to tackle the big issues that trouble our minds, ravage our bodies and quash our spirits.

The Last Night: Anti-Work, Atheism, Adventure

by Federico Campagna

By replacing hope and faith with adventure, The Last Night of our lives might finally become the first morning of an autonomous future.

How to Appreciate an Aries: Real Life Guidance on How to Get Along and Be Friends with the First Sign of the Zodiac

by Mary English

Using real-life examples and free on-line resources find the answers you need to understand the Aries' in your life.

Love or Diet: Nurture Yourself and Release the Need to Be Comforted by Food

by Ani Richardson

Opening your heart to your wisest Self can change your relationship with food and lead to freedom from emotional eating.

Good Pussy Bad Pussy: Rachel's Tale

by A. Aimee

A sensual, erotic page-turner and modern love story.

Lost Eagle: The Untold Story of Hih Grand Duchess Tatiana of Russia

by Steven Ingman-Greer

Inspired by The True Story of "From Russia with Love" - a secret buried for 90 years in the forgotten corner of an English churchyard...

Multidimensional Evolution: Personal Explorations of Consciousness

by Kim McCaul

Once you understand your multidimensional nature, you can make every moment count.

Lord Perfect

Carsington Brothers #3

by Loretta Chase


The heir to the Earl of Hargate, Benedict Carsington, Viscount Rathbourne, is the perfect aristocrat. Tall, dark, and handsome, he is known for his impeccable manners and good breeding. Benedict knows...