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Homeland Security and Criminal Justice: Five Years After 9/11

by Everette B. Penn

No event has shaped international events of recent years more than the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Tragically, less than four years later, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast. In less than...

Militarism, Hunting, Imperialism: 'Blooding' the Martial Male

by J.A. Mangan & Callum McKenzie

The late Victorian and Edwardian officer class viewed hunting and big game hunting in particular, as a sound preparation for imperial warfare. For the imperial officer in the making, the 'blooding' hunting ritual...

Sixteen Satires

by Juvenal

Juvenal’s Satires create a fascinating (and immediately familiar) world of whores, fortune-tellers, boozy politicians, slick lawyers, shameless sycophants, ageing flirts and downtrodden teachers. Perhaps more...

Musical Performance in the Diaspora

by Tina K Ramnarine

This book illustrates how ethnographic investigation of musical performances might contribute to the analysis of diaspora. It embraces diverse examples such as 'mourning and cultures of survival' amongst Aboriginal...

Political Transformation and National Identity Change: Comparative Perspectives

by Jennifer Todd, Lorenzo Cañás Bottos & Nathalie Rougier

The major socio-political changes of the last decades have led to changing ways of being national, changes in the content of national identity if not in the national categories themselves.

This comparative social...

Multinationals, Technology and Localization in Automotive Firms in Asia

by Rajah Rasiah, Yuri Sadoi & Rogier Busser

East Asia has led rapid economic growth in the last few decades with India joining them over the last five years. Automotive parts manufacturers have been an important component of domestic production in all...

Natural Heritage: At the Interface of Nature and Culture

by Peter Howard & Thymio Papayannis

It has become more and more accepted that nature conservation is not possible without taking into account human activities. Thus an integrated approach to both the natural and cultural heritage is being encouraged...

Peace Education and Religious Plurality: International Perspectives

by Robert Jackson & Satoko Fujiwara

Does religion bring peace or war?

In order to discuss this fundamental question, it is essential to reflect upon religious education that shapes the views of religion among young generations.

This book has developed...

Iranian Intellectuals: 1997 2007

by Lloyd Ridgeon

Previously published as a special issue of British Journal of Middle East Studies, this volume focuses on leading figures within Iran between 1997-2007 and their visions and works that are related to Iranian...

The Changing Face of Cricket: From Imperial to Global Game

by Dominic Malcolm, Jon Gemmell & Nalin Mehta

For cricket enthusiasts there is nothing to match the meaningful contests and excitement generated by the game's subtle shifts in play. Conversely, huge swathes of the world's population find cricket the most...

Trade and Capital Flow Among Asian Economies: Issues and Developments in Business and Management'

by Chris Rowley

Trade and capital are important in the Asia region. Trade in the APEC region has been increasing, but the large rise in China's exports has also been disturbing as it exhibits export substitution. The first...

Crafting Patriotism for Global Dominance: America at the Olympics

by Mark Dyreson

In 2008 China plans to use the Olympic Games to remake its national identity in the global marketplace. In so doing China treads the path blazed by the United States. For more than a century the U.S. has used...

The Politics of Successful Governance Reforms

by Mark Robinson

This book examines the factors that give rise to successful governance reforms in developing countries, focusing on the importance of political commitment, supportive institutions, and the timing of reforms....

Innovation in Japan: Emerging Patterns, Enduring Myths

by Keith Jackson & Phillipe Debroux

The Japanese economy has made a remarkable recovery from the so-called 'Lost Decade' of the 1990s. This said, demographic trends suggest that Japan will have to show remarkable powers of innovation if it is...

Sport and Foreign Policy in a Globalizing World

by Steven J. Jackson & Steven Haigh

Globalization is effecting a close convergence of sport and foreign policy. In order to respond to novel social, political, cultural and economic pressures, states are increasingly turning to sport as a foreign...

Australian Sport: Antipodean Waves of Change

by Kristine Toohey & Tracy Taylor

Australia is only a small player in the world's political and economic landscapes, yet, for many decades, it has been considered to be a global powerhouse in terms of its sporting successes. In conjunction with...

Media and Politics in Post-Handover Hong Kong

by Joseph M. Chan & Francis L.F. Lee

The world was watching Hong Kong as its sovereignty was returned to China in 1997. Many predicted that it was the doomsday of press freedom in the city.

Now, a decade after the handover, this book provides an...

Governance in Ethnically Mixed Cities

by Sherrill Stroschein

This collection of original essays breaks new ground by examining the dynamics of ethnic politics at the local level, rather than following in the footsteps of many previous studies which focus on the macropolitical...

Acting Locally: Local Environmental Mobilizations and Campaigns

by Christopher Rootes

Local campaigns are the most persistent and ubiquitous forms of environmental contention. National and transnational mobilisations come and go and the attention they receive from mass media ebbs and flows, but...

Identities, Nations and Politics After Communism

by Roger E. Kanet

This book focuses on questions of identity that have confronted the countries of Central and Eastern Europe after the collapse of the communist system that had previously provided them with an identity.