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Introduction to Electromagnetic Engineering

by Roger E. Harrington

Based on circuit theory rather than on the classical force-relationship approach, this text uses the theory of electric circuits to provide a system of experiments. 1958 edition.

A User's Guide to Ellipsometry

by Harland G. Tompkins

Text for graduate students explains how to determine material properties and parameters for inaccessible substrates and unknown films as well as how to measure extremely thin films. 1993 edition.

Principles of Aeroelasticity

by Raymond L. Bisplinghoff & Holt Ashley

Summary and general methods of constructing static and dynamic equations, dealing with the laws of mechanics for heated elastic solids, forms of aerodynamic operators, structural operators, much more. 1962 edition....

Elements of Chemical Thermodynamics: Second Edition

by Leonard K. Nash

This survey of purely thermal data in calculating the position of equilibrium in a chemical reaction highlights the physical content of thermodynamics, as distinct from purely mathematical aspects. 1970 edition....

Theoretical Aerodynamics

by L. M. Milne-Thomson

An excellent introduction to inviscid airflow using potential theory, this book is a classic in its field. Complete reprint of the revised 1966 edition, which brings the subject up to date.

The Red Book of Mathematical Problems

by Kenneth S. Williams & Kenneth Hardy

Handy compilation of 100 practice problems, hints and solutions indispensable for students preparing for the William Lowell Putnam and other mathematical competitions. Preface to the First Edition. Sources....

Matrices and Transformations

by Anthony J. Pettofrezzo

Elementary, concrete approach: fundamentals of matrix algebra, linear transformation of the plane, application of properties of eigenvalues and eigenvectors to study of conics. Includes proofs of most theorems....

Theory of Scheduling

by Richard W. Conway, William L. Maxwell & Louis W. Miller

This comprehensive text explores the mathematical models underlying the theory of scheduling. Organized according to scheduling problem type, it examines 3 solution techniques: algebraic, probabilistic, and...

Sundials: History, Theory, and Practice

by René R.J. Rohr

Masterly account of long and colorful history of sundials, with practical instructions for building your own. Formulae, rare dials, mottoes, and much more. 104 figures. 51 plates.

About Vectors

by Banesh Hoffmann

No calculus needed, but this is not an elementary book. Introduces vectors, algebraic notation and basic ideas, vector algebra and scalars. Includes 386 exercises.

Journey into Mathematics: An Introduction to Proofs

by Joseph J. Rotman

This treatment covers the mechanics of writing proofs, the area and circumference of circles, and complex numbers and their application to real numbers. 1998 edition.

Nonlinear Programming: Analysis and Methods

by Mordecai Avriel

This text provides an excellent bridge between principal theories and concepts and their practical implementation. Topics include convex programming, duality, generalized convexity, analysis of selected nonlinear...

The Mathematics of Games

by John D. Beasley

Lucid, instructive, and full of surprises, this book examines how simple mathematical analysis can throw unexpected light on games of every type, from poker to golf to the Rubik's cube. 1989 edition.

Computers, Pattern, Chaos and Beauty

by Clifford A. Pickover

Fractals and chaos theory lead to startling graphics in this book by a renowned scientist, inventor, and artist, who coordinates information from disparate fields. Over 275 illustrations, 29 in color.

Partial Differential Equations

by Avner Friedman

Largely self-contained, this three-part treatment focuses on elliptic and evolution equations, concluding with a series of independent topics directly related to the methods and results of the preceding sections....

Physics of Fully Ionized Gases: Second Revised Edition

by Lyman Spitzer

An introductory course in theoretical physics is the sole prerequisite for this general but simple introduction to the fields of plasma and fusion research. 1962 edition.

Eight Lectures on Theoretical Physics

by Max Planck

Landmark lectures (1909) by Nobel Prize winner deal with application of quantum hypothesis to blackbody radiation, principle of least action, relativity theory, more. 1915 edition.

Sociodynamics: A Systematic Approach to Mathematical Modelling in the Social Sciences

by Wolfgang Weidlich

Appropriate for advanced undergraduates and graduate students, this text introduces terminology, approaches, and goals in modelling. Topics include population dynamics, group interaction, political transitions,...

Problems and Solutions in Quantum Chemistry and Physics

by Charles S. Johnson & Lee G. Pedersen

Unusually varied problems, with detailed solutions, cover quantum mechanics, wave mechanics, angular momentum, molecular spectroscopy, scattering theory, more. 280 problems, plus 139 supplementary exercises....

Foundations of Combinatorics with Applications

by Edward A. Bender & S. Gill Williamson

Suitable for upper-level undergraduates and graduate students in engineering, science, and mathematics, this introductory text explores counting and listing, graphs, induction and recursion, and generating functions....