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Network Analysis and Tourism: From Theory to Practice

by Noel Scott & Rodolfo Baggio

This book aims to provide a comprehensive review of the contribution of network analysis to the understanding of tourism destinations and organizations. Theoretical and methodological aspects are discussed along...

Backpacker Tourism: Concepts and Profiles

by Kevin Hannam & Irena Ateljevic

The search for new tourism experiences as well as changes in the tourism industry itself has led to new forms of individualised travel and consequentially new forms of backpacker tourism. This volume provides...

Tourism, Recreation and Climate Change

by C. Michael Hall & James Higham

Climate change is one of the major issues facing us today and has been described as a threat greater than terrorism. As the world's largest industry tourism both contributes to and will be dramatically affected...

Best Practice in Accessible Tourism: Inclusion, Disability, Ageing Population and Tourism

by Dimitrios Buhalis & Simon Darcy

This volume presents an international selection of invited contributions on policy and best practice in accessible tourism, reflecting current practices across a range of destinations and business settings....

Tourism, Culture and Development: Hopes, Dreams and Realities in East Indonesia

by Stroma Cole

Can tourism help a poor remote community to develop? How much does tourism change a village? How can a village have the benefits tourism offers without the problems it can cause? These are the questions that...

Tourism in the Middle East: Continuity, Change and Transformation

by Rami Farouk Daher

This edited volume on tourism in the Middle East embodies a multi-discursive approach to the study of tourism in the region offering not only different perspectives but qualifying local knowledge and realities....

The British on Holiday: Charter Tourism, Identity and Consumption

by Hazel Andrews

This book is the only in-depth ethnographic study of British charter tourists. It is based on several months of participant observation of British charter tourists on holiday in Palmanova and Magaluf on the...

Quantitative Methods in Tourism: A Handbook

by Rodolfo Baggio & Jane Klobas

Tourism studies often deal with complex mixes of external and local factors and the attitudes, perceptions and actions of tourists themselves. In seeking to understand individual elements of this mix, or the...

Shell Game

by Melissa Crandall

Shell Game

While on the routine mission to retrieve a research drone for recycling, the U.S.S. Enterprise™ encounters a Romulan space station adrift within Federation borders. Exploring the lifeless station,...

Tourist Behaviour and the Contemporary World

by Philip L. Pearce

This volume seeks to review and stimulate interest in a number of emerging and fresh topics in contemporary tourist behaviour and experience. Topics explored include the effects of newer technologies on tourists'...

Festival Places: Revitalising Rural Australia

by Chris Gibson & John Connell

Festivals have burgeoned in rural areas, revitalising old traditions and inventing new reasons to celebrate. How do festivals contribute to tourism, community and a rural sense of belonging? What are their cultural,...

Accessible Tourism: Concepts and Issues

by Dimitrios Buhalis & Simon Darcy

Inclusion, disability, an ageing population and tourism are increasingly important areas of study due to their implications for both tourism demand and supply. This book therefore sets out to explore and document...

Zoos and Tourism: Conservation, Education, Entertainment?

by Warwick Frost

Zoos are important and popular tourist attractions. Spread around the world, they are typically located in major cities, with visitation levels comparable to other major attractions. Nature-based attractions...

Inside City Tourism: A European Perspective

by John Heeley

Cities are the dominant geographical focus of business and leisure tourism travel, and cities everywhere are regenerating and reinventing themselves so as to attract visitors, students and investment. Inside...

Authenticating Ethnic Tourism

by Philip Feifan Xie

This book represents a shifting of emphasis away from the discourse of authenticity to the process of authenticating ethnic tourism. It focuses upon what authentication is, how it works, who is involved, and...

Constructing Cultural Tourism: John Ruskin and the Tourist Gaze

by Keith Hanley & John K. Walton

This book is an interdisciplinary collaboration between a literary critic and cultural historian, which examines and recovers a radical and still urgent challenge to the industrialisation of cultural tourism...


by Stan Mason

Sam Ross's wife dies in a car crash after finding him in bed with another woman. After the funeral, he decides to trace his family tree and, as he is Jewish, he reckons that he might trace his ancestors back...


by Stan Mason

Charles and Jennifer Roach are a deeply devoted young married couple who live in Cornwall. On wintry night, when snow and ice covered every inch of the ground, they go for a walk with a neighbour's dog which...

Super Short Stories

by Stan Mason

This anthology is vibrant in its nature including tales of comedy, horror, intrigue, fantasy and romance. It contains a host of wonderful characters and many quite ingenious. Stories. You will really enjoy reading...

The Devil in Amber: A Lucifer Box Novel

by Mark Gatiss

Lucifer Box, His Majesty's most daring—and depraved—secret agent returns in a mystery set some twenty years after the scandalous events of The Vesuvius Club. This time he faces treachery within his own service...