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Comprehensive Guide To Interpersonal Psychotherapy

by Myrna M. Weissman, John C. Markowitz & Gerald Klerman

Since its introduction as a brief, empirically validated treatment for depression, Interpersonal Psychotherapy has broadened its scope and repertoire to include disorders of behavior and personality as well...

The Human Spark: The Science of Human Development

How We Do It: The Evolution and Future of Human Reproduction

by Robert Martin

Despite our seemingly endless fascination with sex and parenting, the origins of our reproductive lives remain a mystery. Why are a quarter of a billion sperm cells needed to fertilize one egg? Are women really...

What We Knew: Terror, Mass Murder, and Everyday Life in Nazi Germany

by Eric A. Johnson & Karl-Heinz Reuband

The shocking oral history that reveals the truth about daily life in Nazi Germany.

Soul Searching: Why Psychotherapy Must Promote Moral Responsibility

by William J. Doherty

Trained to strive for neutrality and to focus strictly on the clients’ needs, most therapists generally consider moral issues such as fairness, truthfulness, and obligation beyond their domain. Now, an award-winning...

The Mind Of The CEO

by Jeffrey E. Garten

"Mr. Garten has sketched a role for business leadership that goes far beyond what Republicans and business itself have traditionally accepted.... Provocative."-New York Times

Lying About Hitler

by Richard Evans

An illumination of one of the most explosive and publicized "holocaust trials" since that of Adolf Eichmann, by a leading historian who acted as chief adviser to the defense

The Ape And The Sushi Master Reflections Of A Primatologist

by Franz De Waal

Arguing that apes have created their own distinctive culture, eminent primatologist Frans de Waal challenges our most basic assumptions about who we are and how we differ from other animals.

Drive: Synthesis for Clinical Work

by Fred Pine

A noted theoretician and clinician provides a synthesis of the four conceptual domains of psychoanalysis: drive, ego functioning, object relations, and self experience. Pine demonstrates how a focus on the clinical...

The Ghosts of Evolution

by Connie Barlow

"Fascinating, imaginative, and stimulating, The Ghosts of Evolution is a wonderful piece of writing-well worth reading by anyone interested in nature and its myriad components." -Michael J. Balick, The New York...

Hard Green: Saving the Environment from the Environmentalists: A Conservative Manifesto

by Peter Huber

A strongly-argued critique of environmentalism from the right - the conservative’s answer to Al Gore’s Earth in the Balance.

Schopenhauer's Porcupines: Intimacy And Its Dilemmas: Five Stories Of Psychotherapy

by Deborah Luepnitz

"Deborah Anna Luepnitz has written a masterpiece about the living, breathing relationship of psychotherapist and client."--Linda Austin, M.D., author of What's Holding You Back

Inside Sudan: Political Islam, Conflict, And Catastrophe

by Donald Petterson

A former U.S. ambassador provides the most authoritative account of the twists and turns of Sudan’s interactions with America, its devastating civil war, and its close connections to global terrorism

Hunger: An Unnatural History

by Sharman Apt Russell

Hunger is both a natural and an unnatural human condition. Sharman Apt Russell explores the range of this primal experience

Journey Of The Adopted Self: A Quest For Wholeness

by Betty Jean Lifton

The author of the “adoptee’s bible,” Lost and Found, explores the inner psychological world of adopted people and shows how the search for biological roots can be a journey toward wholeness.

Local Knowledge: Further Essays In Interpretive Anthropology

by Clifford Geertz

In essays covering everything from art and common sense to charisma and constructions of the self, the eminent cultural anthropologist and author of The Interpretation of Cultures deepens our understanding of...

The Annotated Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions

by Ian Stewart

For the first time in paperback, the only annotated edition of Edwin Abbott’s classic mind-bending tale of an alternate, two-dimensional universe presented side-by-side with mathematician Ian Stewart’s revealing...

Islam And Democracy: Fear Of The Modern World With New Introduction

by Fatima Mernissi

From one of the world's foremost Islamic scholars, a revised edition of a classic and groundbreaking book on Islam

Myths of Gender: Biological Theories about Women and Men

by Anne Fausto-Sterling

By carefully examining the biological, genetic, evolutionary, and psychological evidence, a noted biologist finds a shocking lack of substance behind ideas about biologically based sex differences. Features...

Personality Disorders In Children And Adolescents

by Paulina F. Kernberg, Alan S. Weiner & Karen Bardenstein

In the first book to argue that neurotic, psychotic, and borderline personality disorders can be identified, diagnosed, and treated even in the young, a renowned child psychiatrist marshalls her developmental...