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The Master of Minds of Venus

by William K Sonnemann

Lee had no idea how strong his invention was until it contacted someone on Venus! As unbelievable as it was it leads him down a path he never expected!

You'll Die Yesterday

by Rog Philips

At first, in the weak light, he thought he saw the body. But the drawer was empty!

Ticket to Venus

by E.K. Jarvis

Markham was sure space travel was not yet possible. Then how could this unknown agency dare sell tickets to other planets?

And Eve Was

by Rog Philips

And the sons of God came unto the daughters of men . . . in those days there were giants in the earth!

The Return of Sathanas

by Richard Shaver

This trip was ordered by the great Elders of Nor themselves. I was to capture and bring to trial that unwise but accomplished fiend, Sathanas, Ruler of the planet Satana. Sathanas, though a younger member of...

The Dark Goddess

by Richard Shaver

Deep within her caverns the great mer-woman longed for death to end her loneliness. But then came a voyager from space--a man-also lonely....

Daughter of the Night

by Richard Shaver

The evil magic of the Goddess Diana turned men to stone. Would the power of the strange Eos be strong enough to turn them back to living men?

We Dance For the Dom

by Richard Shaver

The Dom had a triple crown, and it was by a strange circumstance indeed that he set it on Green Wing's heads!

Sinister Paradise

by Robert Moore Williams

It was like a mirage in reverse, this strange island off the California coast--it couldn't always be seen, but it was there-in Time.

The Chameleon Man

by William P McGivern

Perfect adaptation, that's what it was. When a human being can blend with his surroundings, funny things can happen!

The Fifth Dimension Tube

by Murray Leinster

By way of Professor Denham's Tube, Tommy and Evelyn invade the inimical Fifth-Dimensional world of golden cities and tree-fern jungles and Ragged Men.

Thompsons Time Traveling Theory

by Mort Weisginer

Thompson had a theory about killing grandfather before his own birth-so he went into the past.

Crossed Wires

by Leroy Yerxa

Blindness was a blessing compared to that thing that happened to Walter Marsh's most vital senses.

Battle Before Dawn

by Robert Moore Williams

Man and Centaur fought to free a girl--and the fate of all mankind hung in the balance


by CV Tench

Professor Wroxton had disappeared-but in the bottom of the mysterious crystal cage lay the diamond from his ring.

Cold Light

by Capt SP Meek

How could a human body be found actually splintered-broken into sharp fragments like shattered glass! Once again Dr. Bird probes deep into an amazing mystery.

Creatures of the Light

by Sophie Wenzel Ellis

He had striven to perfect the faultless man of the future, and had succeeded-too well. For in the pitilessly cold eyes of Adam, his super-human creation, Dr. Mundson saw only contempt-and annihilation-for the...

Old Cromptons Secret

by Harl Vincent

Tom's extraordinary machine glowed-and the years were banished from Old Crompton's body. But there still remained, deep-seated in his century-old mind, the memory of his crime

Spawn of the Stars

by Charles W Diffin

The Earth lay powerless beneath those loathsome, yellowish monsters that, sheathed in cometlike globes, sprang from the skies to annihilate man and reduce his cities to ashes.

Mad Music

by Anthony Pelcher

The sixty stories of the perfectly constructed Colossus building had mysteriously crashed! What was the connection between this catastrophe and the weird strains of the Mad Musician's violin?