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Butter Busters

by Pam Mycoskie

A phenomenal, self-published bestseller--now completely revised and updated. This revolutionary new book contains over 350 delicious recipes that use simple substitutions to transform family favorites into very...

Drucker: The Man Who Invented the Corporate Society


A biography of Peter Drucker, one of the most pre-eminent businessmen and theorists.

When Money Isn't Enough: How Women Are Finding the Soul of Success

by Connie Glaser

Glaser presents profiles and interviews with women across the country who have found success on their own terms and offers these empowered people as updated role models.


by Sandra Krebs Hirsh

Based on the Myers-Briggs personality test, this guide will help readers develop a complete, accurate psychological self-portrait and show them how to achieve success in life.

How to Make Peace with Your Partner

by Connie Peck

Peck leads readers through foolproof strategies for negotiating conflict so that both partners win. She shows how couples can tackle tough problems together by scheduling time to negotiate; exploring each other's...

Hook, The: Gilded Canary - Book #1: Gilded Canary - Book #1

by Brad Latham

Bill Lockwood, an insurance investigator and World War I veteran, searches for a night-club singer's stolen jewels. Book 1 of The Hook by Brad Latham.

Hook, The: Corpses in the Cellar - #5: Corpses in the Cellar - #5

by Brad Latham

Bill Lockwood, a detective for the Transatlantic Underwriters Insurance Company, investigates a fire due to arson at a popular New York City nightclub.

Cody's Army: Philippine Hardpunch: Philippine Hardpunch

by Jim Case

Jared Bolt and a Comanche warrior risk their lives to capture a brutal gang of outlaws, who raped and killed two Indian girls.

Cody's Army: Hellfire in Haiti: Hellfire in Haiti

by Jim Case

Cody, Hawkeye and Caine are up against a thousand men as they rescue Rufe from an ex-Green Beret training terrorists in the Haitian highlands. And Cody knows they had better rescue Rufe soon, before he's tortured...

Ben Slayton, T-Man: A Clear and Present Danger - Book #1: A Clear and Present Danger - Book #1

by Buck Sanders

U.S. Congressmen are being killed...the President is next! Book 1 of Ben Slayton, T-Man by Buck Sanders.

Cody's Army: D.C. Firestrike: D.C. Firestrike

by Jim Case

Operation Firehawk. Staging area: America's capitol. Target: the world's most prestigious hostage. And now the job to bring back the President--alive--belongs to Cody's Army. Because nobody fights dirtier, or...

Cody's Army: Belfast Blitz: Belfast Blitz

by Jim Case

John Cody, ex-Marine and CIA operative, with his hand-picked team of fighting professionals takes on Terrance Leslie, second in comand in the IRA's Northern Council. Leslie plans to trigger an Irish revolt,...


by Rosalyn McMillan

After years of working in a factory, Ginger decides to go back to school and join the 9-to-5 white-collar world. The higher she climbs, however, the more her jealous, controlling husband tries to pull her back...

Brain Longevity: The Breakthrough Medical Program that Improves Your Mind and Memory

by Dharma Singh Khalsa & Cameron Stauth

In the tradition of Andrew Weil's bestseller Spontaneous Healing, and aimed at the 78 million baby boomers hitting the "memory barrier", this is a physician's breakthrough medical program for the brain designed...

The Greatest War - Volume III: The Battle of the Bulge to Hiroshima

by Gerald Astor

The third volume of this American combat history of World War II highlights the exploits of General MacArthur in the Phillipines and General Patton in Germany and covers from the Battle of the Bulge to Hiroshima...

The Greatest War - Volume II: D-Day and the Assault on Europe

by Gerald Astor

Told by soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines, this series is an oral history of World War II from those who were there. This second volume examines the storming of Omaha Beach on D-Day, and the advance of...

Trainmasters # 2: The Railroad War

by Jesse Croft

Croft presents the second exciting book in this magnificent saga about the men and women who built America's railroad empire during the tumultuous Civil War years. "A superior historical adventure--and a thundering...


by Jesse Croft & Steve Thrapp

Building a railroad through the Appalachians and rugged Pennsylvania territory, John Carlysle battles ruthless thugs hired by politicians and finds himself torn betweem the woman he loves and his burgeoning...

The Perfect Pitch: How to Sell Yourself for Todays Job Market

by David Andrusia

Whether it's finding a new job, holding on to current employment, or nailing down a new promotion, the key is learning how to effectively sell or "pitch" oneself to others. In this insightful and entertaining...

Wings of Gold: Aces - Book #1: Aces - Book #1

by T.E. Cruise

The Aces is the story of German pilot Herman Goldstein who emigrates to the U.S. and forms an air transport business which rockets to the forefront of the industry. First in an epic, three-volume series tracing...