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Life Kills

by Miles Vertigan

The critically acclaimed experimental satire that turns the 21st century on its head.

Juno & Hannah

by Beryl Fletcher

1920, deep in the New Zealand bush, a settlement of Christian fundamentalists live a life of austerity and isolation. It is a place where there is little space for compassion, particularly for the women who...


by Susan Hawthorne

When two women and a dog set off on a holiday, they have no inkling of what’s to come. They wake to find the river has crept up silently during the night. Trapped by floodwater, they devise escape routes only...

Town of Love

by Anne Ch. Ostby

With insight and brutal honesty, this book paints a vivid picture of some of the world's most vulnerable women and children. Called “women of love,” very young girls make up a workforce tasked with feeding...

Screenwriting: The Sequence Approach

by Paul Gulino

The great challenge in writing a feature-length screenplay is sustaining audience involvement from page one through 120. Screenwriting: The Sequence Approach expounds on an often-overlooked tool that can be...

The Man Who Heard Voices: Or, How M. Night Shyamalan Risked His Career on a Fairy Tale and Lost

by Michael Bamberger

A behind-the-scenes look at the groundbreaking filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan

In his relatively young career, M. Night Shyamalan has achieved phenomenal commercial and critical success. His films The Sixth Sense,...

Fascinating People of the Bible

by Christopher D. Hudson

Bible characters are intriguing people, and we can learn a lot from their lives. That’s the idea behind Fascinating People of the Bible.

The Bible Promise Book - NLV Gift Edition

by Barbour Publishing

What does God say about contentment? What about gossip or loneliness or work? His guarantees on these issues and more are covered in The Bible Promise Book. This compact book offers God's words on dozens of...

Quiet Moments with God: Devotions for a Woman's Heart

by Shanna D. Gregor

Here is a delightful women’s devotional that encourages Christian women of all ages to cultivate a heart of prayer in quiet meditation.



3-Minute Devotions for Women: Daily Devotional (purple)

by Inc. Barbour Publishing

Got 3 minutes to spare? You’ll find the spiritual pick-me-up you need in 3-Minute Devotions for Women.  

3-Minute Devotions for Women: Daily Devotional (burgundy)

by Inc. Barbour Publishing

Got 3 minutes to spare? You’ll find the spiritual pick-me-up you need in 3-Minute Devotions for Women.  

I Fall to My Knees: Devotional Prayers Inspired by Ephesians 3

by Laura Freudig

I Fall to My Knees is a brand-new collection of devotional prayers and Bible promises that will guide readers from the apostle Paul’s prayer for the church at Ephesus in Ephesians 6.



Whispers of Wisdom for Girls

by Barbour Publishing

Equip yourself to stand firm in your faith and live God's way - with 365 Daily Whispers of Wisdom for Girls.

Janie's Freedom: African Americans in the Aftermath of Civil War

by Callie Smith Grant

Time Period:  1867  Eleven-year-old Janie finds herself in a quandary. The War Between the States is now over, and Miss Laura, widowed mistress of Rubyhill Plantation, has told Rubyhill's former slaves they're...

Grace and the Bully: Drought on the Frontier

by Norma Jean Lutz

Time Period:  1819  Grace Morgan can't stand the dirty, unkempt boy who harasses her meek and quiet cousin. But Grace soon gets a taste of the bully's hard life of poverty when her hometown of Cincinnati is...

Emma's Secret: The Cincinnati Epidemic

by Veda Boyd Jones

Time Period:  1832  Twelve-year-old Emma Farley has a secret hope-but in 1832, in the rough frontier city of Cincinnati, will she ever be able to live her dream? The odds are against her, considering society's...

Inspector Cadaver

Inspector Maigret #47

by Georges Simenon

Three vintage Maigret novels by legendary mystery author Georges Simenon

One of the world 's most successful crime writers, Georges Simenon has thrilled mystery lovers since 1931 with his matchless creation...

Daria Solves a Mystery: Ohio Experiences the Civil War

by Norma Jean Lutz

Time Period:  1862  Daria Fisk's father is a doctor who's serving with the Union Army. When her financially-strapped mother must open their home to boarders, a wounded soldier comes to stay. Daria's twin brother,...

Betsy's River Adventure: The Journey Westward

by Veda Boyd Jones

Time Period:  1808  Thirteen-year-old Betsy Miller is shocked when her parents decide to move from their home in Boston to the rugged frontier city of Cincinnati. They'll take a dangerous, weeks-long journey...

101 People of the Bible You Should Know: Famous, Not-So-Famous, Sometimes Infamous

by Inc. Barbour Publishing

The Bible is filled with characters you should know—and here are 101 brief biographies to bring those famous, not-so-famous, and infamous folks to life.