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Call Me Lumpy: My Leave It to Beaver Days and Other Wild Hollywood Life

by Bank Bank & Gibu Twyman

Frank Bank's story is a sometimes wild, sometimes bawdy, often poignant, always funny account of a real-life Louie Louie who led a nation to California-dreamin'.

Games of Pleasure

by Julia Ross

Hiding a terrible secret, Miracle Heather has no desire to be rescued--especially by a virile young aristocrat. Yet as their accidental companionship leads them both into the unknown, mounting desire threatens...

Love and Deceit

by Cheri Champagne

Lady Katherine Mason is the average gentlewoman. Or is she? Since early girlhood, Lady Katherine has enjoyed creating fine clothing for her family. But she has a secret. A secret that takes her away from her...

The Frost-Haired Vixen

by John Zakour

In the year 2060, freelance private investigator Zach Johnson tackles his strangest case yet--solving the murders of two elves at the North Pole. Zach must match wits, muscle, and technology against a bevy of...


by Sheri S. Tepper

What could be more commonplace than grass, or a world covered over all its surface with a wind-whipped ocean of grass? But the planet Grass conceals horrifying secrets within its endless pastures. And as an...

Jack Knife

by Virginia Baker

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Lean Six Sigma

by Management Group, Breakthrough

The perfect prescription for any organization Increasingly popular with large and mid-sized companies around the world, Lean Six Sigma is the new hybridization of Six Sigma and Lean methodologies, and there...

The Artisan Jewish Deli at Home

by Nick Zukin & Michael Zusman

Finally, fifty years after I started eating pastrami sandwiches and knishes at Wilshire’s Deli in Cedarhurst, Long Island, Nick Zukin and Michael C. Zusman have written a cookbook that allows delicatessen...

Dictionary of World Literature - Criticism, Forms, Technique

by , Joseph T Shipley

The dictionary of world literature: criticism-forms-technique presents a consideration of critics and criticism, of literary schools, movements, forms, and techniques-including drama and the theatre-in eastern...

Life on a Cape Farm: Country cooking at its best

by Lesley Gillett & Louise Gillett

Delicious recipes from the Bartholomeus Klip farmhouse kitchen.

Africa: In the Footsteps of the Great Explorers

by Kingsley Holgate

Kingsley Holgate, a self-described 'romantic adventurer', honours the early explorers who faced starvation, fever and even death to open up Africa to the Western world by following in their footsteps.

Anna's Story, a Tribute to Love

by Robert Ennever

Anna didn't want to die. She wanted to live to see her grand-daughters' weddings. But it was not to be. It is always tragic to lose a loved one, but it is sheer torture to watch one's partner deteriorate day...

Fee-Jee, the Cannibal Islands

by Robert Ennever

Personal conflicts and fierce emotions set amidst the intrigues and bloodshed of the infamous Cannibal Islands and the hardships of the fledgling convict colony of New South Wales. Early nineteenth century Fee-jee,...

I Heard God Laughing: Poems of Hope and Joy

by Hafiz

From the renowned translator of The Gift, a rich collection that brings the great Sufi poet to Western readers

To Persians , the poems of Hafiz are not "classical literature" from a remote past but cherished...

Questions about Life, Volume 1 (WeJIT Enhanced!)

by John Alan Halloran

Questions About Life is a completely new type of book. It consists of 58 questions with 58 hyperlinked answers, where the writing is concise and to the point. At 75 pages, the book appears short, but the density...

Historical Dictionary of Nietzscheanism

by Carol Diethe

'There cannot be a God because if there were one, I could not believe that I was not He.' _Friedrich Nietzsche Few philosophers have been as popular, prolific, and controversial as Friedrich Nietzsche, who has...

Historical Dictionary of Hegelian Philosophy

by John W. Burbidge

The second edition of the Historical Dictionary of Hegelian Philosophy covers all aspects of Hegel's thought. It discusses his students and colleagues, as well as key figures who either adopted (and adapted)...

Historical Dictionary of United States-Southeast Asia Relations

by Donald E. Weatherbee

The Historical Dictionary of United States-Southeast Asia Relations identifies the key issues, individuals, and events in the history of U.S.-Southeast Asia relations and places them in the context of the complex...

Major Revision Facts in Mathematics

by B. N. Kumar

This book was created for students and teachers interested in mastering the basic applications of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and statistics. This text has been proven to improve learning for students behind...

Fighting the Forces: What's at Stake in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

by Rhonda V. Wilcox & David Lavery

Fighting the Forces explores the struggle to create meaning in an impressive example of popular culture, the television series phenomenon 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.' In the essays collected here, contributors...