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Kisses of Encouragement: Heartwarming Messages that Encourage & Inspire

by Howard Books

This new gift book series features short messages that hold the same significance as a sweet kiss on the cheek of a dearly loved friend, sister, or child. Photographs enhance the message, and the simple but...

The Power of a Positive Woman Devotional GIFT: 52 Monday Morning Motivations

by Karol Ladd

52 Powerful Devotionals for the Busy Woman

What woman doesn't yearn for a few moments of reflective peace and serene quiet in the presence of God? Yet, most women wear too many hats and feel pulled in too many...

Find Your Wings

by Mark R. Harris

It's not living if you don't reach for the sky...

This beautifully illustrated gift book by Mark Harris draws from the power of the words from the bestselling song, "Find Your Wings."

Life's too Short to Give up Slumber Parties

by Judy Gordon

In the busyness of our days, we sometimes forget to slow down and enjoy the big benefits that are wrapped in the little moments shared between friends. This charming book is a sweet reminder to slow down, take...

My Pocket Prayer Partner for Women

by Howard Books

Who do you turn to when you need guidance? Where do you go to find peace, comfort, and rest from the daily challenges and stresses of life? Why not turn to God? Life has many twists and turns, but you can face...

Between Sundays: A Year of Transforming Devotionals for the Toughest Days

by Shawn Craig

You've experienced it -- the spiritual let-down on Monday after Sunday worship that keeps spiraling down until the next first-day fellowship. How do you overcome that deflating feeling? How do you maintain your...

The Influenza Bomb: A Novel

by Paul McCusker & Walt M.D. Larimore

Masses of people are dying from a mysterious flu. While the TSI team searches for a cure, a notorious eco-terrorist group,Return to Earth, uses an influenza bomb to poison the water. It’s a race against time—with...

Scriptures at Your Fingertips for Teens: Over 250 Topics and 2000 Verses

by Merry Graham & Tiffany Michelle Graham

This handy, alphabetically organized, quick-find Bible reference gives teens immediate access to what Scripture says on topics such as angels, addiction, goals, gangs, work, and weapons.

The ancient wisdom...

The Bell Messenger: A Novel

by Robert Cornuke & Alton Gansky

A suspenseful yet touching story of a Civil war Bible that pops up again and again over a century and shapes the very history of the nation.

This rich and involving historical and archeological thriller begins...

A Season of Possibilities

by Mal Austin

Why does it seem we feel closer to God when we are immersed in a natural or idyllic or wild setting? And then even more so at dawn or dusk?

We know by scripture and experience that a loving God who never sleeps...

Humor for a Sister's Heart: Stories, Quips, and Quotes to Lift the Heart

by Howard Books

Celebrate the Bond of Sisterhood

When it comes to sisters, there's plenty to laugh about -- and this joyful book is filled with humorous stories about the special relationship that sisters share.


Take a Closer Look: Uncommon & Unexpected Insights That Will Change Your Life

by Bryan McAnally

It's the Bible like you've never seen it - it's your life like you've never lived it.

The Bible. You may have grown up reading its pages, memorizing its stories, considering its claims. Now you can take a closer...

The Bible Bathroom Book: Information for Those Who Have Only Minutes to Read

by Mark Littleton


Just think -- you are only minutes away from learning more about the Bible.

This simple-to-read collection of factoids is the perfect solution to finding the time necessary to be better "Bible-informed."...

Small Blessings

by Erica Becker

Sometimes it is the little things that bless our lives the most:

  • Walking past a bakery shop in the morning
  • Falling asleep to the sound of rain
  • The sun warming your face
  • Your favorite pajamas
  • A really good...

What if There Were No Grandmas?: A Gift Book for Grandmas and Those Who Wish to Celebrate Them

by Caron Chandler Loveless & Dennis Hill

What If There Were No Grandmas?

How sad life would be.

Grandmas are the glue that holds the world together. Their love, patience, and apple pie are sometimes taken for granted. Now it's time to tell grandmas...

The Divine Appointment

by Jerome Teel

"They aren't hiding just one something, but a bunch of somethings..."

Jessica Caldwell hates the day she met him, and she hates him even more. But now the two of them will be connected forever...

Eli Faulkner...

What Kids Wish Parents Knew about Parenting

by Joe White

It's an alarming moment when it dawns on parents that their child is in trouble. And if you aren't perceptive you may never know until you find a half-smoked marijuana joint in a jeans pocked on laundry day...

A Matter of Wife & Death

by Ginger Kolbaba & Christy Scannell


especially when people expect you to be perfect.

Jennifer, who volunteers at a crisis pregnancy center, has waited years for a baby. Why is it so easy for girls like Jessica to get...

Drift: A Novel of Suspense

by Sharon C Rogers

"I am not angel, nor am I demon. I am not a ghost as some would like to believe. I am a Drifter, something God created in his spare time and then forgot on the fringes of reality."



Opening Windows: Spiritual Refreshment for Your Walk with Christ

by Howard Books

Throw back the curtain and see His light.

Open the window and hear His voice.

Raise the glass and feel His gentle breeze.

Refreshment and renewal await you in the pages of this beautiful book inspired by Max...