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The Groups Book: Psychoanalytic Group Therapy: Principles and Practice

by Caroline Garland

Including The Groups Manual, A Treatment Manual, with Clinical Vignettes.'This book is very important both for psychoanalysis and for social science. Psychoanalysis began with the treatment of individuals and...

Difficult Topics in Group Psychotherapy

by Jerome Gans

This book contains eleven selected papers on difficult topics group therapists encounter in their work. Based on the author's forty years in the field, these papers include the topics of shame, courage, hostility,...

Being with Older People: A Systemic Approach

by Eleanor Anderson, Glenda Fredman & Joshua Stott

The authors of this volume take as their starting point "striking moments" in their practice with older people, their families and other practitioners. They integrate these with current systemic thinking to...

Losing the Race: Thinking Psychosocially about Racially Motivated Crime

by Bill Dixon & David Gadd

Based on a two-year research project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), this book explores why many of those involved in racially motivated crime seem to be struggling to cope with economic,...

On Latency: Individual Development, Narcissistic Impulse Reminiscence and Cultural Ideal

by Leticia Franieck & Michael Gunter

Latency is a developmental period that plays a transitional role, like "a bridge", between early childhood and adolescence (the beginning of early adulthood). However, the latency period is a subject that has...

Sextuplets: Study of a Sibling Group

by Linda Fortini & Laura Mori

'This unique and fascinating book carefully traces aspects of the personality of sextuplets which persist from birth onwards. The way in which the personal characteristics of both the mother and her children...

The Psychoanalytic Adventures of Inspector Canal

by Bruce Fink

Psychoanalysts make the best detectives! When it comes to divining motives, deciphering ambiguous pronouncements, detecting delusions, and foiling the tricks memory plays, famed French analyst Jacques Lacan...

Franks and Saracens: Reality and Fantasy in the Crusades

by Avner Falk

This is the first and only book to examine the Crusades from the added viewpoint of psychoanalysis, studying the hidden emotions and fantasies that drove the Crusaders and the Muslims to undertake their terrible...

When Theories Touch: A Historical and Theoretical Integration of Psychoanalytic Thought

by Steven Ellman

This book aims to deconstruct the different theoretical perspectives of psychoanalysis, and reconstruct these concepts in a language that is readily understood. Wherever possible this is meant not to do away...

Questioning Identities: Philosophy in Psychoanalytic Practice

by Mary Ellis & Noreen O'Connor

Face-to-face with differences in the analytical relationship analysts frequently confront the limitations of their theories. In this new book Mary Lynne Ellis and Noreen O'Connor move to the heart of 21st century...

Psychotherapy and Culture: Weaving Inner and Outer Worlds

by Zack Eleftheriadou

This book explores cross-cultural relationships and the psychological journey of migration, drawing from the author's extensive experience in this field. Many complex theoretical and clinical questions are raised...

Eigen in Seoul: Madness and Murder

by Michael Eigen

This book contains an eighteen hour seminar - given over a three day period - presented by Michael Eigen in Seoul, Korea, in 2007. The seminar traces transformations of madness and faith in psychoanalysis -...

Systems-Centered Therapy: Clinical Practice with Individuals, Families and Groups

by Yvonne Agazarian & Susan Gantt

Systems-centered therapy (SCT) brings an innovative approach to clinical practice. Developed by Yvonne Agazarian, SCT introduces a theory and set of methods that put systems ideas into practice. The collection...

Ritual Abuse and Mind Control: The Manipulation of Attachment Needs

by Badouk Orit, Joseph Schwartz & Wingfield Rachel

People who have survived ritual abuse or mind control experiments have often been silenced, accused of lying, mocked and disbelieved. Clinicians working with survivors often find themselves isolated, facing...

The Injured Self: The Psychopathology and Psychotherapy of Developmental Deviations

by Dov Aleksandrowicz & Malca Aleksandrowicz

The book examines the clinical implications of innate developmental individuality. The authors present a model of what they call "developmentally informed" therapy, based on the assumption that biologically...

The Reflective Citizen: Organizational and Social Dynamics

by Laurence Gould, Aideen Lucey & Lionel Stapley

This is the first in a "Reflective Citizen" series, the intention being to develop volumes from the various OPUS (An Organisation for Promoting Understanding of Society) activities which include Scientific Meetings,...

Freud's Schreber Between Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis: On Subjective Disposition to Psychosis

by Thomas Dalzell

This book investigates what was distinctive about the predisposition to psychosis Freud posited in Daniel Paul Schreber, a presiding judge in Saxony's highest court. It argues that Freud's 1911 Schreber text...

At Midnight in a Flaming Town

by Lorraine Bateman & Paul Cole

It is 1914 and life has changed dramatically for the people of Belgium. The advancing German military, delayed by a valiant Belgian Army, take out their frustrations on innocent civilians. Shockwaves reverberate...

Her Hour Come Round at Last: A Garland for Nina Coltart

by Gillian Preston & Peter Rudnytsky

This title is a celebration of the life of Nina Coltart, who had a career in medicine and psychoanalysis and was author of bestselling titles in psychotherapy The Baby and the Bathwater and How to Survive as...

Mapping Psychic Reality: Triangulation, Communication, and Insight

by James Rose

This book is about how we can deepen our understanding of subjectivity through the use of the concept of triangulation. Fundamentally, this book seeks to address the question of how we can be objective about...