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How to Breed your Rottweiler Responsibly

by Mary Lambert

How to Breed your Rottweiler Responsibly Deciding to breed your Rottweiler is a big decision and one that should not be taken lightly. Most people get very excited about the prospect of having a bunch of cute...

The English Cocker Spaniel Good Health Guide

by David Wright

Choose to live a long and rewarding life with you English Cocker Spaniel, choose to spend a little now to gain so much more later. Act now and get The English Cocker Spaniel Good Health Guide.

Christ and Culture: Communion After Lambeth

by Martyn Percy

Leading bishops from around the world including Rowan Williams, Tom Wright, Katharine Jefferts Schori, Geoffrey Rowell, Richard Clarke, Victoria Matthews, Drexel Gomez and others, reflect on the ten main themes...

Glimpses of Glory: Prayers for the Church Year C

by David Adam

Glimpses of Glory is the second in a three-volume collection of prayers and other resources based on the new Common Worship Lectionary used widely around the world. Written in the Celtic style for which the...

Folk Like Me: The Read-Aloud Book of Saints

by K.M. Lucchese & Cathy Rylander

A lively and engaging collection of saints' stories specially written to be read aloud in a weekly Chapel, religion class, or bedtime setting, to students ranging from kindergarten to high school.

Keeping Silence: Christian Practices for Entering Stillness

by C.W. McPherson

Slow down and be quiet so you can hear God's voice and guidance for your life. This engaging book provides easy-to-follow instructions for a variety of Christian practices to enter stillness. For individuals...

For Your Eyes Only

by Sandra Antonelli

The smart-talking, quip-cracking, pop-culture addicted author of A Basic Renovation is back with a new romance for grown ups...

By day, Willa is a mild-mannered scientist; by night, she's on the trail of stolen...

Effective Akka

by Jamie Allen

Avoid common mistakes when building distributed, asynchronous, high-performance software with the Akka toolkit and runtime. With this concise guide, author Jamie Allen provides a collection of best practices...

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Old Age Care Guide 7+

by Kevin Winslet

The Care Guide for older Staffies covers subjects such as: o Old Aged Staffie And Canine Bereavement o Older Staffie And Their Needs o Diet o Exercise o The Aging Staffie o Environmental Modifications o Health...

Beyond the Sky and the Earth: A Journey into Bhutan

by Jamie Zeppa

Jamie Zeppa was 24 when she left a stagnant life at home and signed a contract to teach for two years in the Buddhist hermit kingdom of Bhutan. Much more than just a travel memoir, Beyond the Sky and the Earth...

How Can I Let Go If I Don't Know I'm Holding On?: Setting Our Souls Free

by Linda Douty

Rich resource for personal spiritual growth and group study; practical guide to letting go as a path to a deeper relationship with God.

God with Skin On: Finding God's Love in Human Relationships

by Anne Robertson

You may be the only Jesus some people will ever meet! This book helps us become "God with skin on" for others. With biblical examples and psychological studies, it examines our relationships with family, authorities,...

Echo of the Soul: The Sacredness of the Human Body

by Philip Newell

Few issues have caused the church more difficulty through the ages than those surrounding the human body. Throughout much of Christian history, spiritual seekers have considered the body to be, at best, a hindrance...

From Holidays to Holy Days: A Benedictine Walk through Advent

by O.S.B., Albert Holtz

Rather than criticizing trappings of the holiday season, this book looks at them from the viewpoint of Christian contemplation, once aptly described as "a long, loving look at the real." The author, a Benedictine...

Swift Runs The Heart

by Mary Brock Jones

Both Geraldine MacKenny and Bas Deverill escaped to the goldfields in search of something — for him, a fortune; for her, independence; for both, freedom. Neither expected the fields to yield so much more....

Bonjour Cherie (novella)

by Robin Thomas

It's Paris or bust in this New Adult comedy of errors about seeing beyond the surface...

Beth Jenkins is into all things French — especially her French teacher, André LeBlanc. She’s on the fast track to...

Jasper's Mountain

by John Inman

When small-time thief Timmy Harwell recklessly "borrows" a Cadillac for a joyride, he doesn't expect to find a cool $100,000 in the trunk. His elation turns to terror when he realizes the SUV and the dough belong...

The Havanese Good Health Guide

by Jenny Milbrook

Choose to live a long and rewarding life with you Havanese, choose to spend a little now to gain so much more later. Act now and get The Havanese Good Health Guide. With our No Quibble, Money Back Guarantee...

Facing West: A Story of the Oregon Trail

by Kathleen V. Kudlinski

When his family travels west via wagon train in 1845, Ben faces many adventures and hardships. Along with the dangers of rough weather and wild animals, Ben also fears the possibility that he might have a devastating...

Groom & Show your Border Terrier

by Janet Bairstowe Janet Bairstowe

You can gain years of pleasure showing your Border Terrier. Enjoy a close bond between you and your Border Terrier as you groom them and prepare them to compete or just buy this book to keep your Border Terrier...