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Daily Bible Study Fall 2013

by Carol J. Miller, Stan Purdum & Clara Welch

A resource based on the Uniform Series that complements study of the Adult Bible Studies by following the daily Bible readings. It gives structure to daily devotional time. Turn your Sunday school preparation...

Immersion Bible Studies | Revelation

by John Y. H. Yieh & Henry G. Brinton

Take a refreshing plunge into the Bible.

Immersion Bible Studies | Romans

by Lynn H. Cohick

Take a refreshing plunge into the Bible.

Immersion Bible Studies | Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers

by W. E. March

Take a refreshing plunge into the Bible.

Immersion Bible Studies | Acts

by Craig S. Keener & John P Gilbert

Take a refreshing plunge into the Bible.

The Party and the Arty in China: The New Politics of Culture

by Richard Curt Kraus

Arguing that cultural reform is a key aspect of political reform, Richard Kraus shows here that China's economic transformation has dramatically liberated the production and consumption of culture. In this original...


by Knut Hamsun

When it first appeared in 1898, this fourth novel by celebrated Norwegian writer Knut Hamsun captured instant acclaim for its poetic, psychologically intense portrayal of love’s predicament in a class-bound...

Emmanuel Levinas: A Philosophy of Exile

by Abi Doukhan

Our era is profoundly marked by the phenomenon of exile and it is has become increasingly urgent to rethink the concept of exile and our stance towards it. This renewed reflection on the problem of exile brings...

Leading School Change: 9 Strategies To Bring Everybody On Board

by Todd Whitaker

Make positive and immediate changes in your school with the support of your entire staff. New from acclaimed speaker and bestselling author Todd Whitaker (What Great Teachers Do Differently, Dealing with Difficult...

Literacy from A to Z: Engaging Students in Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening

by Barbara Blackburn

This book offers strategies, activities, and tools to help teachers and reading specialists teach elementary and middle school students to become better readers, writers, speakers, and listeners. Written in...

I Have the Data¿Now What?: Analyzing Data and Making Instructional Changes

by Betsy Moore

In this book, author, consultant, and longtime educator Betsy Moore shows teachers how to use data to make informed instructional changes in their classrooms. Strategies will help them to pinpoint and carry...

Response to Intervention and Continuous School Improvement: Using Data, Vision and Leadership to Design, Implement, and Evaluate a Schoolwide Preventi

by Victoria Bernhardt & Connie Hebert

Ensure the success of your school and improve the learning of all students by implementing Response to Intervention (RTI) as part of a continuous school improvement (CSI) process. This book shows you how to...

What Great Coaches Do Differently: 11 Elements of Effective Coaching

by Rob Haworth & Todd Whitaker

This book describes the beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes of great athletic coaches. Where do they focus their attention? How do they spend their time and energy? And how can others gain the same advantages?...

Schools Where Teachers Lead: What Successful Leaders Do

by John Bell, Franklin Schargel & Tony Thacker

Develop shared leadership and teacher leadership in your school with the real-world, on-the-job ideas in this book. Principals and other leaders will embrace the practical "Lead Now" and "Do Now" strategies...

A School for Each Student: High Expectations in a Climate of Personalization

by Nelson Beaudoin

With real stories from real schools, this book offers an alternative vision of school improvement. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, author Nelson Beaudoin presents practical strategies which put students...

Formative Assessment in a Professional Learning Community

by Betsy Moore & Todd Stanley

The ideas and examples in this book help teachers successfully collaborate to raise student achievement through the use of formative assessments. Here, Todd Stanley and Betsy Moore, educators with over 40 years...

Rigor Made Easy: Getting Started

by Barbara Blackburn

Bestselling author and noted rigor expert Barbara Blackburn shares the secrets to getting started, maintaining momentum, and reaching your goals. Learn what rigor looks like in the classroom, understand what...

Collections of Performance Tasks & Rubrics: Foreign Languages

by Deborah Blaz

This book features 68 performance tasks and rubrics, all designed to motivate and engage your students. Also included are samples of student work to help you apply the rubrics and develop your grading and scoring...

Differentiated Instruction: A Guide for Foreign Language Teachers

by Deborah Blaz

Best selling author Deborah Blaz helps you differentiate lessons for your students based on their learning styles, interests, prior knowledge, socialization needs, and comfort zones. This is the only book in...

Teacher-Made Assesments: How to Connect Curriculum, Instruction, and Student Learning

by Christopher Gareis & Leslie Grant

Assessment is not only a measure of student learning, but a means to student learning. Teacher-Made Assessments guides you in constructing and using your own classroom tests and rubrics to improve student achievement....