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Insects of Stored Products

by David Rees

A well-illustrated guide to the identification, biology and ecology of the major pests of stored products.

Forest Conservation Genetics: Principles and Practice

by Andrew Young, David Boshier & Timothy Boyle

Draws together much previously uncollected information relevant to managing and conserving forests.

The Food of Australian Birds 2.  Passerines

by RD Barker & WJM Vestjens

This book lists the stomach contents of Australian songbirds collected by the CSIRO Wildlife and Ecology from 1963 to 1980.

Ecology and Silviculture of Eucalypt Forests

by RG Florence

Examines the ecology and silviculture of eucalypts in forests and plantations.

Earthworm Identifier

by Geoff Baker & Vicki Barrett

What sort of worms live in your garden or paddocks? Are they orange, red, cream, pink, green, or brown and purple stripes? This booklet provides a simple identification key for most common worm species in Australia,...

Dragonflies of the World

by Jill Silsby

A comprehensive and accessible overview of one of the world's most popular insect groups, the Odonata.

The Maharishi Effect: A Personal Journey Through the Movement That Transformed American Spirituality

by Geoff Gilpin

This penetrating literary-journalistic memoir depicts the clash between promise and reality within the movement that virtually defined alternative spirituality in America: Transcendental Meditation and its iconic...

Common Dung Beetles in Pastures of South-eastern Australia

by M Tyndale-Biscoe

A colourful, useful and easy-to-read account of dung beetles in south-eastern Australia.

The Australian Yabby Farmer

by John Mosig

Provides the basic principles of aquaculture and yabby farming.

Australian Dry-zone Acacias for Human Food

by APN House & CE Harwood

A collection of invited papers and recommendations about the food value of Australia's dry-zone acacias.

The Ants of Southern Australian

by Alan Anderson

Enables non-specialists to identify the genera and more common species of ants occurring in cool and wet southern Australia.

The Ants of Northern Australia: A Guide to the Monsoonal Fauna

by Alan N Andersen

Helps in the identification of the 1500 or more ant species occurring in monsoonal Australia.

Anti-Fertility Plants of the Pacific

by RC Cambie & AA Brewis

Documents information on plants used traditionally for anti-fertility and fertility purposes in the Pacific.

The Antarctic Dictionary: A Complete Guide to Antarctic English

by Bernadette Hince

A complete guide to the origin and definitions of Antarctic words.

Dinosaurs in Australia: Mesozoic Life from the Southern Continent

by Benjamin P Kear & Robert J Hamilton-Bruce

A comprehensive overview of the latest research on Australian Mesozoic faunas and floras.

Australia's Fossil Heritage: A Catalogue of Important Australian Fossil Sites

by The Australian Heritage Council

A detailed examination of Australia's fossil heritage revealing the richness and diversity of Australia's prehistory.

Tree Faller's Manual: Techniques for Standard and Complex Tree-Felling Operations

by ForestWorks

Covers risk assessment, theory and techniques for manual tree-felling.

Dread Locks

Dark Fusion #1

by Neal Shusterman

Dread Locks is the first entry in the Dark Fusion series from master storyteller Neal Shusterman. He cleverly weaves together familiar parts of fairy tales and Greek mythology to tell the story of fourteen-year-old...

Changing Land Management: Adoption of New Practices by Rural Landholders

by David Pannell & Frank Vanclay

Key insights for decision-makers as they assist rural communities adapting to changed circumstances.

The Complete Guide to Finding the Birds of Australia

by Richard Thomas, Sarah Thomas & David Andrew

A complete guide to locating every resident bird species in Australia.