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Cooking Is Cool: Heat-Free Recipes for Kids to Cook

by Marianne E. Dambra

More than fifty recipes that children can help prepare—no stove or oven required!

The Kindness Curriculum: Stop Bullying Before It Starts

by Judith Anne Rice

Stop bullying before it starts by teaching young children compassion, conflict resolution, and respect.

Good Going!: Successful Potty Training for Children in Child Care

by Kinnell for the Child Care Council of On

The real poop on making potty training work for children in child care.

Open Secrets: The Letters of Reb Yerachmiel Ben Yisrael

by Rabbi Rami M. Shapiro

An extraordinary exchange, encompassing the essence of both esoteric Judaism and Zen Buddhism.

The Evolutionary Mind: Conversations on Science, Imagination & Spirit

by Rupert Sheldrake, Terence McKenna & Ralph Abraham

Three acclaimed authors engage in conversation blending scientific observation, mythical imagination, and visionary speculation.

More Than Counting: Math Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten, Standards Edition

by Sally Moomaw & Brenda Hieronymus

More than one hundred math activities for young children that incorporate early learning standards.

The Space Vampires

by Colin Wilson

Vampires from outer space suck the body's life force with a kiss of death.

Untold: A History of the Wives of Prophet Muhammad

by Tamam Kahn

Untold demystifies the most influential women present at the dawn of Islam and introduces us to Muhammad’s wives.

Trivium 21c: Preparing young people for the future with lessons from the past

by Martin Robinson

Education policy and practice is a battleground between sworn enemies. Traditionalists argue for the importance of a privileged type of ‘hard’ knowledge and deride ‘soft’ skills. Progressives deride...

His Captive Lady

Devil Riders #2

by Anne Gracie

No one can resist the Devil Riders: four war heroes in search of one good woman.

Harry Morant?s tough exterior hides a badly scarred heart. The natural son of an earl, high-born ladies have only one use for...

Born Naked

by Farley Mowat

Farley Mowat's outrageous memoir begins with his unlikely conception in a canoe and continues to his boyhood fascination with creatures of the natural world and on to his youthful rambles and adventures. To...

Country Quick & Easy Cookbook: Fast family favorites & nothing-to-it meals that are simple, satisfying & delicious!

by Gooseberry Patch

Same great recipes...brand new cover and the addition 16 beautiful, full-color photos!

Car pools, soccer games, music lessons, choir practice…caught in the, “What should I make for dinner?” whirlwind? Whenever...

One Pot Meals Cookbook: Flavored without the fuss...home-cooked dinners your family will love!

by Gooseberry Patch

We just love the cozy feeling of sitting down with our family to a home-cooked dinner! It’s even better when dinner is cooked in just one pot or pan…comfort food that lets you relax with your family while...

Wrong Turn: America's Deadly Embrace of Counterinsurgency

by Colonel Gian Gentile

Colonel Gian Gentile’s 2008 article “Misreading the Surge” in World Politics Review first exposed a growing rift among military intellectuals that has since been playing out in strategy sessions at the...

The Cure for Obamacare

by Sally C. Pipes

This Broadside will look at the changes that can be made to halt the full implementation of the law over the next few years, including repealing parts of the act that are unpopular with members of both parties....

Kalashnikov AK47 Series: The 7.62 x 39mm Assault Rifle in Detail

by Martin J Brayley

Popularly known as the AK47 or just AK, the 7.62mm Avtomat Kalashnikov obrazets 1947g was accepted into service by the Soviet Army in 1947. Despite its widespread use by the Soviet armed forces, the AK only...

Windy City Blues

by Sara Paretsky

It's strictly Friends & Family as V.I. Warshawski, "the detective mystery fans have been waiting for" (Time), makes return appearances in a collection of stories that bring new meaning to "ties that bind."  Decked...

The Guy Davenport Reader

by Guy Davenport & Eric Reece

“The difference between the Parthenon and the World Trade Center, between a French wine glass and a German beer mug, between Bach and John Philip Sousa, between Sophocles and Shakespeare, between a bicycle...

To the Victor the Spoils

by Sean Longden

From D-Day to VE day, historian Sean Longden reveals The sex'n'drugs'n'rock'n'roll of soldiering The TimesFrom the D-Day landings in June 1944 to the final declaration of peace the following year the Allied...

The Lady from Tel Aviv

by Raba'i al-Madhoun & Elliott Colla

In the economy class of a plane, the lives of two passengers intersect: Walid, a Palestinian writer, is returning to Gaza for the first time in thirty-eight years; Dana, an Israeli actress, is on her way back...