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Berlitz: Jersey Pocket Guide

by Berlitz

Berlitz Pocket Guide Jersey is a concise, full-colour travel guide to this enduringly popular island, combining inspiring photography with insider tricks and tips to help you uncover the best of Jersey. It tells...

Berlitz: Madrid Pocket Guide

by Berlitz

Berlitz Pocket Guide Madrid combines lively text with vivid full-colour photography to highlight the very best that this historic city has to offer. The Where To Go chapter details all the key sights and places...

The Following of the Star

by Florence L. Barclay

The author of the worldwide bestseller The Rosary, Florence Barclay is best known for engaging tales of love and commitment that unfurl within a strongly moral context, proving that passion doesn't always have...

The Turn of the Tide: The Story of How Margaret Solved Her Problem

by Eleanor H. Porter

Like many impoverished children living in the slums of New York around the turn of the twentieth century, Margaret Kendall has faced more than her fair share of adversity in life. When a series of remarkable...


by Eleanor H. Porter

Though starkly different from Pollyanna, the book that propelled author Eleanor H. Porter to worldwide acclaim, the engrossing novel Dawn plumbs some of the same themes as its predecessor, including the importance...

The Beggar Man

by Ruby M. Ayres

Get swept away by romance in this charming tale from esteemed author Ruby Ayres. Faith is a delicate and sensitive girl who has to work long hours under harsh conditions in a local factory to help her family...

Dr. Jonathan: A Play

by Winston Churchill

This thought-provoking play from American author Winston Churchill (not to be confused with the British prime minister of the same name) explores the changes in the social fabric of the United States that began...

The Phantom Lover

by Ruby M. Ayres

Mickey and Esther first meet under less-than-ideal circumstances, but soon find themselves caught up in the rush of blooming love. Will their burgeoning romance be torn asunder by pride and dishonesty? Read...

The Nebuly Coat

by J. Meade Falkner

Settle in for a juicy and well-wrought historical mystery in J. Meade Falkner's The Nebuly Coat. Edward Westray, a young architect, is dispatched to a remote village in southwest England to work on a complex...

Ann Boyd

by William N. Harben

Settle in for an engaging read from William N. Harben, one of the masters of the nineteenth-century domestic drama. Protagonist Ann Boyd has faced adversity in her life, and as a result has made a few choices...

Confessions of a Young Lady: Her Doings and Misdoings

by Richard Marsh

Best known for the bestselling supernatural thriller The Beetle, Richard Marsh was an amazingly prolific and versatile writer, penning popular tales in many different genres over the course of his literary career....

The Hills of Refuge: A Novel

by William N. Harben

In this classic novel from acclaimed author William N. Harden, the lives of a simple but honorable family of farmers are turned upside down by unforeseeable events. Will they be able to reclaim their way of...

The Desired Woman

by William N. Harben

Dolly Drake is a formidable creature -- a schoolteacher who is so whip-smart, opinionated and eloquent that she has been grudgingly accepted as the only female member of the local debating society. Two men are...

The Campfire Girls of Roselawn: A Strange Message from the Air

by Margaret Penrose

The Campfire Girls of Roselawn is a charming children's novel with a surprisingly modern message about the amazing feats girls can pull off if they set their minds to it. Out of school for the summer, chums...

Life in Dixie During the War: 1861-1865

by Mary A. H. Gay

The "official" account of the Civil War is well known by many, but this sweeping narrative often overlooks the experiences and impressions of individuals. Life in Dixie During the War offers up a fascinating...

Rose Clark

by Fanny Fern

Essayist and newspaper columnist Fanny Fern achieved a remarkable level of fame in her lifetime, and in addition to hundreds of newspaper columns, she penned two novels that were based in large part on her own...

The Pirates of the Prairies: Adventures in the American Desert

by Gustave Aimard & Lascelles Wraxall

Born under harsh circumstances, author Gustave Aimard began his lifelong travels at the tender age of nine, when he first set sail on a fishing rig. Eventually, Aimard found himself in Mexico, where his experiences...

The Trail-Hunter: A Tale of the Far West

by Gustave Aimard & Lascelles Wraxall

In the nineteenth century, the border region between Texas and Mexico was a dangerous region populated by warring tribes, lawless cowboys, and profit-crazed government agents. In The Trail-Hunter, author Gustave...

The Seven Ages of Man

by Ralph Bergengren

This delightful series of essays and observations has been structured around the cycle of life, moving from infancy and early childhood to the golden years, and touching on every phase in between. With dry wit...

Will's Choice: A Suicidal Teen, a Desperate Mother, and a Chronicle of Recovery

by Gail Griffith

On March 11, 2001, seventeen-year-old Will ingested a near-fatal dose of his antidepressant medication, an event that would forever change his life and the lives of his family. In Will's Choice, his mother,...