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Confronting Disaster: An Existential Approach to Technoscience

by Raphael Sassower

Contemporary society is rife with instability. Contemporary genetic research has raised and given life to the one-time science fiction specter: the clone. The scarcity of natural energy sources has led to greater...

Displacing Natives: The Rhetorical Production of Hawai'i

by Wood

This insightful study examines the strategies used by outsiders to usurp Hawaiian lands and undermine indigenous Hawaiian culture. Drawing upon historical and contemporary examples, Wood investigates the journals...

East Asia and Globalization

by Samuel S. Kim

This clear and timely book presents the first sustained and structured analysis of globalization in the East Asian context, exploring the strategies used by East Asian countries to cope with the forces of globalization....

Treating the New Anxiety: A Cognitive-Theological Approach

by Kirk A. Bingaman

The post-9/11 age of supermodernity is characterized by an intensification of collective anxiety about the present and future state of the nation and the world. Our psychological and spiritual capacities are...

Ethnicities and Global Multiculture: Pants for an Octopus

by Jan Nederveen Pieterse

Arguing that ethnicity and multiculturalism are essential for understanding globalization, Jan Nederveen Pieterse offers one of the first sustained treatments of the reach of these key forces beyond a limited...

Communication, Media, and Identity: A Christian Theory of Communication

by Robert S. Fortner

Communication, Media, and Identity: A Christian Theory of Communication is the first comprehensive theoretical look at the nature of communication from a biblical Christian perspective. This groundbreaking new...

Drugs, Oil, and War: The United States in Afghanistan, Colombia, and Indochina

by Peter Dale Scott

Peter Dale Scott's brilliantly researched tour de force illuminates the underlying forces that drive U.S. global policy from Vietnam to Colombia and now to Afghanistan and Iraq. He brings to light the intertwined...

Women through Women's Eyes: Latin American Women in 19th Century Travel Accounts

by June E. Hahner

The nineteenth century was a period of peak popularity for travel to Latin America, where a new political independence was accompanied by loosened travel restrictions. Such expeditions resulted in numerous travel...

Drinking and Sobriety among the Lakota Sioux

Diversity in the Power Elite: How it Happened, Why it Matters

by Richard L. Zweigenhaft & G. William Domhoff

This book looks systematically at the extent to which Jews, women, African Americans, Latinos, Asians and gay men and lesbians have entered the higher circles of power that constituted what sociologist C. Wright...

Longarm #277: Longarm and the Yukon Queen

by Tabor Evans

While tracking a cowardly witness who flees to the hills when the law needs him most, Longarm finds himself on a riverboat bound for Alaska. The "Yukon Queen" is driven by a hot-tempered, fiery lady-captain....

Drugs, Alcohol, and Social Problems

by James D. Orcutt & David R. Rudy

The 14 clearly written articles included in this collection exemplify the best of sociological scholarship on drug and alcohol problems. The readings strike a balance between constructionist, epidemiological,...

Deep Democracy: Community, Diversity, and Transformation

by Judith M. Green

Deeply understood, democracy is more than a 'formal' institutional framework for which America provides the model, acting as a preferable alternative to the modern totalitarian regimes that have distorted social...

The Snowfly

by Joseph Heywood

One legendary insect--enormous, white, and exceedingly rare--attracts trout of such size that they couldn’t possibly exist in the world as we know it. But in Heywood’s classic novel, such things can and...

The Complete Smoking Diaries

by Simon Gray

When he turned sixty-five, playwright Simon Gray began to keep a diary in which he reflected on a life filled with cigarettes (continuing), alcohol (stopped), several triumphs and many more disasters, shame,...

Criminology: An Integrated Approach

by Gregg Barak

Barak provides the first integrated analysis of crime, criminal justice, and criminology through a global lens, revealing the importance of a global perspective for the study of crime and justice in the 21st...

Eastern Orthodoxy in a Global Age: Tradition Faces the 21st Century

by Victor Roudometof, Alexander Agadjanian & Jerry Pankhurst

Despite over 200 million adherents, Eastern Orthodox Christianity attracts little scholarly attention. While more-covered religions emerge as powerful transnational forces, Eastern Orthodoxy appears doggedly...

Using Early Memories in Psychotherapy: Roadmaps to Presenting Problems and Treatment Impasses

by Michael Karson

Certain intrinsic features of early memories make them analogous to life problems and to the therapy relationship: childhood tends to imply situations that are confusing, disempowered, or impulsive, and relationships...

Debating Vietnam: Fulbright, Stennis, and Their Senate Hearings

by Joseph A. Fry

In the midst of the Vietnam War, two titans of the Senate, J. William Fulbright and John C. Stennis, held public hearings to debate the conflict's future. Their shared aim was to alter the Johnson administration's...

Slocum 239: Slocum and the Comanche

by Jake Logan

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA