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Crimes Against Nature: Environmental Criminology and Ecological Justice

by Rob White

Crimes Against Nature provides a systematic account and analysis of the key concerns of green criminology, written by one of the leading authorities in the field. The book draws upon the disciplines of environmental...

Long - Term Care in the 21st Century: Perspectives from Around the Asia-Pacific Rim

by Iris Chi

Who pays for long-term care? Discover the unique approaches of seven countries around the Pacific Rim!Long-Term Care in the Twenty-First Century discusses policies and programs for long-term care in seven countries...

Second Language Learning Theories, Third Edition

by Rosamond Mitchell, Florence Myles & Emma Marsden

Second Language Learning Theories is a clear and concise overview of the field of second language acquisition (SLA) theories. Written by a team of leading academics working in different SLA specialisms, this...

Human Cognitive Neuropsychology (Classic Edition)

by Andrew W. Ellis & Andrew W. Young

First Published in 2014. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Academic Library Director: Reflections on a Position in Transition

by Frank Dandraia

The Academic Library Director: Reflections on a Position in Transition addresses the changing nature of work and the new demands being placed on academic library directors. The authors’broad range of professional...

The Unraveling: An Update to The Gamble (A Penguin Group eSpecial from Penguin Books)

by Thomas E. Ricks

In this timely supplement to his 2009 New York Times bestseller The Gamble, Thomas E. Ricks reveals how the Iraq war has changed and how the national conversation has shifted since the time of writing. This...

Culture and Cultural Politics Under Reza Shah: The Pahlavi State, New Bourgeoisie and the Creation of a Modern Society in Iran

by Bianca Devos & Christoph Werner

Culture and Cultural Politics Under Reza Shah presents a collection of innovative research on the interaction of culture and politics accompanying the vigorous modernization programme of the first Pahlavi ruler....

Augmentative Communication Clinical Issues: Clinical Issues

by Susan Attermeier

Written by therapists experienced in working with nonspeaking clients and their families, this helpful book includes many issues pertinent to the assessment and training of augmented communicators. The field...

The Resilience Handbook: Approaches to Stress and Trauma

by Martha Kent, Mary C. Davis & John W. Reich

Resilience preserves and promotes the individual in context and simultaneously keeps harm at bay. But what are the characteristics that enhance and shield and help the individual to live a rewarding life? In...

Classics in Lesbian Studies

by Esther D Rothblum

Classics in Lesbian Studies takes a major step in giving the lesbian experience its own unique voice within scholarship and the larger world society. Thus, it is devoted exclusively to the lesbian experience...

Pablo Neruda and the U.S. Culture Industry

by Teresa Longo

In this compelling collection, Teresa Longo gathers a diverse group of critical and poetic voices to analyze the politics of packaging and marketing Neruda and Latin American poetry in general in the United...

Elements of the Helping Process: A Guide for Clinicians, Third Edition: A Guide for Clinicians

by Raymond Fox

Elements of the Helping Process: A Guide for Clinicians takes a humanistic approach to guiding clinicians, emphasizing that professional practice involves a deliberate, conscious, and disciplined use of self...

Prevention Issues for Women's Health in the New Millennium

by Wendee Wechsberg

Where are the fields of prevention and health promotion for women headed?This valuable book illuminates the need for-and the gains that can be achieved by-targeting prevention/health promotion programs toward...

Children Speak For Themselves: Using The Kempe Interactional Assessment To Evaluate Allegations Of Parent- child sexual abuse

Socially Restorative Urbanism: The Theory, Process and Practice of Experiemics

by Kevin Thwaites, Alice Mathers & Ian Simkins

The need for a human-orientated approach to urbanism is well understood, and yet all too often this dimension remains lacking in urban design. In this book the authors argue for and develop socially restorative...

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Starting and Running a Thrift Store

by Ravel Buckley

A thrifty offering for the prospective thrift-store owner...

In economic times like these, thrift stores have seen a 35% increase in sales in 2008; so what better time to start one? While fairly cheap, it...

Fifty Major Economists

by Steven Pressman

Fifty Major Economists provides an introduction to the life, work and ideas of the people who have shaped the economic landscape from the seventeenth century to the present day. For this third edition, the...

Victory at Stalingrad: The Battle That Changed History

by Geoffrey Roberts

 Victory at Stalingrad tells the gripping strategic and military story of that battle. The hard-won Soviet victory prevented Hitler from waging the Second World War for another ten years and set the Germans...

Organizational Behaviour: Politics at Work: Politics at Work

by Robert LEE & Peter Lawrence

Organizations do not have goals - only people do. Furthermore, people within the same organizations have different goals. This book takes this as its starting point, recognizing that organizations are a dynamic...

Integrating Knowledge: Problems of Theory and Practice

by Dominic Holland

In this important new text, Holland seeks to explain, by means of social scientific and philosophical inquiry, the difficulties that researchers often experience when attempting to integrate knowledge from different...