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Land, Weather, Seasons, Insects: An Archetypal View

by Dennis L. Merritt

'The Dairy Farmer's Guide to the Universe Volume IV' explores the environment, with the Midwest as an example, using traditional Jungian and Hillmanian approaches to deepen our connection with the land, the...

The Shoe-Horn Sonata

by J Misto

In 1945, Sheila and Bridie were freed from a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp. Now, after a half-century separation, the filming of a television documentary forces them to relive the past.

Manon Lescaut

by Abbe Prevost

Set in France and Louisiana, this new edition from Egoist Press follows the story of Chevalier des Grieux, the protagonist and his lover, Manon Lescaut. Des Grieux comes from a noble and landed family, but forfeits...

The Bluffer's Guide to Poetry

by Richard Meier

From 'Wordsworth' to 'Word Count', and from 'Shakespeare' to 'Edward Lear', The Bluffer's Guide to Poetry contains everything you need to have you waxing lyrical in the most intellectual of company.

Fifty-One Moves

by Ben Ashcroft & Peter McParlin

It is shocking that although just one per cent of children are taken into care by local authori­ties, almost 30 per cent of prisoners have been in care. Ben Ashcroft's heart-rending account of abandonment,...

Dissenters, Radicals, Heretics and Blasphemers: The Flame of Revolt That Shines Through English History

by John Hostettler

Shows the historical importance of challenges to the state and powerful groups. Demonstrates how rights we take for granted have been acquired and set into law over time thanks to the actions of committed men...

Black Tiger

by J.K. Draskau

Bangkok 1969: The death of King Rama strikes the match that will set fire to all of Thailand, and as far away as London. Former Legionnaire Nat Raven is sent to Bangkok by British Intelligence, but quickly finds...

Dreamweaver CS6 Mobile and Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery Mobile

by Karlins David

This book combines accessible, clear, engaging, and candid reference material, advice, and shortcuts with substantial stepbystep instructions for creating a wide range of HTML5 and CSS3 designs and page content...

Atlassian Confluence 5 Essentials

by Kohler Stefan

Atlassian Confluence 5 Essentials is written in a friendly, tutorial style packed full of practical information to help get you started with Confluence and collaborating on projects more efficiently.If you just...

Anne Frank

by Francine Prose

In June 1942, Anne Frank received a red-and-white- checked diary for her thirteenth birthday, just weeks before she and her family went into hiding in an Amsterdam attic to escape the Nazis. For two years, with...

Bazaar Version Control

by Janos Gyerik

This book is a step-by-step tutorial for beginner to intermediate developers who want to get started with Bazaar quickly.This book is designed for anyone who may be new to version control systems. If you are...

Managing Translation Services

by Geoffrey Samuelsson-Brown

The book is intended principally for those who presently work as a freelance translator with all the inherent limitations this presents in terms of income and being reliant on the limited range of skills that...

Reflections on Translation

by Susan Bassnett

This collection of essays brings together a decade of writings on translation by leading international translation studies expert, Susan Bassnett. The essays cover a range of topics and will be useful to anyone...

Thinking and Speaking in Two Languages

by Aneta Pavlenko

Until recently, the history of debates about language and thought has been a history of thinking of language in the singular. The purpose of this volume is to reverse this trend and to begin unlocking the mysteries...

Film-Induced Tourism

by Sue Beeton

Film-induced tourism has the potential to revitalise flagging regional/rural communities and increase tourism to urban centres, however it carries with it its own unique problems. This publication explores such...

Discourse, Communication and Tourism

by Adam Jaworski & Annette Pritchard

For the first time ever, this book brings together an explicit linkage between empirical and theoretical perspectives on tourism and discourse. A broad social semiotic approach is adopted to analyze a range...

Tourism and Climate Change: Risks and Opportunities

by Susanne Becken & John E. Hay

This book discusses the tourism-climate system and provides a sound basis for those interested in tourism management and climate change mitigation, adaptation and policy. In the first three chapters, the book...

Tourism and Transport: Modes, Networks and Flows

by David Timothy Duval

The global growth of tourism has been matched by the significant growth in transport networks. In many ways, transport and tourism can be considered mutually dependent. Understanding the dimensions of tourism...

Tourism Economics and Policy

by Larry Dwyer & Peter Forsyth

Tourism Economics and Policy combines a comprehensive treatment of economic concepts and applications in tourism contexts. The topics covered are those that most occupy the attention of tourism economists in...

Tourism in China: Destinations, Planning and Experiences

by Chris Ryan & Songshan (Sam) Huang

This book offers an in-depth understanding of tourism development and destination planning in China's transitional economy. It is a unique collaboration between editors and contributors to present issues in...