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Comediennes: Laugh Be a Lady

by Darryl J. Littleton & Tuezdae Littleton

(Applause Books). It wasn't until the 10th century that women were allowed to perform, and then only in rare incidences. Like many art forms, female comedy got its start in the church and expanded to stage,...

Taming a Seahorse

Spenser #13

by Robert B. Parker

Spenser's interest in teenage prostitute April Kyle leads him to Robert Rambeaux, ersatz Juilliard student and April's pimp, and to Ginger Bucky, another of Rambeaux's hookers, who suddenly turns up dead.

Berlin Encounter

by T. Davis Bunn

Experience the beginning of the Cold War--Book 4 in RENDEZVOUS WITH DESTINY!

In the RENDEZVOUS WITH DESTINY series, T. Davis Bunn has captured the drama and reality of post-World War II Europe and North America....

Winter Palace

by T. Davis Bunn

The struggle--for power, wealth, and souls--in the crumbling Soviet Empire

Passing through Florian's Gate...having discovered the Amber Room...T. Davis Bunn now takes his readers to the Winter Palace!


The Amber Room

by T. Davis Bunn

An exhilarating search to recover the greatest work of art plundered during World War II. The gripping sequel to Florian's Gate.

The Music Box

by T. Davis Bunn

Bestselling Gift Book from T. Davis Bunn

T. Davis Bunn has inspired and entertained thousands of readers with his charming little gift books. The Quilt and The Gift soared onto the best-seller lists. The Messenger...

Sahara Crosswind

by T. Davis Bunn

Stalked by Bands of Assassins, They Risk the Ravages of the Desert to Save a Nation From the Hand of Tyranny In Morocco, Jake Burnes and Pierre Servais have rescued Pierre's twin brother from his kidnappers,...

The Delta Factor

by Thomas Locke

The compelling first book in the new Thomas Locke Mystery series

In The Delta Factor, two dedicated scientists, one a government regulator and the other a drug researcher, tinker with strands of genetic material...


by Linda Chaikin

In the exotic land of Kenya, Sable Wentworth is determined to join her recently widowed father in his government job on a game reserve. But the impending civil war and the dangers of international poachers force...

The Dream Voyagers

by T. Davis Bunn

Out-of-This-World Fiction from T. Davis Bunn

When T. Davis Bunn originally wrote Dream Voyager, Path Finder, and Heart Chaser )first published under the pen name of Thomas Locke, he had no idea the large volume...

Intimate Friendship with God: Through Understanding the Fear of the Lord

by Joy Dawson

With personal examples and biblical truths, Dawson invites readers on a fascinating adventure into a place of intimate friendship with almighty God. This new edition includes fresh illustrations and a new foreword...

With this Ring

by Marian Wells

With This Ring is the sequel to The Wedding Dress. Rebecca's bittersweet story continues as she searches for the truth through heartbreak and pain.

Franklin D. Roosevelt: The People's President (Great Lives Series)

by John W. Selfridge

The People's President depicts the life and times of one of America's best-loved presidents. Listen to his radio addresses--the famed "fireside chats"--and see how he showed the American people just how much...

Till Shiloh Comes

by Gilbert Morris

Unexpected news of a large inheritance brings a woman to a Southern small town and into both romance and mystery. Lions of Judah book 4.

Praying to the God You Can Trust

by Leith Anderson

A respected church leader probes prayer's toughest mysteries and gives instruction on understanding and accepting when God doesn't answer the way we expect.

Heart of a Lion

by Gilbert Morris

A historical fiction look at the ancestry of Jesus, this book tells Noah's story and how he stood firm against the world. Lions of Judah book 1.

Among the King's Soldiers

by Gilbert Morris & Aaron McCarver

• From bestselling author Gilbert Morris and writing partner Aaron McCarver, a colorful historical fiction series that features renowned characters such as Andrew Jackson, Daniel Boone, and Davy Crockett.


Beyond the Quiet Hills

by Aaron McCarver & Gilbert Morris

In Beyond the Quiet Hills, Hawk and Elizabeth Spencer struggle to survive and raise their family on the Tennessee frontier. Hawk also brings his son Jacob to live with them at the Watauga Settlement, but Jacob...

Over the Misty Mountains

by Gilbert Morris & Aaron McCarver

A New Historical Fiction Series From an Exciting New Team!

When Aaron McCarver met Gilbert Morris at the CBA convention in 1991, he never dreamed that those initial discussions would ultimately lead to his conceiving...

The Ice Princess

by James Walker

From the Old West to Alaska’s Untamed TerritoriesWhen Zac Cobb returns home to San Luis Obispo, he discovers that his fiancée, Jenny Hays, has left town with a lawyer who claims to know the whereabouts...