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Pilgrimage in the Marketplace

by Ian Reader

The study of pilgrimage often centres itself around miracles and spontaneous populist activities. While some of these activities and stories may play an important role in the emergence of potential pilgrimage...

Good Cities, Better Lives: How Europe Discovered the Lost Art of Urbanism


This book has one central theme: how, in the United Kingdom, can we create better cities and towns in which to live and work and play? What can we learn from other countries, especially our near neighbours in...

Mind, Brain and the Path to Happiness: A guide to Buddhist mind training and the neuroscience of meditation

by Dusana Dorjee

Mind, Brain and the Path to Happiness presents a contemporary account of traditional Buddhist mind training and the pursuit of wellbeing and happiness in the context of the latest research in psychology and...

Assassin's Honor

Order of the Sicari #1

by Monica Burns

A sexy new adventure-packed romance with a paranormal twist-from the award-winning author.

Archeologist Emma Zale sees the past when she touches relics. It's how she uncovered evidence of an ancient order...

Counterinsurgency, Democracy, and the Politics of Identity in India: From Warfare to Welfare?

by Mona Bhan

The rhetoric of armed social welfare has become prominent in military and counterinsurgency circuits with profound consequences for the meanings of democracy, citizenship, and humanitarianism in conflict zones....

The Comparative International Politics of Democracy Promotion

by Jonas Wolff, Hans-Joachim Spanger & Hans-Jürgen Puhle

Though scholarly attention to democracy promotion is increasing, there is still little comparative and theoretically-based work on the protagonists of democracy promotion. This book investigates the motives...

Ascetic Practices in Japanese Religion

by Tullio Federico Lobetti

Ascetic practices are a common feature of religion in Japan, practiced by different religious traditions. This book looks at these ascetic practices in an inter-sectarian and inter-doctrinal fashion, in order...

Managing Complex Projects: Networks, Knowledge and Integration

by Neil Alderman, Chris Ivory & Ian Mcloughlin

Concerned with the management of complex long-term engineering projects, this important volume, of great interest to postgraduate students of business, technology management and engineering, reports on a set...

Complexity Theory: The State of the Art

by David Byrne & Gillian Callaghan

For the past two decades, 'complexity' has informed a range of work across the social sciences. There are diverse schools of complexity thinking, and authors have used these ideas in a multiplicity of ways,...

Internet of Things: Converging Technologies for Smart Environments and Integrated Ecosystems

by Ovidiu Vermesan & Peter, Dr. Friess

The book aim is to define the Internet of Things (IoT) in a global view, present the research agenda for Internet of Things technologies by addressing the new technological developments and providing a global...

Communications, Navigation, Sensing and Services (CONASENSE)

by L. P. Ligthart & R., Dr. Prasad

In this first book the fundamentals of this new approach on integrated communication, navigation, sensing and services (Conasense) will be elucidated. Furthermore, several applications illustrate some of the...

Change and Reform in Medicine and Health Education in China - A Teaching Staffs Perspective

by Xiangyun Du & Jiannong, Dr. Shi

In recent decades, medicine and health education has been challenged worldwide by changes in its profession. Being a doctor nowadays encompasses much more than having biomedical knowledge and includes interdisciplinary...

A Place Called Canterbury: Tales of the New Old Age in America

by Dudley Clendinen

An "affectionate, touchingly empathetic" (Janet Maslin, The New York Times) look at old age in America today Welcome to Canterbury Tower , an apartment building in Florida, where the residents are busy with...

Single and Cross Layer MIMO Techniques for IMT-Advanced

by Filippo Meucci

This monograph will present some advanced MIMO techniques where adaptivity, cross-layer approach, and MIMO antenna are analyzed together to show a deep impact on the sum-capacity achievable over the wireless...

Future Internet Services and Service Architectures

by Anand R. Prasad & John F., Dr. Buford

This book, Future Internet Services and Service Architectures, presents state-of-the-art results in services and service architectures based on designs for the Future Internet and related emerging networks....

Internet Teletraffic Modeling and Estimation

by Alexandre Barbosa de Lima & Jose Roberto de Almeida, Dr. Amazonas

Network traffic has fractal properties such as impulsiveness, self-similarity, and long­range dependence over several time scales, from milliseconds to minutes. These features have motivated the development...

NEW Global ICT-based Business Models

by Peter Lindgren

The New Global Business model (NEWGIBM) book describes the background, theory references, case studies, results and learning imparted by the NEWGIBM project, which is supported by ICT, to a research group during...

Security in Next Generation Mobile Networks: SAE/LTE and WiMAX

by Anand R. Prasad & Seung-Woo, Dr. Seo

This book includes 6 chapters, where the first 3 chapters are intended to be introductory ones, and the remaining 3 chapters provide more in-depth discussions. The book starts with Chapter 1 where we give a...

Principles of Inductive Near Field Communications for Internet of Things

by Johnson I Agbinya

In this book this missing gap is filled with the required details and the theory of near field communication systems including both the radiating and reactive (energy coupling) near-field systems in addition...

Internet of Things - Global Technological and Societal Trends

by Ovidiu Vermesan & Peter, Dr. Friess

The book aims to provide a broad overview of various topics of the Internet of Things (IoT) from the research and development priorities to enabling technologies, architecture, security, privacy, interoperability...