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Data-Driven Decision Making and Dynamic Planning

by Paul Preuss

This book will help you understand how to integrate data-based decisions into the daily work of the school. It is a practical and relevant handbook for converting data into wise decision-making and planning....

Family Math Night: Math Standards in Action in Middle School

by Jennifer Taylor-Cox & Christine Oberdorf

Help students learn essential math concepts; give parents a chance to serve as models of motivation, persistence and competence; and promote math success in a supportive setting. With its step-by-step directions...

Elevating Student Voice: How to Enhance Student Participation, Citizenship and Leadership

by Nelson Beaudoin

This book demonstrates what schools can do to enhance student participation and engagement. It shows educators how to:

- create opportunities for students to practice democracy and civic responsibility.

- develop...

Differentiated Instruction Using Technology: A Guide for Middle & HS Teachers

by Amy Benjamin

Like Amy Benjamin's other books, this one is easy to read and simple to implement. It demonstrates that you can manage the complexities of differentiated instruction - and save time -- by using technology as...

Foreign Language Teacher's Guide to Active Learning

by Deborah Blaz

The easy-to-implement activities and strategies in this book will help middle and high school foreign language teachers enhance their students' success. It shows how to create a classroom in which students can...

Multicultural Partnerships: Involve All Families

by Darcy Hutchins, Joyce Epstein & Marsha Greenfeld

This is a must-have, research-based guide for all schools serving culturally diverse elementary and middle grade students and their communities. It's filled with fun, practical, highly effective strategies for...

Making Good Teaching Great: Everyday Strategies for Teaching with Impact

by Todd Whitaker & Annette Breaux

Every good teacher strives to be a great teacher - and this must-have book shows you how! It's filled with practical tips and strategies for connecting with your students in a meaningful and powerful way.


Coaching and Mentoring First-Year and Student Teachers

by Vicki Denmark & India Podsen

Features over 60 step-by-step procedures, checklists, and planning guides for supervisors, mentors, and all those engaged in in-service teacher training. NEW to this edition

- updated coverage of standards


From Questions to Actions: Using Questionnaire Data for Continuous School Improvement

by Victoria Bernhardt & Bradley Geise

How do the best administrators find out how to improve their schools? They actively engage the people who work and study there. In From Questions to Actions: Using Questionnaire Data for Continuous School Improvement,...

Short Cycle Assessment: Improving Student Achievement Through Formative Assessment

by Susan Lang, Betsy Moore & Todd Stanley

This book shows you how to improve student achievement by providing them with frequent feedback on their work.

It provides a step-by-step process to help you write good questions that asses student learning,...

Applying Standards-Based Constructivism: Elementary

by Pat Flynn, Don Mesibov & Paul Vermette

This book provides teachers with practical ways of constructing lessons that will engage students and help them develop personal responsibility for their own learning.

The Democratic Differentiated Classroom

by Sheryn Spencer-Waterman

This book provides tips and strategies which unify two popular and effective trends

- the differentiated classroom, in which teachers align their instruction to meet the needs of individual students.

- the democratic...

Mathematics and Multi-Ethnic Students: Exemplary Practices

by Yvelyne Germain- Mc Carthy & Katharine Owens

This book puts a spotlight on the practices of teachers across the nation who have implemented effective mathematics instruction for students of different ethnicities. Among the ethnic groups represented are...

Translating Data into Information to Improve Teaching and Learning

by Victoria Bernhardt

Here it is ... the latest from best-selling author Victoria Bernhardt. This book helps educators think through the selection of the data elements and data tools needed to support quality decisions for improving...

Applying Standards-Based Constructivism: Secondary

by Pat Flynn, Paul Vermette & Don Mesibov

This book provides teachers with practical ways of constructing lessons that will engage students and help them develop personal responsibility for their own learning. State learning standards and related core...

The Handbook for Developing Supportive Learning Environments

by Teddy Holtz- Frank

This book provides practical strategies and guidelines to improve student success and develop supportive learning environments. It is geared for school administrators, teachers, trainers, business and organizational...

Improving Your Elementary School: Ten Aligned Steps for Administrators, Teams, Teachers, Families, and Students

by Leslie Walker Wilson

Each of the chapters in this unique book wa written expressly for each major stakeholder group in your school, tailored to their varied needs and experiences. Each chapter contains a set of inter-related practical...

Family Science Night: Fun Tips, Activities, and Ideas

by Shelley Connell

At last! A practical, readable guide for teachers, school leaders, and parent/teacher associations that shows how to plan fun, hands-on science nights! Get easy-to-implement, content-rich tips and ideas that...

Common Core Literacy Lesson Plans: Ready-to-Use Resources, K-5

by Lauren Davis

Schools nationwide are transitioning to the Common Core--our advice to you: Don't go it alone! Our new book, Common Core Literacy Lesson Plans: Ready-to-Use Resources, K-5, shows you that teaching the Common...

The Conde Nast Traveler Book of Unforgettable Journeys: Great Writers on Great Places

by Various

From the #1 travel magazine in the country, a collection of travel tales from some of today's finest writers

Travel writing maintains its seemingly endless popularity, and this volume offers a particularly...