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A Bit Mental: One Man's Mission to Lilo the Waikato and Live More Awesome

by Jimi Hunt

In an effort to conquer his depression, Jimi Hunt decided to travel the length of New Zealand's longest river...on a lilo.

The Big Ship: Warwick Armstrong and the making of modern cricket

by Gideon Haigh

A biography of Warwick Armstrong, the spiritual forefather of Steve Waugh and his present-day all-conquering Australians, and a literally giant figure in the history of modern cricket.


Edgar Allan Poe Award Best novel 1984

by Elmore Leonard

Joe LaBrava first fell in love with femme fatale movie queen Jean Shaw in a darkened theater when he was twelve. Now he's finally meeting his dream woman in the flesh, albeit in a rundown Miami crisis center....

Dunciad Minor

by A. D. Hope

A literary satire first published in 1950, and notorious in its day.

The Cross

by Mandy Sayer

A thriller, a love story, a tale of the city.

Larger Than Life

by Xavier Herbert

A masterly and compelling collection of tales about Australia's North from one of the country's literary legends.

Frill-Necked Frenzy

by Kenneth Cook

A collection of short stories, mostly humorous, mostly autobiographical, uniquely Australian.

Jimmy Brockett

by Dal Stivens

A timeless political novel.

Faces in the Rain

by Roland Perry

A stylish and brilliantly paced thriller from a great Australian writer.

This Is the Grass

by Alan Marshall

The sequel to Alan Marshall's I Can Jump Puddles.

Jackson's Track: Memoir of a Dreamtime Place

by Daryl Tonkin & Carolyn Landon

An Australian classic: the life of the Gippsland timber miller who marries an Aboriginal woman.


by Dymphna Cusack

Dymphna Cusack's ground-breaking novel about women's sexuality and aspirations in Australia.

Captain Starlight's Apprentice

by Kathryn Heyman

'A tale of passion and courage ... Heyman weaves the strands together with an imaginative gusto that echoes the great Angela Carter ... delightful.' - The Times

Day of Atonement

Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus #4

by Faye Kellerman

Peter Decker of the L.A.P.D. never dreamed he'd be spending his honeymoon with his new wife, Rina Lazarus, in an Orthodox Jewish enclave in Brooklyn, New York -- or that a terrible event would end it so abruptly....


by Mandy Sayer

A moving, tender and compelling story about a life lived on the edges of society, of poverty, of certainty, of love.

Dreamtime Alice

by Mandy Sayer

A vivid, seductive, gorgeously written memoir that recounts the fascinating years Mandy Sayer spent performing on the streets of New York and New Orleans with her father

Unacceptable Behaviour

by Penelope Rowe

A short story collection about families and the secrets they hold...

The Wrong Kind of Blood

Shamus Best First P.I. Novel 2007

by Declan Hughes

After twenty years in Los Angeles, Ed Loy has come home to bury his mother. But hers is only the first dead body he encounters after crossing an ocean.

The city Loy once knew is an unrecognizable place, filled...

Hell at the Breech

by Tom Franklin

In 1897, an aspiring politician is mysteriously murdered in the rural area of Alabama known as Mitcham Beat. His outraged friends -- —mostly poor cotton farmers -- form a secret society, Hell-at-the-Breech,...

Storm Runners

by T. Jefferson Parker

Matt Stromsoe has come a long way since his wife and son were killed in an explosion meant for him. Wounded severely in both body and spirit, Stromsoe gave up the last thing that held any meaning for him—his...