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Social Neuroscience: Key Readings

by Gary G. Berntson & John T. Cacioppo

This book illustrates the complementary nature of social, cognitive, and biological levels of analysis and how research integrating these levels can foster more comprehensive theories of the mechanisms underlying...

Home and Family in Japan: Continuity and Transformation

by Richard Ronald & Allison Alexy

In the Japanese language the word 'ie' denotes both the materiality of homes and family relations within. The traditional family and family house - often portrayed in ideal terms as key foundations of Japanese...

Libya: Continuity and Change

by Ronald Bruce St John

This book examines the socioeconomic and political development of Libya from earliest times to the present, concentrating in particular on the four decades of revolutionary rule which began in 1969. Focusing...

Teen Spirits: Music and Identity in Media Education

by Dr Chris Richards & Chris Richards

Relating to both the practice of teaching media studies and also to theoretical questions within media and cultural studies, this study examines pop music, media studies and the micro-cultural politics of adolescence....

Encyclopedia of Contemporary German Culture

by John Sandford

With more than 1,100 entries written by an international group of over 150 contributors, the Encyclopedia of Contemporary German Culture brings together myriad strands of social, political and cultural life...

Kenntnisse: An Advanced German Course

by Claire S.A. Burke, Edmund Burke & Susanne Parker

This topics-based textbook has been devised to meet the needs of modern courses in advanced German at undergraduate level. Features include:

* focus on practical language skills, such as writing articles, preparing...

An Introduction to Substructural Logics

by Greg Restall

This book introduces an important group of logics that have come to be known under the umbrella term 'susbstructural'. Substructural logics have independently led to significant developments in philosophy, computing...

Living Rhetoric and Composition: Stories of the Discipline

by Duane H. Roen, Stuart C. Brown & Theresa Jarnagin Enos

Approximately 20 short personal narratives that trace the history of the composition and rhetoric field, describe its current state, and relate the journeys of the contributing authors through the discipline....

Karl Marx: His Life and Work

by Otto Rühle

First published in English in 1929, this is a reissue of Otto Rühle's comprehensive biography of Karl Marx. Written by a leading Marxist and key figure within the German Labour movement, this is an exceptionally...

Schonberg and Kandinsky: An Historic Encounter

The Social Life of the Hebrews (Routledge Revivals)

by Edward Day

First published in 1901, this study of the social life of the Hebrews considers both the time of the judges and the time of the monarchy. Written in a popularly scientific style, designed to appeal to students...

Conservation and Environmentalism: An Encyclopedia

by Robert C. Paehlke

Focusing on both problems and solutions, this authoritative reference work maintains a healthy balance between science and the social sciences in its coverage of all aspects of the environment. The book is arranged...

More Than a Match: The Five Keys to Compatibility for Life

by Michael Smalley, Amy Smalley & Mike Yorkey

Prepare Yourself for Lasting Love

You’ve searched a lifetime for that special person, but how can you be absolutely certain that you’ve found “The One”? And more important, how can you hold on to that...

The Southeast Asia Handbook

by Patrick Heenan & Monique Lamontagne

The Regional Handbooks of Economic Development series provides accessible overviews of countries within their larger domestic and international contexts, focusing on the relations among regions as they meet...

The Japanese and Europe: Images and Perceptions

by Bert Edstrom

Not another 'misunderstandings and misconceptions' volume, but a wide-ranging review of intellectual traditions, mutual and alternative images, and case studies of people and events that mirror the focus of...

Dyslexia and English

by Elizabeth Turner & Jayne Pughe

The difficulties dyslexic students experience in the English mainstream classroom and present to their English teacher are examined in detail in this book.

Handbook for Learning Mentors in Primary and Secondary Schools

by Margaret Roberts & Dot Constable

Written with the needs of learning mentors in mind, this book outlines the school organization in which the mentor will find themselves and deals with the tasks and responsibilities they will have to consider...

Using and Applying Mathematics at Key Stage 1: A Guide to Teaching Problem Solving and Thinking Skills

by Elaine Sellers & Sue Lowndes

This book presents a series of activities that can be used with whole classes to provide a curriculum for the teaching of problem solving and the development of thinking skills.

Literacy Play for the Early Years Book 4: Learning Through Phonics

by Collette Drifte

First Published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Planning an Appropriate Curriculum in the Early Years: A Guide for Early Years Practitioners and Leaders, Students and Parents

by Rosemary Rodger

The foundation stage has a fundamental role in the laying of foundations for children's learning. In this new edition the author uses a wide range of material, including research evidence, to offer an additional...